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Jalyukta Shivar Yojana Scheme - Important Key Points

Jalyukta Shivar Yojana Scheme - Important Key Points for SBI PO, NICL AO, Bank of Baroda PO, SSC CGL


Essential for all Upcoming Banking and SSC Exams

The Maharashtra Government launched a new scheme launched named “Jalyukt Shivar Yojana Scheme” on 26th January, 2016. The Jalykt Shivar team dedicated to spread the awareness campaign for the scheme. Considering drought-like situation occurring frequently in the state, Jalyukta Shivar Campaign is being taken up under ‘water for all - drought-free Maharashtra 2019’. There are the two types of sources of this essential resource viz.
surface water and ground water. Maharashtra, the second largest state in India, both in area as well as in population, has very limited assured irrigation. Almost 82% area in the state is dry land while 52% area is drought-prone. There are 188 Talukas (2234 villages) where groundwater level dropped for more than 2 meter and drought situation were declared in 19059 villages from 22 districts in the year 2014-15.
This scheme has already become a people’s scheme where huge amount of masses are coming forward together to support the scheme. The Maharashtra government has already started initial talks with actor Aamir Khan to become the part of this campaign which will surely boost up the scheme.

  • Increasing area under irrigation in the state - Increasing assured water for farming and efficiency of water usage;
  • Harvesting maximum rainwater in the surrounding of village itself;
  • The government aims to cover 12,514 drought-prone villages under the scheme this time, and make them water-sufficient;
  • Creating decentralized water storages;
  • Creating public concern / awareness about balanced use of water;
  • Initiating new projects to create water storage capacity;
  • Sensitizing people about water harvesting / increasing public participation;
  • Reinstating / increasing water storage capacity of existing and dysfunctional water sources (small dams / village tanks / percolation tanks / cement dams);
  • Increasing level of groundwater;
Key Points:
  1. The Maharashtra Government has set the target to revive the water bodies of 5,000 villages in the state every year. For this scheme, the government has allocated Rs. 70,000crore initial corpus.
  2. Taking permanent and feasible measures to fight the drought situation in the state;
  3. The target is to make the entire state free of drought by the end of 2019. The Government has set yearly targets for completing this entire project within the promised deadline.
  4. There are several other water conservation, irrigation and draught management schemes in the state. Those all schemes were brought together and bonded with one single scheme and form the Jalyukta Shivar Yojana.
  5. More than 1.2lakh works from small ponds to large dam projects has been already completed under this project. At present, there are 35,000 more works are going on.
  6. Within 6months from its launch, the scheme has already covered more than 6,000 villages throughout the state, including the worst drought effect districts.  
  7. The initial response will surely boost up the work ambition of the Government. The Government has set a target of 5,000 villages per year to be covered with this scheme.
  8. The Government has sanctioned of Rs. 70,000crore for this scheme. There has been a huge financial participation from the general public in the corpus amount. A total of Rs. 300crore has been funded by the general public for the implementation of this scheme.
  • The aim is to revive the entire available water source in the state and conserve every drop of water. This huge has generated thousands of jobs across the state and employed in various works under this scheme.
  • While the first two phases were for villages in the districts where the drought situation is critical, the third will focus on those under the shadow of drought. In the 14 districts in which maximum famers’ suicides have been reported, officials have been asked to submit a list of works to be taken up in the third phase. The state government wants to ensure that every village in these 14 districts becomes water neutral.
  • Implementing Jalyukta Shivar Campaign in other parts of country will be helpful to overcome permanently drought and water scarcity problems.
Overall Information:

Sl. No.
Information Data
Name of the Project
“Jalyukt Shivar Yojana Scheme”
Lunched on
26th January, 2016
Lunched By
Maharashtra Government
Target of Completion
Developer of Mobile App and Web Portal
Aim per year
5,000 villages
Total Budget
Rs. 70,000crore

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