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Computer Awareness Quiz - Mission SBI, IBPS PO 2017

Computer Awareness Quiz For SBI, IBPS PO 2017

 Daily Computer Awareness Quiz For SBI PO, IBPS PO Exams 2017 

Based On Previous Years Questions - Part 69

Dear Reader, 

In this Section You will get 15 MCQ Questions daily based on Previous Year Questions Papers. It will surely help you to revamp your knowledge & also help you to boost up your score in Upcoming SBI PO Exams, IBPS PO Exams, etc.
Q1.Which bar is usually located below that Tirle Bar that provides categorized options ?
A. Menu Bar
B. Status Bar
C. Tool Bar
D. Scroll Bar
E. None of these

Q2,Comments put is cells are called ?
A. Smart Tip
B. Cell Tip
C. Web Tip
D. Soft Tip
E. None of these

Q3.In a computer most processing takes place in ?
A. memory
C. motherboard
E. None of these

Q4.If an Excel Worksheet is to be linked for use in a PowerPoint Presentation, the following should be clicked ?
A. Edit, Paste Special
B. Edit, Paste
C. File, Copy
D. File, Copy
E. None of the above

Q5.Which ports connect special types of music instruments to sound cards ?

Q6.BPR stands for ?
A. Below Poverty Range
B. Business Process Re-engineering
C. Bill Payment Register
D. Business per Region
E. None of the above

Q7.It is a set of coded instructions that inserts many types of information into your document ?
A. Global template
B. Frame
C. Field
D. Hanging Indent
E. None of the above

Q8.Microsoft Word allows you to create interesting visual effects in your document, such as ?
A. allowing the text to wrap around a picture by surrounding the graphics with a frame
B. only permitting text to flow above and below the graphic with a frame
C. no such feature is available in Microsoft Word
D. None of the above
E. All of the above

Q9.To shrink a window to an icon ?
A. open a group window
B. minimise a window
C. maximise a window
D. restore a window
E. None of the above

Q10._____is a set of computer programs that runs or controle computer hardware and acts as an interface with application progams and users ?
A. Object code
B. A compiler
C. An operating system
D. The CPU
E. None of the above

Q11.Which area in an excel window allows entering values and formulas ?
A. Title bar
B. Menu bar
C. Formula bar
D. Standard toolbar
E. None of these

Q12.Which of the following groups consist of only output devices ?
A. Scanner, Printer, Monitor
B. Keyboard, Printer, Monitor
C. Mouse, Printer, Monitor
D. Plotter, Printer, Monitor
E. None of the above

Q13.By clicking on this icon one can access the networked resources, usually shared resources. This icon is ?
A. My Computer
B. Connect to internet
C. Network Neighborhood
D. My Document
E. None of the above

Q14.During the maintenance phase ?
A. System requirements established
B. system analysis is carried out
C. programs are tested
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

Q15.On the feasibility committee, department representatives serve as ?
A. direct users of the new system
B. liaison to their departments
C. ready source of information
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

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