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General Knowledge Quiz For SSC CGL - Part 21

Daily General Knowledge Quiz For SSC CGL 2017

Note:  As SSC CGL Pre Exams 2017 is scheduled tentatively in the month of June or July. You will get daily 15 questions in the form of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for your daily practice.

Q1.Amir Khusrau played a ploneering role in the development of ?
A. Khari boli
B. Bhojpuri
C. Awadhi
D. Brij bhsha

Q2.Which one among the following explains the Earthquakes of the Eastern margins of Asia ?
A. Subdunction of Pacific plate under Asiatic plate
B. Subdunction of African plate below European plate
C. Subdunction of India plate under Asiatic plate
D. Subdunction of American plate under the Pacific plate

Q3.A river is originating from the Tibet, moving towards East, after a reasonable distance it moves towards South and flows through a gorge then move towards West. Then again moves toward South and finally drains into the Sea. What is the name of the river ?
A. Indus River
B. Ganga River
C. Brahmaputra
D. Mekong River

Q4. The Semitic people belong to the ?
A. Caucasoid race
B. Mongoloid race
C. Negroid race
D. Australoid race

Q5.In which one among the following categories of protected areas in India are local people not allowed to collect and use the biomass ?
A. Biosphere reserves
B. National Parks
C. Wetllands declared under Ramsar Convention
D. Wildlife sancturies

Q6.The most likely sustainable solutions ?
A. inorporate the concerns of economists ecologists and soiologists
B. emphasise ecology over all other fields
C. emphasise economics over oll other fields
D. emphasise ecological and social issues over economic concerns

Q7.Where are most tropical rainforests located ?
A. Near the North pole
B. Near the South pole
C. Near the Equator
D. In the Western hemisphere

Q8.Which one of these is a federal feature of the Indian Constitution ?
A. A written and rigid constitution
B. An independent judiciary
C. Vesting of residuary power with the centre
D. Distribution of power between the centre and states

Q9.The number of seats in Vidhan Sabha is ?
A. to be not more than five hundred and not less than 60
B. to be not more than 500 and not less than 60 but an exception is recognised in the case of one State which has only 32 seats
C. to be not more than 600 and not less than 500
D. varies from Vidhan Sabha to Vidhan Sabha

Q10. Which of the following is correct regarding the Governor of a State?
A. No money Bill can be introduced in the State Legislature without his prior permission
B. He has the power of issuing ordinances when the legislature is not in session
C. He can recommend to the President to impose President's rule in the State
D. All of the above

Q11.Which of the following is not a recommendation of the Ashok Mehta committee on Panchayati Raj ?
A. Open participation of political parties in Panchayati Raj Affairs
B. Creation of a three tier system
C. Reservation of seats for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
D. Compulsory powers of taxation of Panchayati Raj Institution

Q12.For which one of the following items is Tirupur well known as a huge exporter to many parts of the world ?
A. Gems and Jewellery
B. Leather goods
C. Knitted garments
D. Handicrafts

Q13. Main objective of Antyodaya programme is to?
A. uplift the urban poor
B. uplift the farmer
C. uplift the landless labour
D. uplift the poor

Q14.Which of the following cannot be emitted by radioactive substances during their decay ?
A. Electrons
B. Protons
C. Neutrons
D. Helium

Q15. In ferns, the meiosis occursed before the formation of ?
A. spores
B. protonema
C. gametes
D. prothallus

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