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SPEEDY Railway Book (English)

GK Quiz for SSC CPO and SSC CGL 2017

GK Quiz for SSC CPO and SSC CGL, Railway EXAMS 2017

GK Quiz for SSC CPO and SSC CGL 2017

Effective For All Government Competitive Exams

Q1.With which religion is Kalvalya associated ?
A. Buddhism
B. Jainism
C. Hinduism
D. Sikhism

Q2.Which one of the following statements regarding Ashokan Stone Pillars is incorrect ?
A. These are highly polished
B. These are monolitic
C. The shaft of pillars is tapering in shape
D. These are parts of architectural structures

Q3.Which one of the following statements is correct ?
A. Kashmir was annexed to the Mughal Empire by Humayun
B. Gujrat was annexed to the Mughal Empire by Akbar
C. Malwa was annexed to the Mughal Empire by Jahangir
D. Khandesh was annexed to the Mughal Empire by Shahjahan

Q4.Copper, used most widely by the Harappans, was obtained from ?
A. Baluchistsan
B. Mesopotamia
C. Khetri mines
D. Both 'a' and 'b'

Q5.The Harappan city, which had three divisions named as citadel' or acropolls, middle town' and 'lower, with elaborate gate complex on its fortifications was ?
A. Kalibangan
B. Banawali
C. Dholavira
D. Kuntasi

Q6.The beginning of the practice of land grants with fiscal and administrative immunities to Brahmins and Buddhist monks was made by the ?
A. Mauryas
B. Satavahanas
C. Kushanas
D. Guptas

Q7.The rare work on architectore samarangana Sutradhara was written by ?
A. Jayasimha Sidharaja
B. Bhoja Paramara
C. Mihirabhoja
D. Peddana

Q8.Which of the following was not a common teaching of Kabir and Nanak ?
A. The ideas of both were drawn from Bhakti and Islamic Sufi traditions
B. Both emphasised the doctrine of Karma
C. Both believed in the formless God
D. The objective of both was only to reform Hindu society

Q9.Who raised patriotism to the pedestal of mother worship and said "I know my country as my mother. I adore her. I worship her" ?
A. Vivekanand
B. Aurobindo Ghosh
C. BG Tilak
D. Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

Q10.Who observed "The Congress is in reality a civil war without arms" ?
A. Lord Dufferin
B. MA Jinnah
C. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
D. Lord Curzon

Q11.In which one of the following sessions was the Indian National congress split into Moderates and Extremists ?
A. Nagpur
B. Allahabad
C. Surat
D. Calcutta

Q12.Under whose leadership was the name of the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association changed on account of the influence of the socialist ideas ?
A. Rajguru
B. Bhagat Singh
C. Chandra Shekhar Azad
D. Sukhdev

Q13.The high density of population in Nile valley and Islands of Java is primarily due to ?
A. intensive agriculture
B. industrialization
C. urbanization
D. topographic constraints

Q14.The major oilfields of South-West Asia are located in ?
A. shore regions of Persian Gulf
B. tigris-Euphrates basin
C. rub-al-Khali desert
D. off-shore region

Q15.The country that shares longest boarder with India is ?
A. China
B. Bangladesh
C. Nepal
D. Pakistan

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