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Daily Vocabulary For SBI And IBPS PO - 19


Daily Word List for upcoming Banking Exams

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Dear Reader, 

We Achiever's Rule team going to start daily word list for upcoming banking exams. Vocabulary plays a vital role to boost up your score in your upcoming exams. Here we will provide you a lists of daily vocab based on "The Hindu" and "Time of India". 

Meaning in Hindi -  पर्याप्तना,  बस,  होना,  पूरा करना,  बस होना,  उपयुक्त होना,  संतुष्ट करना
Meaning in English - to be enough:
Meaningful Sentence - I'm taking $400 - I think that should suffice.
Synonyms - get by, satisfy, answer, avail, content
Antonyms - displease, miss, refuse, dissatisfy

Meaning in Hindi - उकसाना,  उत्तेजन,  उत्तेजना,  उद्दीपन,  उभाड़,  उसकाव
Meaning in English - something that causes growth or activity:
Meaningful Sentence - Foreign investment has been a stimulus to the industry.
Synonyms - incentive, bang, boost, cause, charge
Antonyms - block, discouragement, hindrance, deterrent

Meaning in Hindi -  चाटुकार,  चापलूस,  जीहुजूरिया,  ताबेदार,  दास,  नीच,  पामर
Meaning in English - too eager to serve and please someone else in a way that shows you do not have much respect for yourself:
Meaningful Sentence - As a waiter you want to be pleasant to people without appearing totally servile.
Synonyms - abject, base, low, mean, passive, fawning
Antonyms - aggressive, dominant

Meaning in Hindi -  पालना,  सहायता करना,  प्रोत्साहित करना,  प्रोत्साहन देना,  पालन-पोषण करना
Meaning in English - to take care of a child, usually for a limited time, without being the child's legal parent
Meaningful Sentence - Quinn was a parentless foster kid and Martha's parents are gone.
Synonyms - advance, back, champion, cherish, cultivate, encourage, foment
Antonyms - block, cease, dampen, depress, discourage, dissuade, halt

Meaning in Hindi -   कलंक,  त्रुटि,  दरार,  दोष,  धब्बा 
Meaning in English -  a fault, mistake, or weakness, especially one that happens while something is being planned or made, or that causes something not to be perfect:
Meaningful Sentence - This report is full of flaws.
Synonyms - speck, spot, stain, typo, vice, wart, bug, failing
Antonyms - advantage, blessing, perfection, strength, strong point, fine point

Meaning in Hindi -  तुल्यार्थक शब्द,  अनुरूप,  तुल्य,  बराब, सम,  समतुल्य,  बराबर का
Meaning in English -  having the same amount, value, purpose, qualities, etc.:
Meaningful Sentence - She's doing the equivalent job in the new company but for more money.
Synonyms - copy, like, akin, alike, carbon, equal
Antonyms - different, dissimilar, opposite, unequal, unlike

Meaning in Hindi -  ऐंठना,  सिकोड़ना,  विकृत करना,  रूप बिगाड़ना,  गलत बयानी करना
Meaning in English -  to change something from its usual, original, natural, or intended meaning, condition, or shape:
Meaningful Sentence - My original statement has been completely distorted by the media.
Synonyms - alter, doctor, bend, bias, gnarl, fudge, fake
Antonyms - keep, stay, rise, build, improve

Meaning in Hindi -  असैनिक,  घरेलू, दीवानी,  देशीय,  नम्र,  नागर
Meaning in English -  not military or religious, or relating to the ordinary people of a country:
Meaningful Sentence - Helicopters are mainly used for military rather than civil use.
Synonyms - civilian, domestic, governmental, local, national, home
Antonyms - foreign, ill-mannered, impolite, rude, unkind

Meaning in Hindi -  पथांतरण,  परिवर्तन,  फिराव,  बहलाव,  मनोरंजन,  मोड़
Meaning in English -  a different route that is used because a road is closed:
Meaningful Sentence - Traffic diversions will be kept to a minimum throughout the festival.
Synonyms - aberration, departure, detour, deviation, alteration, deflection
Antonyms - conformity, sameness, agreement, chore, conforming, staying, task, vocation

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