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Shortcut Tricks to Solve Profit and loss - 3


Shortcut Rules to Solve Problems on Profit and loss - 3

Effective for IBPS PO - SBI PO Exam

Dear Reader,

Here we will start a series of Quantitative Aptitude Shortcut Tricks for your upcoming SBI - IBPS - SSC and Other Government Competitive Exams. We will try to cover up all topics of the quantitative Aptitude Sections from which question was generally asked.

Note: The page may takes sometime to load the Quantitative formula's. If you face any problem just comment below the posts.

Trick - 1

  • If a man purchases 'x' items for Rs. 'y' and sells 'y' items Rs. 'x' then the profit or loss[depending upon the respective(+ve) or(-ve) sign in the final result] made by him is

$\frac{{{x}^{2}}-{{y}^{2}}}{{{y}^{2}}}\times 100$

Trick - 2
  •  If a merchant, by selling N articles ,loses the selling price of n articles, then the loss percent is

$\left[ \frac{n}{N+n}\times 100 \right]percent$  
Trick - 3
  •  If a merchant, by selling his goods, has a gain of x% of the selling price, then his real gain percent on the cost price is

$\left[ \frac{x}{100-x}\times 100 \right]percent$
Trick - 4
  • A person marks his goods x% above the cost price but allows y% discount for cash payment .If he sells the article for Rs. X, then the cost price is 
X$\left( \frac{100}{100+x} \right)\left( \frac{100}{100-y} \right)$
Trick - 5
  • By selling a certain item at the rate of ‘ X’ items a rupee, a man loses x%. If he wants to gain y%, then the number of items should be sold for a rupee is

 $\left[ \left( \frac{100-x}{100+y} \right)X \right]$
Trick - 6
  •  A dealer buys an item at x% discount on its original price. If he sells it at a y% increase on the original price , then the percent profit he gets is

$\left( \frac{y+x}{100-x} \right)\times 100$ 

Questions for Practice

Q1.  If a man purchases 11 oranges for Rs.10 and sells 10 oranges for Rs.11. How much  profit or loss does he makes ?

Q2. By selling 66 metres of cloth, I lose the selling price of 22 metres. Find the loss percent.

Q3. . If a merchant estimates  his profit as 20% of the selling price, what is his real profit percent?

Q4.  Satish marks his goods 25% above the cost price but allows 12.5% discount for cash payment . If he sells the article for Rs. 875, find his cost price.

Q5.  By selling oranges at 32 a rupee, a man loses 40%. How many for a rupee should he sell in order to gain 20%?

Q6. A dealer bought a horse at 20% discount on its original price.He sold in at 40% increase on the original price. What percentage profit did he get.

Answer 1. 21%
Answer 2. 25%
Answer 3. 25% 
Answer 4. Rs.800
Answer 5. 16
Answer 6. 75%

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