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English Practice Test for IBPS Bank Clerk Exams

English Practice Test IBPS Clerk

English Practice Test for IBPS Bank Clerk Exams

Hope You all are preparing well for Upcoming IBPS CLERK Mains Exams 2017-2018. Now its time to gearup your preparation. In Almost Exams Most of the candidates faced problems to solve the new pattern English, So here we provide you the complete New Pattern based Mini Practice Set so you can boost your english score. As we all know ENGLISH is the only section through which you can easily beat your competitor, So Start Particing and if you have any doubt just give your comments. 
Directions(1-5) The questions given below consists of three sentences. Read each sentence to check if there is any grammatical error and mark your answer accordingly.
Question 1.
1)I met one of your friends last night at the station.
2)I met  a friend of yours last night at the station.
3)I met  a friend 's of yours last night at the station.
A.Only 1 is correct.
B.Only 2 is correct.
C.Both 1 and 2 are correct.
D.Only 3 is correct
E.None is correct.

Question 2.
1)He depends on they.
2)He plays with I everyday.
3)Let them play cricket for the upcoming tournament.
A.Only 1 is correct.
B.Only 2 is correct.
C.Both 1 and 2 are incorrect.
D.Only 3 is correct
E.None is correct.

Question 3.
1)He was more anxious than I to know all the secrets of their group.
2)Yours are the same problem as me.
3)He respects you more than I do.
A.Only 1 is correct.
B.Only 2 is correct.
C.Both 1 and 3 are correct.
D.Only 3 is correct
E.None is correct.

Question 4.
1)He introduced himself to the class on the first day of the inauguration.
2)The teacher as well as the students absented himself from the inauguration.
3)You should keep away from the bad company of the class.
A.Only 1 is correct.
B.Only 2 is correct.
C.Both 1 and 3 are correct.
D.Only 3 is incorrect
E.All are correct.

Question 5.
1)Rishita saves a little money every month from her pocket money.
2)We stayed a few days at the park beach hotel during the vacation.
3)Little is known about Mr. Sinha's arrival at the party.
A.Only 1 is correct.
B.Only 2 is correct.
C.Both 1 and 3 are correct.
D.Only 3 is correct
E.All is correct.

Directions(5-10) For each of the words given below some sentences are provided below. Choose the correct option from the given options.
Question 6.
A.It was evident from the investigation that he is the real culprit.
B.That the rules were applied to all the members of the team was evident from now.
C.History seems to assume that this force is self-evident and known to everyone.
D.She examined her arm with evident satisfaction while laughing at herself.
E.All are correct.

Question 7.
A.I practise the new songs everyday for the upcoming events. 
B.I am done with all my practise for today.
C.Practise makes a man perfect.
D.Without enough practise, it will be difficult to win the match.
E.All are incorrect.

Question 8.
A.She did not intend to create all the trouble but was only forced to do so.
B.Her intend for the work was obvious but everyone avoided him.
C.She felt the intend gazes of both the person who left the obvious unvoiced.
D.His soldiers were intend on saving themselves from all the trouble.
E.All are correct.

Question 9.
A.Everyone except Tom was present at the birthday party.
B.I do not trust anyone except myself.
C.We all belong to this group except that girl.
D.We all, except him lied.
E.All are correct.

Question 10.
A.Please keep me adviced on all the recent happenings.
B.She adviced him not to go to the park.
C.She adviced her not to smoke any more.
D.What would you advice me to do?
E.None are correct.

Directions(11-20) In each if the sentences given below there is a blank space followed by some options given below. Choose the most appropriate option that would fit in the given sentences perfectly.
Question 11.
(1)The Supreme Court will hear ______ Tuesday from the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, the Colorado bakery who refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple.
(2)Two eastern Ontario teens are facing charges after a social media ______escalated into a fight with weapons on a front yard.

Question 12.
(1)They say the _____ went out to her front yard and saw the other girl and a boy approaching and calling her names.
(2)Searching people who enter Toronto police headquarters to participate in disciplinary tribunals violates their constitutional rights, a ______ and his lawyer argue in calling for such hearings to be held elsewhere.

Question 13.
(1)Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said on Tuesday that inflation data shows a steady decline in____prices.
(2)The CEO of Dollar ____ explained to the Wall Street Journal why things are looking up for his company.

Question 14.
(1)Sensex and Nifty fall marginally ahead of RBI ____ rate outcome
(2)Investor ______ in space companies remains strong despite no big deals

Question 15.
(1)SC asks Centre to bring ____ to regulate legal profession, cap lawyers' fees
(2)Farmers seek income security____ in pre-budget consultation

Question 16.
(1)Mexico City’s _____ Art Fair Will Sport New Venue
(2)Plaque-resisting dental ____ kills microbes

Question 17.
(1)A controversial _____ intended to improve declining math results could be overstepping the boundaries that allow teachers the freedom and expertise to do their jobs
(2)A ____ filed by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, seeks to toughen the conditions on the bail agreement for President Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort.

Question 18.
(1)DMK working president M.K. Stalin wrote to Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and sought the use of “all scientific and technological means” to find out the exact _______ of fishermen missing after Cyclone Ochi.
(2)A Man provides fake Social Security _____ while trying to purchase Porsche.

Question 19.
(1)A Colorado state _______ will spend the night in jail after she was arrested, accused of bringing a gun into Denver International Airport .
(2)Greg Beumer created a unique job opportunity for someone by announcing he would not seek re-election to his District 33 seat in the Indiana House of _______.

Question 20.
(1)A lightweight prosthetic hand that gives amputees a _____ of grip.
(2)Families of Hilltop double homicide victims can't make ______ of the violence.
Solution and Explanation
Solution 1. Option C is correct because 'yours' has been used after the noun and 'your' has been used before the noun.
Solution 2. Option C is correct because 'they' should be replaced by 'them' and 'I' should be replaced with 'me'.
Solution 3. Option C is correct because in (2) 'me' should be replaced by 'mine'. 
Solution 4. Option E is correct because in (1) 'himself' has been used correctly, in (2) 'as well' resulted in the use of the word 'himself', and in (3) transitive verb like 'keep' should not use any reflexive pronoun.
Solution 5. Option E is correct because in (1) & (3) 'a little' has been used in the sense of 'small amount' and in (2) 'a few' has been used as 'some'. 
Solution 6. Option E is right as all the options are correct.
Solution 7. Option B is wrong because 'practice' should be used here.
Solution 8. Option A is correct.
Solution 9. Option E is correct.
Solution 10. Option e is correct as 'advise' is the right term because 'advise' has been used as a verb here.
Solution 11. Option A is correct as 'argument' means a type of controversy here.
Solution 12. Option C is correct as 'complainant' means a plaintiff in British law suit.
Solution 13. Option D is right as 'general' means common.
Solution 14. Option C is correct as 'interest' means the rate of interest and another meaning is wish.
Solution 15. Option E is correct as 'law' means a set of rules.
Solution 16. Option B is correct as 'material' means matter from which something is made.
Solution 17. Option B is correct as 'motion' means a formal proposal put to a legislature or committee.
Solution 18. Option A is correct as 'number' means an amount or value of something.
Solution 19. Option B is correct because 'representative' means a class or group.
Solution 20.  Option C is correct as 'sense' means a feeling. 

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