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SPEEDY Railway Book (English)

New Pattern Cloze Test Pratice Set for IBPS PO and Clerk

New Pattern Cloze Test Pratice Set for IBPS PO and Clerk

New Pattern Cloze Test Pratice Set for IBPS PO and Clerk

English is one of the more critical subject but if you have enough grip then its one of the easiest section ever. Also you can score easily like GK or GA but here you need to have enough grip over it. Due to lack of Grammartical Knowledge students faced problems to solve these types of questions. For this reasons many of you feared to solve this section specially. To overcome from this you need to practice regularly & also go through daily news articles. Here we provide you the tuff level 15 questions with proper solution. If you fail to attempt these questions, Try to check out the solutions and note down the concepts in your notebook. 
Directions(1-10) The following passage contains five blanks and each of the blank has five options. Chose the correct option that is most suitable to fit the blank.

India’s ____(high)(1) growing renewable energy projects will gain from easier finance for investments following the ____(downfall)(2) of the country’s ____(recent)(3) rating by Moody’s, industry leaders said. But the good news may be _____(specify)(4) by regulatory ____(sadness)(5) stifling the sector. “Moody’s upgrade of India to a solid investment grade level is a positive and significant move. This will especially be ___(solvency)(6) for the renewable energy sector where sectoral ______(opting)(7) options for domestic financial institutions and banks are limited and interest costs are an important part of the project cost,” said Sumant Sinha, chairman and CEO of ReNew Power. 

For multinationals such as Sembcorp, India is an important market, and they have been ____(leveling)(8) their interest in the country’s clean energy sector by increasing investments over the past year. “The upgrade reflects the growing ____(result)(9) of India's economic and institutional reforms.

This should have dual benefits for industry: first, a lower cost of capital will make Indian industry more competitive. Second, global ____(help)(10) may encourage the government to continue its bold reforms, especially in areas like power,” said Vipul Tuli, CEO & country head of Sembcorp India.

Question 1.
  1. Rapidly
  2. Rapid
  3. Growing
  4. decline
  5. Increasing
Question 2.
  1. Rise
  2. Increase
  3. Upgrade
  4. Hike
  5. Elevate
Question 3.
  1. Majestic
  2. Absolute 
  3. Prevalent
  4. Sovereign
  5. Imperial
Question 4.
  1. Outweigh
  2. Overcast
  3. Overcloud
  4. Overcast
  5. Overshadowed
Question 5.
  1. Distress
  2. Anguish
  3. Woes
  4. Prosperity
  5. Fortune
Question 6.
  1. Beneficial
  2. Helpful
  3. Stressful
  4. Salutary
  5. Worthy
Question 7.

  1. giving
  2. lending
  3. impart
  4. add
  5. provide
Question 8.
  1. exhibit
  2. demonstrate
  3. reveal
  4. evincing
  5. manifesting
Question 9.
  1. impact
  2. communicate
  3. bestow
  4. confer
  5. promulgate
Question 10.
  1. support
  2. advocacy
  3. endorsement
  4. approval
  5. backing
Directions(11-20) The following passage contains five blanks and each of the blank has five options. Chose the correct option that is most suitable to fit the blank.

Over four months into the troubled ___(discharge)(11) of the goods and services tax, the Centre has ____(solemn)(12) a provision in the GST law that has been worrying industry. The National Anti-profiteering Authority, whose constitution was approved by the Cabinet last Thursday, is ___(occupied)(13) to crack down on firms that fail to pass on the ‘benefits’ of the tax ___(preside)(14) to consumers. The authority can order businesses to reduce product prices or ____(return)(15) to consumers ‘undue benefits’; in extreme cases it can ___(criticize)(16) a penalty on errant firms and cancel their registration as taxpayers. Where the consumers are difficult to trace individually, the amount ___(solve)(17) by the authority to be the extent of undue benefit will be deposited in a consumer welfare fund. The authority will have its own bureaucracy — including a screening committee in each State that consumers can complain to; a standing committee in which profiteering ___(introduce)(18) with an ‘all-India’ impact can be taken up; and an investigation wing that will vet complaints ‘with prima facie’ merit and report its findings to the NAA. More clarity is needed on how the government will ____(interfere)(19) the difference between undue profit and fair play — or the ____(choice)(20) space available to the NAA could enable rent-seeking.

Question 11.
  1. execution
  2. advocacy
  3. implementation
  4. approval
  5. performance
Question 12.
  1. implemented
  2. supported
  3. started
  4. operationalised
  5. revolutionized
Question 13.
  1. empowered
  2. emancipate
  3. unfetter
  4. unyoke
  5. unchain
Question 14.
  1. command
  2. reign
  3. authority
  4. management
  5. regime
Question 15.
  1. refund
  2. repay
  3. restore
  4. reparation
  5. restitution
Question 16.
  1. abuse
  2. impose
  3. exploit
  4. misuse
  5. manipulate
Question 17.
  1. construed
  2. interpret
  3. render
  4. analyze
  5. gloss
Question 18.
  1. claim
  2. allegations
  3. proclamation
  4. contention
  5. evidence
Question 19.
  1. discover
  2. fix
  3. determine
  4. settle
  5. ascertain
Question 20.
  1. voluntary
  2. mandatory
  3. elective
  4. discretionary
  5. optional
Solution and Explanation
Solution 1. Option 2. Rapid is the correct term to be used here because the sentence is specifying about growth.
Solution 2. Option 3. Here 'upgrade' means to develop. 
Solution 3. Option 4. Here 'sovereign' means absolute. 
Solution 4. Option 5. Here 'overshadowed' means to be substituted.
Solution 5. Option 3. Here 'woes' means distress or sadness.
Solution 6.Option 2.Here 'beneficial' is the correct term as we are talking about the benefits or advantages.
Solution 7. Option 2. Here 'lending' means to give something.
Solution 8. Option 4. Here 'evincing' means to reveal something.
Solution 9. Option 1. Here 'impact' means the result or the outcome. 
Solution 10.Option 3. Here ;endorsing' means backing or support. 
Solution 11.Option 3. Here 'implementation' means to incorporate something.
Solution 12.Option 4. Here 'operationalized' means to start operating something.
Solution 13.Option 1. Here 'empowered' means to win over or be powerful.
Solution 14.Option 5. Here 'regime' means a system or arrangement.
Solution 15.Option 1. Here 'refund' means to return some amount of money.
Solution 16.Option 2. Here 'impose' means to forcefully incorporate something.
Solution 17.Option 1. Here 'construed' means to interpret.
Solution 18.Option 2. 'Allegations' means false sayings.
Solution 19.Option 5. 'Ascertain' means to prove.
Solution 20.Option 4. Here 'discretionary' means optional.
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