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How to Tackle New Pattern English for Bank Exams

How to Tackle New Pattern English for Bank Exams
How to Tackle New Pattern English for Bank Exams

A lot of changes have come up in the pattern of bank exams in these recent years. Today we will discuss some Tips & Tricks "How to Tackle New Pattern English For Bank Exams". The English Section of the Bank Exams like IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, RRB or RBI targets to test the proficiency of candidates in English. This Section has always been considered to be a difficult one and now with the latest pattern and rules the pain has just increased.

A variety of new question types have been added along with the introduction of sectional timings which means that candidates have been allotted fixed timings for each of the sections of English, Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness and Computer.

Moreover, in the recent IBPS exams of 2017 the English section was quite difficult and there were hardly any similar questions asked in any of the exam slots. As a result of all the changes it has now become mandatory to have proper knowledge of all the sections to crack the exam. In Comming days be ready to face these types of challenge in Upcoming SBI PO & IBPS PO in 2018-2019 Session. So, try to work hard from now onwards.

Now let us have a look at the Change in the Question pattern for the English Language Section along with some tips on how to prepare based on this changed pattern:
Reading Comprehension
This part is quite similar to the old pattern except that the passage is quite lengthy and mostly the theme of the passage is based on economy or banking. However, questions on inference drawing, synonym and antonym haven’t seen much change in the recent times.
Tips to Follow:
  • Comprehension passage being a bit lengthy you should try to go through the passage once and understand the theme of the passage. 
  • While you read the passage make sure to remember which part of the passage talks about which topic.
  • Once you move to the questions try to relate where you read about this particular topic in the passage.
  • When you can track down the information in the passage try to match it with the options.
  • For questions based on numeric data or information like years, percentage, amounts in financial amounts just check those parts of the passage where you can see numeric data and try matching with the options to get the correct answer.
  • For those candidates who have a good knowledge of English can avoid reading the passage thoroughly and just scan through just to have a rough idea.
  • However, it is always advised to go through the passage at least once. But, again it should be done only once because of limited timing.
  • Try to solve this at the beginning but do not waste much time on this.
Odd Phrase or Sentence
Questions on odd phrase and sentences are completely new and haven’t been asked before in any bank exams. In such questions a set of statements are provided where one of the statement doesn’t match with the central theme of the passage. So candidates are required to find out that sentence and then rearrange the rest of the sentences to form a correct meaningful sentence.

Solving such type of questions is quite difficult as the candidate needs to go through the entire passage and then identify the odd sentence after which they need to re-arrange all the statements. So, basically it consumes a lot of time. 
Tips to Follow:
  • First of all you should try to go through the passage and understand the topic.
  • Next you should try to rearrange the statements in a sequential order.
  • The last step would be to identify that statement or phrase which is not forming a proper meaning with the sentence.
  • Try to connect the statements logically to form a correct sequence.
  • Candidates should make a habit of reading to go through the paragraphs quickly.
Phrase Replacement
In Phrase Replacement a sentence is given that is broken down into small parts and one of the part has some kind of error like grammatical error or the phrase is wrong which is to be replaced with the correct sentence.
Tips to Follow:
  • To solve such questions you should have proper knowledge of english grammar.
  • After you read the entire sentence try to identify the error in the sentence.
  • If it is difficult to identify the error from the sentence then try to find out the error from the options.
  • After you identify the correct option try to replace it in the sentence and check if the meaning of the entire sentence is correct.
  • Chapter like tense, subject verb agreement and idioms and phrases should be well practised to score well in this part.
Error Correction
Questions on error correction was thought to be the most difficult ones. However, the recent questions are formulated in such a way that it has just become more and more time consuming. 
Questions on Error Correction consists of three different independent statements followed by five options to check which of the given options are true. So, the candidate needs to check all the three statements and find if it is grammatically correct and forms a meaningful sentence. After that the candidate needs to choose the correct option.
Tips to Follow:
  • Once again candidates are supposed to be well versed in basic English Grammar.
  • To find out the error in the sentence read each of the independent sentence and check whether it is correct.
  • Once you are done checking each of the sentences go to the options and check which of them matches with your answer.
  • If you find it difficult to find a match try to find out the wrong sentence by relating with the options. 
Sentence Completion
Sentence Completion again a new type of question being asked in the recent banking exams. Here, a passage is given with the last line of the passage being blank. Five options are provided from which the candidate needs to choose the correct sentence that best fits into the passage and completes it in the most appropriate way.
Tips to Follow:
  • You should go through the entire passage quickly so that you get a brief idea of the theme of the passage.
  • Once that is done go through each of the sentences given in the option and try to check which one sounds similar to the given passage.
  • If you are not sure of your answer try to replace the sentence in the passage and read it out. If it is wrong you would understand as the tone of the sentence wouldnt sound appropriate.
  • You are required to think logically instead of focussing on grammatical sections.
Fill in the blanks
These days we don't get such questions where a sentence is given and just a word is required to fill up the gap. Instead, a passage is given with a missing statement in between. Candidates need to choose from the given options the phrase or sentence that would fit into the passage and give a complete meaning to the sentence.
Tips to Follow:
  • The approach to solve such questions will be quite similar to the sentence completion one except that the blank is given in the middle.
  • So basically you need to have a rough idea on the theme of the passage.
  • Once that is done try to read out the options and relate it with the sentence given before the blank and the one that is given after the blank.
  • Once you find the answer replace it in the blank and read out at least the next two lines to be sure of your answer. 

The above given type of questions have become very common and can be asked in any bank exams. However, we should concentrate on the quality of our preparation as we can always expect a change in the pattern or question types. It is necessary to reach such heights where the questions wouldn't matter anymore if the preparation is right. If you find this helpful keep following www.achieversrule.com for more such articles on Banking Exams.
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