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30 Frequently Asked Questions on Indian Polity

30 Frequently Asked Questions on Indian Polity

30 Frequently Asked Questions on Indian Polity

Indian Polity is an important topic for the upcoming SSC CHSL(10+2) Exams 2017 & Railway Exams. In this quiz set, top 30 important Polity Questions were evaluated from which Questions were frequently asked, These 30 Questions are provided in the Polity Quiz For SSC CHSL - Set 1. Solve the Quiz set and boost your preparation.
Q1.Which is a feature common to both the Indian Federation and American Federation ? 
A]A Single Citizenship 
B]Three lists in Constitution 
C]Dual Judiciary 
D]Federal Supreme Court to interpret the Constitution 
E]None of these 

Q2.Which of the following is in the Concurrent List in the Constitution of India ? 
A]Population Control and Family Planning 
B]Public Health and Sanitation 
C]Capitation Taxes 
D]Treasure Trove 
E]None of these 

Q3.Which comes under the Jurisdication of both the High Court and Supreme Court ? 
A]Dispute between the states 
B]Dispute between Center and States 
C]Protection against the violation of the Constitution 
D]Protection of Fundamental Rights 
E]None of these 

Q4.The Anti-Defection Law was enacted in 1979 in which state ?
A]Jammu and Kashmir 
D]West Bengal 

Q5.Which of the following is not true in respect to the parliamentary control over the budget ?
A]Parliament has no say in the preparation of budget 
B]Parliament has no power to increase a tax without the recommendation of President 
C]Parliament has the power to increase expenditure charged on the consolidated fund. 
D]Parliament has no power to impose a tax without the recommendation of President 
E]None of these 

Q6.In which year Delhi become an Union Territory ?

Q7.Who among the following was the Chairman of Drafting Committee of the Indian Constitution ?
A]Raja Gopalachari 
B]B. R Ambedkar 
C]Tej Bahadur Sapru 
D]Rajendra Prasad 
E]Mahatma Gandhi 

Q8.Which of the following is not applicable for a Union Territory ?
A]It does not have a Capital. 
B]It does not have a recognized official Language. 
C]It does not have have a Governor/ Administrator. 
D]It does not have a annual plan outlay. 
E]None of these 

Q9.The office of the Governor General of India was created by which of the following ? 
A]Charter Act, 1813 
B]Government of India Act, 1858 
C]Charter Act, 1833 
D]Government of India Act, 1935 
E]None of these 

Q10.To which of the following the social representation of the Panchayati Raj is given ?
B]Backward Classes 
C]Cooperative Society 
D]All of these 
E]None of these 

Q11.Who was not a member of Constituent Assembly in July 1946 ?
A]Mahatma Gandhi 
B]Vallabhbhai Patel 
C]K. M Munshi 
D]J.B Kripalani 
E]None of them 

Q12.What is the source of Maximum income to the Panchayati Raj institutions ? 
A]Local Taxes 
B]Regional Funds 
C]Grants by the Government 
D]Share in the Revenue of Government of India 
E]None of these 

Q13.What is the special Constitutional Position of Jammu and Kashmir ?
A]It has own constitution. 
B]Indian Laws are not applicable. 
C]It is above Indian Constitution. 
D]It is not one of the Integral parts of Indian Union. 
E]None of these 

Q14.Which is at the Apex Position of the Three Tier System of Panchayati Raj ? 
A]Gram Panchayat 
B]Gram Sabha 
C]Panchayati Samiti 
D]Zilla Parishad 
E]None of them 

Q15.Which of the following is the source of income for Gram Panchayats ?
A]Sales Tax 
B]Income Tax 
C]Levy Duty 
D]Professional Tax 
E]None of these 

Q16.Which of the following is awarded by the Indian Constitution ?
A]Presidential System 
B]Unitary System 
C]Unicameral System 
D]Bicameral System 
E]None of these 

Q17.All of the Ministers of India including Prime Minister are the members of which of the following ?
A]National Development Council 
B]Planning Commission 
C]Regional Council 
D]Zonal Council 
E]None of these 

Q18.The setting up of Village Panchayats are mentioned under which Article of the Constitution ?
A]Art 32 
B]Art 40 
C]Art 48 
D]Art 51 
E]None of these 

Q19.The Panchayati Raj institutions are established as per the Constitutional Directions of which of the following ?
A]Directive Principles 
D]Fundamental Rights 
E]None of these 

Q20.Which of the following is not a source of revenue to the Village Panchayats ? 
A]House Tax 
B]Property Tax 
C]Vehicles Tax 
D]Land Tax 
E]None of these 

Q21.Which language is spoken by the largest number of people in India after Hindi ? 

Q22.In which year, the Constituent Assembly adopted our Constitution ?

Q23.Railways is the subject on which of the following ?
A]Union List 
B]Concurrent List 
C]State List 
D]Residual List 
E]None of these 

Q24.Who is the first Leader of Opposition to be given the rank and status of a Cabinet Minister ?
A]A. K Gopalan 
B]Y.B Chavan 
C]P. Upendra 
D]C. M Stephen 
E]None of them 

Q25.The ratio between the length and breadth of Indian Flag is which of following ? 

Q26.English is the official Language of which of the following ?
C]Andhra Pradesh 

Q27."President Rule" in state indicates the state is ruled by which of the following ? 
A]Caretaker Government 
B]Directly President 
C]Chief Minister nominated by the President 
D]Governor of the state 
E]None of these 

Q28.How many articles are in the Constitution of India ?

Q29.The Indian Constitution follows the Constitutional System of which country ? 

Q30. In which part of Indian Constitution, the concept of Welfare State is included ? 
A]Fundamental Rights 
B]Preamble of the Constitution 
C]Directive Principal 
D]4th Schedule of the Constitution 
E] None of these

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