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Uses of Preposition - English Grammar Rules

Uses of Preposition - English Grammar Rules
Uses of Preposition - English Grammar Rules

English Grammar is an important part of your preparation for upcoming IBPS, SBI and other Banking exams.  The English Study Notes from Achiever's Rule are a must for the aspirants. Some words suit with particular prepositions after them. Here Some Examples of Appropriate Prepositions are discussed.
  • Suitable for, to (one), to (an occasion) – This job is not suitable for/ to me. 
  • Supply (a person) with (a thing), to (a person) – He supplied us with food. / He supplied food to us. 
  • Sympathy for / with – I have no sympathy for / with him.
  • Sympathize with/ in – I sympathize with you in your misery. 
  • Talk with, to, of, about, over – I was talking to or with Ram about/ of/ / over it. 
  • Tamper with – Take care that the records are not tampered with. (To make unauthorized changes) 
  • Tantamount to – His request was tantamount (equal in effect to) to a command. 
  • Taste of (experience) – This dish tastes of garlic. 
  • Taste for (liking for) – She has a taste for music. 
  • Testify to – He testifies to my honesty. (Bore witness) 
  • Testimony to – This incident stands testimony to his honesty. 

  • (In) Testimony of – He was promoted in testimony of the appreciation of his hard work. 
  • Thankful to, for – I am thankful to you for your help. 
  • Think of, about – What do you think of / about him? 
  • Think over – You must think carefully over his advice. 
  • Thirst for, after – We all thirst for / after happiness. 
  • Tide over – He has tided over the difficulty. 
  • Tired of (waiting), by (walk), with (exertions) – I am tired of waiting. / I am tired by the long walk/ with exertions. 
  • Tolerant of – We must be tolerant of opposition. 
  • Touch (at), upon (a subject), with (pity) – The train does not touch at the station. He touched upon (referred) the subject in his speech. She was touched with pity at my misery. 
  • Toy (verb) with – He toyed with the idea of setting up a factory. (Think not very seriously about) 
  • Trade in – He trades in tea. 
  • Treat with (a person), of / (a subject), (one) to (a dinner) – He treated well with me. / She treated us to a dinner. This book treats of (discussed) music.
  • Tremble with (fear) – The child trembled with fear. 
  • Tribute to - They paid tribute to the departed soul. 
  • Triumph over – He triumphed over (won) his troubles. 
  • True to – Be true to your word. 
  • Trust in – You must have trust in God. 
  • Trust (a thing) to (person) – I cannot trust to (rely on) hid judgment. 
  • Trust with – You trust me with the work.
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