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New Pattern Para Filler: IBPS PO Mains Exams

New Pattern Para Filler: IBPS PO Mains Exams

New Pattern Para Filler: IBPS PO Mains Exams

Direction(Q.1-Q.10) In each of the following questions a short passage is given with one of the lines in the passage missing and represented by a blank. Select the best out of the five answer choices given, to make the passage complete and coherent
Social media has the power to reach thousands of people instantly, and can play a key role in your career as your personal brand builder.Bullies do terrible damage to people and organisations alike. Imagine being picked on in meeting after meeting for one thing or the other, and constantly being told you are not good enough. Humiliating a senior person in front of her juniors or undermining a team leader to his team. ______________ Bullying takes many forms and shapes. In one instance, a super boss belittled the team leader every time a critical decision was being made.
A)which fishes abundantly in South Korean waters.
B)like global warming and overfishing threaten the ecology.
C)the South Korean government has financed large infrastructure projects.
D)he describes how small isolated places sometimes catalyse global economic and political interests.
E)All these hurt the self-esteem of the person at the receiving end. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

When selecting a fund, we look to understand the teams managing the fund, and their strategy and performance. __________________If you look at a lot of the Asian funds, Asia private equity is pretty cyclical. In the pre-2005 era, many funds did very well. In particular, there are a lot of differences in sector specialisation. In the US, you’ll find a lot of private equity firms specialising in one sector only. 
A)Colonialism, globalisation and nationalism have all had their say only to leave behind devastated landscapes.
B)The most striking aspects of Ghosh’s portrait of the Moluccas is the incredibly dense history it packs in.
C)Its people are likely to come at a huge environmental and social cost.
D)Since the economic value of the water around it is declining as fast as its fish population.
E)We believe these qualitative factors are an integral part of the decision-making process.

Brand visibility means that the brand has awareness and credibility with respect to a particular customer need—it is relevant. _______________Brand associations involve anything that created a positive or negative relationship with or feelings toward the brand. It can be based on functional benefits but also a brand personality, organizational values, self-expressive benefits, emotional benefits or social benefits.
A)this device can accurately measure the amount of motion taking place in all the three joints during any activity or gesturing
B)distinguish the differing extent of movement occurring simultaneously in all the three joints of the hand.
C)If a customer is searching for a buying option and the brand does not come to mind, or if there is some reason that the brand is perceived to be unable to deliver adequately, the brand will not be relevant and not be considered.
D)Studies will be carried out on healthy individuals and those with arthritis .
E)The device can find applications in physiotherapeutic recuperation of stroke patients.

One approach is to estimate the brand’s role in a business. The value of a business in a product-market such as the Ford Fiesta in the UK market is estimated based on discounting future earnings. _______________taking into account the business model and any information about the brand in terms of its relative visibility, associations and customer loyalty. The value of the brand is then aggregated over products and markets countries to determine a value for brand. It can range from 10 percent for B2B brands to over 60 percent for brands like Jack Daniel’s or Coca-Cola.
A)We call upon the Chinese government to lift any travel restrictions.
B)Suspicion of China has been growing in Australia of late, 
C)The tangible and intangible assets are identified and the relative role of the brand is subjectively estimated by a group of knowledgeable people, 
D)Australia on Sunday called for China to lift curbs on the widow of Nobel Peace .
E)to shift public opinion on sensitive policy issues and stifle criticism.

A fourth approach is to consider the conceptual model surrounding a business strategy. What is the business strategy? What is the strategic role of the brand in supporting that strategy? How critical is it? Is price competition the alternative to creating and leveraging brand equity? __________________Management guru Tom Peters said it well: “In an increasingly crowded marketplace, fools will compete on price. Winners will find a way to create lasting value in the customer’s mind.”
A)What impact will that have on profit streams going forward? 
B)For mustached bats, the need is even more compelling.
C)Since this asymmetric sound processing is the basis for left hemispheric specialization for language
D)Just like humans, bats also use the left and right sides of their brains
E)Bats need to use the fast timing of the left hemisphere to distinguish communication sounds from each other

The private sector has taken a meaningful, leadership role to combat the serious problems facing the world and its people. Compared to governments, private firms are well poised to take on this role because they have more autonomy, flexibility, applicable assets and skills, presence where problems exist and the absence of political gridlock. __________________, a healthy society has long-term benefits and these initiatives inspire their employees, but also because it’s a path to worthwhile and attractive financial rewards. Fortune identified 50 large firms that do well financially by doing good for society in its 2016 Change the World List. It is an impressive list compiled by some experts inside and outside the Fortune editorial team.
A)It would be easy to conduct the operation within a short while.
B)These firms step up as part of their brand strategy not only because it’s the right thing to do
C)The elephant that attacked humans in both the incidents seemed to have been disturbed.
D)The Forest Department has submitted a proposal to the State government to set up an elephant camp in Alur taluk.
E)However, the number of elephants in the recent years has increased.

India’s banking crisis has been on a slow burn for the last three years. But just like with a slow fuse Diwali firecracker, the blast will inevitably come. __________________Experience world over shows that banking crises end up always costing more if strong upfront actions are not taken. The latest banking Ordinance gives the appearance of action. But it will delay the inevitable resolution, ending up in a much bigger bill for the Indian economy.
A)It is nice to be recognised for actually achieving something in life as opposed to spending seven weeks in a house on TV with a load of other muppets.
B)Unfortunately, the more the delay, the bigger the blast will be. 
C)Studies have shown that cycling has been a catalyst in social change.
D)It is nice to be recognised for actually achieving something in life as opposed to spending seven weeks in a house on TV .
E)In terms of looking for a good private equity fund, you look obviously at the manager’s past track record.

Many companies do their best to optimise production processes using established rules of thumb or incomplete data. ______________ In our experience, that is because they typically lack precise-enough measures to understand the small, real-time variations in process flows and manufacturing steps that cumulatively erode returns at facilities such as mines, steel mills or other manufacturing plants.This information, moreover, is rarely shared quickly enough for managers to respond in the tight time frames required. 
A)Among the many issues this case brought up with reference to women’s access to public space.
B)But at the end of the month or reporting period, they often discover sizeable gaps between actual profits and what they had expected.
C)Even though stalking is now covered by criminal law, the attitude towards most reported cases.
D)Women often share horrifying stories of being regularly stalked in person and via electronic communication by men.
E)This is precisely what stalkers count on when they prey on women.

Assessing talent is one of the toughest decisions organizations have to make. Most people like to believe that if they trust their gut feel about a candidate, they will be able to hire the right person. Nothing could be further from the truth. Human beings look through the world with their filters. These are the biases they bring in while assessing talent. ______________________ That after all is the basis for all hiring decisions.
A)years later, when his own reminiscences have joined the stream of family lore.
B)Since we spend all our life working with human beings it gives us an illusion that we are constantly improving our ability to assess performance and potential.
C)On Ranikhet ridge sprawls the Kumaon Regimental Centre, mother ship to one of the most decorated infantry regiments of the Indian Army.
D)After a moment, we hear the tinkle of a cowbell, and he slowly relaxes his grip.
E)A tide of excitement rises in the boy’s voice.

India’s banking crisis has been on a slow burn for the last three years. __________________Unfortunately, the more the delay, the bigger the blast will be.Experience world over shows that banking crises end up always costing more if strong upfront actions are not taken. The latest banking Ordinance gives the appearance of action. But it will delay the inevitable resolution, ending up in a much bigger bill for the Indian economy.
A)A scholar called Yajnamurthi and Ramanuja had a debate that went on for 17 days. 
B)But just like with a slow fuse Diwali firecracker, the blast will inevitably come. 
C)Vedanti divided his wealth, gave his two wives their share, left Karnataka and reached Srirangam. 
D)but in addition he also knew Thiruneduntandaka Sastra.
E)Vedanti divided his wealth, gave his two wives their share, left Karnataka and reached Srirangam.

Just like bank nationalisation, demonetisation is supposed to result in a massive transfer of resources from rich to poor. Demonetisation and the rigours of the cash crunch constitutes a part-nationalisation of people’s money whereby access to their own money is restricted: a no-no for a right-wing anti-statist regime that upholds individual rights, ____________________________________Creation of shortages for the supposed benefit of the poor is an article of left-wing belief.
A)The crisis was not created during the Narendra Modi government’s tenure.
B)but something that a left-wing government might contemplate as a means to redistribute resources from rich to poor, just as Modi is doing. 
C)it can detect variations of about 2 mm during stretching and about 5 degrees during bending in all the three joints. 
D) But what the Modi government can be accused of is not addressing the issue seriously.
E)The UPA government can take the credit for it, exacerbated further by the global economic crisis of 2007-08.

Popular perception about the Indian venture capital and private equity industry would probably suggest that it is a marginal part of the larger capital market in India. But that may not be true anymore. _________________________________, the funded enterprises could be as big as 15 per cent, or more of the market capitalisation on the National Stock Exchage (NSE).
A)Brand equity is a set of assets or liabilities in the form of brand visibility, 
B)IT stocks were performing well while bank stocks were faltering yet again,
C)Assuming that the approximately 120 billion dollar of VC and PE funds deployed in India represent an average equity ownership of 40 per cent.
D)Our work across a number of industries suggests that companies can eliminate these profit-draining variations,
E)Other such initiatives to create a bridge between the youth of India and ASEAN are in the pipeline.

The reality, on the other hand, is that VC has been supporting enterprises across more than 35 broad categories of industries. VC-funded enterprises today touch nearly every aspect of our lives — from schools to real estate to beauty salons to hospitals of various specialties to transportation companies to fine dining restaurants and retailers of nearly all kinds of goods.A third feature is that in the past decade or so, the Indian VC industry has supported enterprises by providing them with what is known as ‘follow-on funding’. Some VC-funded enterprises have managed to raise as many as eight rounds of financing before they got acquired or went public. ___________________
A)While commercially available activity trackers can estimate parameters such as number of steps taken and calories burnt,
B)This has to be interpreted as a sign of the growing maturity of the industry.
C)Are the returns good? 
D)brand associations and customer loyalty that add or subtract from value of a current or potential product or service driven by the brand.
E)and speed up reaction times by using advanced data analytics combined with upward cascades of data to manage performance.

Notwithstanding its contribution as a source of startup funding, the Indian VC industry remains poorly appreciated and even more poorly understood. ________________ There have also been concerns about lax oversight by VC firms of regulatory compliance on the part of investees, and of relocating valuable Indian enterprises outside the country through a restructuring mechanism, euphemistically known as ‘externalisation’.
A)For example, we’ve invested with a group that only focuses on helping companies with their branding in the consumer space.
B)Something I should mention is how Asia differs from the US and Europe. 
C)Think of all those influencers on Twitter and LinkedIn. 
D)Serious doubts have been cast upon the rates of return realised by these funds.
E) Are they mediocre or not performing very well?

On Modi’s part it is a move to appropriate the thunder of the left, as well as of anti-corruption campaigners such as Arvind Kejriwal.
Can India ever have a leader who could proclaim, like Deng Xiaoping, that to get rich is glorious and there is no need for the sackcloth and ashes? _________________________________
India is primarily a young country and it seeks something truly new: while elders would tut-tut at such a proclamation it would surely resonate with India’s youth today. Getting rich today should no longer be seen as contradicting giving to others; indeed it may, in many cases, enable such giving to others.
A)While Modi’s demonetisation move has been seen by many as ‘bold’ that would be an act of true boldness.
B)Then the industry became crowded and, I think, returns have reverted to the norm. 
C)That said, there is no denying the need to vent, and address the issue when you face humiliation and bullying at work.
D)The device is capable of instantaneously detecting movements and is quite sensitive.
E)However, we believe it’s not just about strong performance.

SOLUTION 1. E. The paragraph specifies about bullying.
SOLUTION 2. E. This para specifies about strategy and about equity.
SOLUTION 3. C. The option matches with the para as it specifies about brand equity.
SOLUTION 4. C. It specifies about brand role in business.
SOLUTION 5. A. This para also specifies about business strategy and brand equity.
SOLUTION 6. B. It is about financial analysis of private firms.
SOLUTION 7. B. This talks about the indian banking crisis.
SOLUTION 8. B. company production and manufacturing.
SOLUTION 9. B. This option reasons out the first line of the paragraph.
SOLUTION 10. B. This option completes the para.
SOLUTION 11. B. the option contradicts to what is stated in the first line.
SOLUTION 12. C. This is about NSE. Relating the option with the para would be the best option here.
SOLUTION 13. B. The line perfectly completes the paar.
SOLUTION 14. D. This talks about the VC industry.
SOLUTION 15. A. This is a comparison to Modi's demonetisation.
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