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SPEEDY Railway Book (English)

New Pattern English: Odd phrase and Odd sentence

New Pattern English: Odd phrase and Odd sentence
New Pattern English: Odd phrase and Odd sentence

Direction (1-15): Five statements are given below labeled A, B, C, D and E. Out of these, four statements is in logical order and forms a coherent passage. From the underlying options choose the one which does not fit with the other statements in the passage.

(A)PSU banks under the aegis of the Indian Banks Association (IBA) have also proposed wage increases be productivity-linked rather than automatic hikes based on tenure.
(B)Unions have opposed both the proposals. On Tuesday, the IBA had its initial round of discussion with employee associations on wage revision. 
(C)irrespective of size or financial health, public sector banks have proposed bank-wise compensation for executives, depending on the strength of each entity. 
(D)Departing from the practice of standard pay scales across banks, 
(E)If auditors suspect that the realizable value of a borrower’s land, factory, buildings, and shares pledged with the lender is significantly less than the declared stated in the books.

(A)Appointed in 2013 as the bank's first woman chairman, Bhattacharya got a one-year extension in October 2016 to maintain continuity. 
(B)Kumar holds a master's degree in physics, is an avid traveller and a good badminton player, according to the SBI website. 
(C)In 2015, while selecting private sector candidates for five large state-owned banks, the government had offered fixed three-year tenures subject to superannuation at 60. 
(D)Germany has some of the best bread, great cheese and sausages, and, along with the Czechs and Belgians, simply the best beer on the planet. 
(E)That was seen as kicking off a much-anticipated wave of consolidation in the public sector banking space.

(A)A huge army of businessmen borrowed in an informal market from money lenders to avoid getting trapped by the banking system and the tax department. 
(B)To keep their businesses running, money lenders have lowered their rates. 
(C)So, instead of funding their purchases through informal credit at high rates which was beneficial if it allowed escaping the tax net, they are choosing to fund businesses through formal credit. 
(D)With the implementation of the GST which produces a chain of transaction till it reaches the ultimate consumer, merchants have little scope to escape accounting for their trades. 
(E)Among the first places in which I found myself eating out were my favourite pizza joints.

(A)A subtle tension is brewing between bankers, struggling with failed borrowers, and auditors, having come under closer scrutiny. 
(B)Till now auditors who signed the financial statements of banks have rarely questioned the real worth of assets and securities that banks hold to lend. 
(C)But, this is about to change with auditors coming under the glare of regulators and many Indian defaulting companies headed for a change of ownership and control. 
(D)As they begin to scan banks’ numbers for the quarter ended September 30, auditors will, for the first time, take a hard look at the actual ‘realizable value’— as against the `book value’ — of assets and securities pledged with banks. 
(E)Public sector banks are trying to bring in the 'cost to company' concept that is prevalent in the private sector.

(A)As it is, being Bengali, I am ambivalent about fitness. Hearty meals play a big role in our lives.
(B)In my circles, discussions about ailments are free and frank, with symptoms lavishly detailed. 
(C)It’s not that we don’t understand the importance of fitness, because we’re also hypochondriacs.
(D)They just want to study the human condition. 
(E)While some foods drop roots, others find it impossible.

(A)kebabs and the meat and chicken gravy dishes, but I can never find the perfect naan or lachha parantha that I get in Delhi or its environs. 
(B)Vice versa, there was no question of getting decent Bangla food in either Delhi or Bombay, barring enclaves like Chittaranjan Park. 
(C)This much is easy to understand: while some taste-things manage to travel from their home base, others don’t. 
(D)Within India, coming home to Calcutta, I can find some of the best variations of north Indian dishes, the vegetarian items as well as the biryanis,
(E)I have several close relatives whose medical expertise is shocking. None of them are doctors.

(A)Old age and death, hunger and thirst, sorrow and delusion — are the basic challenges of human life. 
(B)But sorrow and delusion rise in the human mind and affect and disturb all at all times and Adi Sankara shows the most effective way to deal with this challenge in his many hymns.
(C)Man’s mind is complex and a crucial entity and its capabilities are far-reaching in respect of its power to dictate and shape each one’s lot in samsara. 
(D)While one learns to accept the inevitability of ageing and death that affect the body, hunger and thirst that pertain to one’s prana are perceived as natural demands that are to be met. 

(A)both extortionately priced Indian wine and the winter gifts of sarson ka saag and missi roti, both the crap pseudo Chinese and Thai food.
(B) This was known as `Kachha Credit' among the practitioners. 
(C)Despite coming from one of the world’s best pork-producing countries, I found myself loading packets of English bacon for breakfast at home. 
(D)Soon, I will come away from all this foreign food. At home await both ghastly pizza delivery fraudsters and the wonderfully chilli-hot Chinese sausages from Kalimpong, 
(E)Coming back from Berlin to London, one of the first things I found myself buying were sandwiches from the supermarket: egg and cress, bacon, lettuce, and tomato, and even the very German pastrami and sauerkraut.

(A)The luminescent blue pool in the basement felt like a grotto, lit by candles, with comfortable loungers tucked behind white sheers. 
(B)Hong Kong is so intense and so promiscuous that you’d be glad there’s a solace in the whirling chaos 
(C)The lukewarm water in this indoor pool made me feel like I had returned to my mother’s womb, far removed from the cacophony of the world outside. 
(D)With enough time left before dinner, I also indulged in the steam bath ritual at the spa, which included a sugar and salt body scrub followed by a massage with Clarins essential oils. 
(E)When it comes to location, Hotel Costes is as central as it gets – it’s in the 1st arrondissement, just off Place Vendome — yet, upon entering, you are certain you’ve stepped into a very private place.

(A)However, as I kept sternly reminding myself, I wasn’t in Berlin to miss Indian food. 
(B)Management reforms in public sector banks were initiated the same year and the post of chairman and managing director cum-CEO was split except for SBI.
(C)Besides, the huge Turkish presence means a wealth of doner and “kebap” shops; 
(D)other West Asian and Asian populations provide a whole variety of reasonably priced non-European grub. 
(E)Added to this, there are, of course, the usual suspects of variously priced burger joints and purveyors of pizza and pasta.

(A)There have been instances, during the early years of Congress rule and even during the years when Rajiv Gandhi was PM, when there was no designated LoP in the Lok Sabha.
(B)But those were the days of brute majorities and extremely weak oppositions. 
(C)Today, the Congress, even in defeat, has 19% of the total votes in the Lok Sabha polls, exactly the same as the BJP had after the last elections in 2009. 
(D)Meanwhile, as India’s democratic traditions and institutions have matured and strengthened, the country has decided to include the Opposition’s voice in the selection of important posts 
(E)like the Lokpal, and the heads of the Central Vigilance Commission, the Central Bureau of Investigation and the National Human Rights Commission.

(A)Stock prices in India have been buoyant for months, with the markets anticipating a turnaround in growth. 
(B)Mallus yawned. He turned water into wine. Galvanised, one-third of the audience converted to Christianity. 
(C)To change this, we need proactive policy to slash transaction costs, and make share ownership an attractive proposition for small investors, particularly in the market for new issues. 
(D)The disinvestment target is an ambitious Rs 63,425 crore, with about Rs 43,000 crore expected to be raised by way of sale of shares of state enterprises. 
(E)Clearly, the way ahead is to plan for wide retail participation, and to keep the costs of public offerings low.

(A)Thomas, the Apostle, visited an outpost in distant Malabar across the sea and proselytised. 
(B)He spoke of Christ’s miracles. He walked on water. Malayalis were not impressed. He made a dead man walk.
(C)Yet, public participation in the capital market remains low.  
(D)The story is, of course, a joke. But it serves to underline the visceral bond the people of Kerala have had with this elixir of exhilaration from ancient times. 
(E)That state, with one of the highest per-capita consumption figures for alcohol in the country, is now poised to walk the path of prohibition, if you believe the government of Kerala.

(A)While many of their untrained brethren may be prone to barking up the wrong tree, trained canine cops are obviously of a different calibre, just like their police handlers are not the same as lay humans. 
(B)Unfortunately, as a dog cannot testify (for obvious reasons), its handler’s description of its actions could presumably be called “hearsay”. 
(C)But cases abound here and abroad in which paw patrols have found trails in seemingly dead-end cases, for which they deserve at least a metaphorical pat on their heads. 
(D)This week, a sleuth hound has led the Delhi Police to another suspected murderer. 
(E)Along comes a cleric from somewhere in Canada and behaves as if he’s the new messiah; and both band together.

(A)It’s a new, surreal chapter in Pakistan’s turbulent politics. 
(B)Imran Khan, who didn’t manage to translate promise into votes in the elections last year that swept Nawaz Sharif to power, now demands the latter’s resignation based on the charge of rigging. 
(C)The apex court cannot surely ignore their role in sniffing out crucial leads!
(D)Their demands, as they encamp with thousands of followers in Islamabad, are unrealistic, tantamount to losing parties refusing to accept a verdict and calling for the ouster of the elected government, amidst other demands like the resignation of the Punjab CM (the PM’s brother), and dissolution of the assembly. 
(E)And, in this instability has been created space for the army to step in.

SOLUTION 1. E. The correct sequence is CDBA.
SOLUTION 2. D. The correct sequence is AECB.
SOLUTION 3. B. The correct sequence is AEDC.
SOLUTION 4. E. The correct sequence is ABCD.
SOLUTION 5. C. The correct sequence is AEBD.
SOLUTION 6. E. The correct sequence is BCDA.
SOLUTION 7. E. The correct sequence is ACDB.
SOLUTION 8. B. The correct sequence is ECDA.
SOLUTION 9. B. The correct sequence is ACDE.
SOLUTION 10.B. The correct sequence is ACDE.
SOLUTION 11.B. The correct sequence is ACDE.
SOLUTION 12.B. The correct sequence is ACDE.
SOLUTION 13.C. The correct sequence is ABDE.
SOLUTION 14.E. The correct sequence is ABCD.
SOLUTION 15.C. The correct sequence is ABDE.
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