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Common Threats to Computer - An Overview

Common Threats to Computer - An Overview
Common Threats to Computer - An Overview

  • A Malware is a kind of malicious software which can corrupt computers by providing unauthorized access to a private system. The personal information of a computer gets copied without notifying the users by the influence of malware. As a result, normal operation of a computer gets disrupted and harmful contents are displayed. The Malwares are spread from one computer to another by unwanted emails from anonymous senders. Virus, Worm, Spyware etc. are the examples of Malware.
  • A Computer Virus is a kind of malicious software programs which can cause harm to a computer by deleting or modifying data files from the hard discs. The software program in a virus infected computer may act in an unexpected manner. It can be transferred from one system to another system via emails by replicating themselves. It also slows down the CPU. In a word, it can cause damage to the whole computer system. Ex.Code Red, Nimba, SirCam etc.
Computer Worm:
  • Computer Worm works like a virus but it can be transferred from one system to another through computer networks without any involvement of human. The worm can replicate themselves in a system and may delete important files from the computer. Overall it also causes damage to a computer.
  • It works like a Computer Virus. The main purpose of Spyware is to steal personal information from a computer for a third party. As it works like a spy, it is named as Spyware.
  • The main purpose of this malware is to disturb computer users by displaying Pop-up advertisements frequently.Adware can be in hidden form inside other software after installation. On clicking on the Ads, third party may get paid.
  • It is an adware which attaches itself to the web browser by creating Pop-ups directly on the pages while browsing. It can also change the setting of browsers.
Trojan Horse:
  • It is a malware which causes harm to the system from the true intent of it. The Trojan Horse  injects the virus to a computer. Though it can't replicate itself, it is destructive in nature.
  • The practice of sending fake emails is known as Phishing. The main purpose of these emails is to access the personal information like Name, Account Number, Password, Money etc. These information can be easily accessed by the third party in the form of authorized user in an electronic medium.
Spoofing Attack:
  • When a program or person hires the identity of another person without his consent by using his data for gaining unfair advantages, it is known as Spoofing Attack. The fraudulent third party uses this for their own purpose.
  • The persons with computer knowledge who can access other's system to get private information is known as Hacker.
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