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Important Dams and Irrigation Projects in India

Important Dams and Irrigation Projects in India

Important Dams and Irrigation Projects in India

Some essential Point:
  1. Rann of Kutch is an inland drainage area.
  2. Damodar river basin is called “Ruhr of India”.
  3. The second larger river basin in India is Godavari.
  4. The second largest basin in Peninsula India is on Krishna river.
  5. Stanley reservoir situated in Tamil Nadu.
  6. Koyna Reservoir situated on Maharashtra.
Major Dam in India:
Bhakra Nangal Dam:
  • This is constructed on the river Sutlej.
  • It is the highest straightway gravity dam in the world and first largest dam in India and second largest Dam in Asia.
  • A reservoir named “Govindsagar Lake” situated here.
  • Bhakara Nangal Dam is 13km downstream of Bhakara Dam.Four power houses project situated here.
  • Bhakara Nangal Dam is a joint venture of Rajasthan, Punjab & Haryana

Rihand-Dam Project:

  • Rihand is the longest manmade lake in India, its maximum height that is 91mtr.
  • Another name of this reservoir is “Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar”.
  • Rihand dam is established across the river Rihand in Madhya Pradesh.
Gandak Dam:
  • Gandak Dam is built on the Gandak River.
  • This is joint venture of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh & Nepal.
Nagarjun Sagar Dam:
  • This is located in A.P.
  • Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is built on the Krishna River.
Beas Dam:
  • Beas is a joint venture of Haryana, Punjab & Rajasthan.
  • This is built across the Beas River at ‘Pong’ dam.
Kosi Dam:
  • Kosi Dam is a joint venture of Nepal & Bihar.
  • Kosi irrigation project is set up on the river Kosi.
Tungabhadra Dam:
  • This is a joint venture between A.P. & Karnataka.
  • Tungabhadra Dam is built across the river Tungabhadra, which is a tributary of River Krishna.
Hirakund Dam:
  • It is one of the longest dams in the world (26 km in length). 
  • Hirakund dam situated across the river Mahanadi in Orissa.
State wise Irrigation Projects in India: At a Glance

Punjab & Haryana
Western Yamuna Canal from Yamuna at Tejawala
Upper Bari Doab Canal from Ravi at Madhopur
Sirhind Feeder from Ferozepur Feeder at Malawala.
Bhakra Canal was made from Bhakra Dam.
Nangal Canal was made from Nangal Dam,.
 from Sutlej near Ferozepur Eastern Gray canal is situated
Uttar Pradesh
Lower Ganga Canal from Ganga at Narora
Eastern Yamuna Canal from Yamuna near Faizabad
Upper Ganga Canal from Ganga at Haridwar
Agra Canal from Jamuna at Okhla
Sharda Sahayak & Sharda Sagar from Sharda.
Madhya Pradesh
At Rudri Mahanadi Canal fro Mahanadi
Wainganga Canal from Wainganga
Tandula Canal from Tandula and Sukha rivers
Soan Canal from Soan near Delhi
Eastern Kosi Canal from Kosi
Eastern Gandak Canal from Gandak
Triveni  Canal from Triveni at Triveri
Nira Canal Project on the river Yelwandi at Bhatanagar
Mutha Canal Project on the river Mutha at Khandakavasla
Pravara River Canal on the River Prewara at Bhandara
Jawai Project on Jawai river
Chambal Canal Project water from Sutlej, Beas and Ravi
Kon dana Project on Mahi
Dontiwada Project on Banar
Ukai Project
Bhadra project on Bhadra
Upper-Krishna project
Ghataprabha Valley
Kabini Project
Tamil Nadu
Cauvery Delta project
Lower Bhawan Project
Manimuthar Project
Paramikulam Project
Grand Anicut
Andhra Pradesh
Godavari Delta Project
Kurnool-Cuddapah Canal Project
Krishna Delta project
Mallipuram Dam on Tungabhadra river
Pochampad Project
Kadam Project
Mahanadi Project
Taldana Project
Pamba Canal
Malempuzha Project

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