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SPEEDY Railway Book (English)

English Quiz Double Fillers For IBPS PO, Clerk

English Quiz Double Fillers For IBPS PO, Clerk

English Test Double Fillers For IBPS PO, Clerk

You should follow Achiever's Rule to practice important English MCQ for the upcoming Banking exams like IBPS, SBI etc. The English Quiz are made by following the recent pattern of IBPS, RBI, SBI Exams. Download the available PDFs.
Directions (Q1- Q10) Read each sentence and fill in the Blanks from the given alternatives.
Q1. It remains to be seen if both cases will be _____ together, which may lead to a ____ in the trial date.
A]brought, drama
B]join, rehearsal
C]clubbed, delay
D]indulging, disturbance
E]consult, announcement

Q2. With a fully automatic firearm, one trigger pull can _____ continuous rounds until the magazine is ____.
A]unveiled, hollow
B]touch, covered
C]cover, restricted
D]unleash, empty
E]success, published

Q3.After pursuing a(n) ______ of mainstream academics, Cambridge ______ astrophysicist Apoorva Jayaraman has turned into full time Bharatanatyam program.
A]era, pass
B]time, quality
C]decade, trained
D]struggle, performer
E]year, mark

Q4. She has said that her husband is _____ and ______ in a hospital in Chennai.
A]better, go
B]confused, applied
C]well, discussed
D]unwell, admitted
E]dilemma, admit

Q5.The Bharatiya Janata Party's Karnataka unit has ______ a 17-member committee headed by its state spokesperson S. Suresh Kumar to _____ the manifesto for the forthcoming Assembly elections.
A]assemble, form
B]constituted, draft
C]maintained, write
D]decide, follow
E]maintain, read

Q6.In order to ____ the monuments before sunset, most of them ______ their cars in open areas on either side of the Hari Shankar gate leaving little place for movement of vehicles.
A]see, parks
B]view, parking
C]maintain, bought
D]visit, had parked
E]form, brought

Q7.The prosecution, ______ the bail, submitted that the mobile phone used for recording the physical assault was yet to be ______.
A]oppose, recovery
B]protect, recover
C]opposed, found
D]protecting, get
E]opposing, recovered

Q8.Honeypreet was wanted by the Haryana police for her _____ role in inciting Panchkula violence after Gurmeet Ram Rahim's _____.
A]alleging, convict
B]alleged, conviction
C]prominent, role
D]importance, punishment
E]promising, condition

Q9.Vijay Mallya was on Tuesday re-arrested and ______ on bail in London on new charges relating to the Enforcement Directorate's money ______ case against him.
A]release, launder
B]releasing, transfer
C]released, laundering
D]has released, clarification
E]has been released, transfering

Q10.The Chief Minister is unhappy over the casual attitude which ______ by some members of the bureaucracy in their ____ on several occasions.
A]exhibited, approaching
B]has been exhibited, approach
C]exhibiting, approached
D]found, decision
E]seen, role

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