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Banking Knowledge MCQ For IBPS PO, Clerk

Banking Knowledge MCQ For IBPS PO, Clerk

Banking Knowledge Quiz For IBPS PO, Clerk

You must solve the Banking And Financial Awareness MCQ/ Quiz  from  Achiever's Rule on daily basis. This mock practice set of banking and Financial knowledge is prepared as per the latest trend. The Banking Knowledge must help you to crack the upcoming IBPS, RBI, SBI Exams. 
Q1.Who would be the new Chairman of State Bank of India ?
A]Raghuvir Kumar
B]Rajnish Kumar
C]Gaurav Patel
D]Krishna Mehta
E]Balgopal Sharma

Q2.Which of the following banks has/have provided $100 Million loan to India to improve the power transmission network ?
C]World Bank
D]Both A and B
E]Both A and C

Q3.The IFSC of which of the following has bagged the 10th position in the Global Financial Center's Index ?
B]Abu Dhabi
E]None of these

Q4.What is/are the material difference between the bonds and debentures ?
A]The debentures are transferable on the registration.
B]The bonds are the negotiable instrument that is governed by the law of Contract.
C]The debentures are governed by the relevant provisions of the company law.
D]All of these
E]None of these

Q5.Which of the following denotes the "Bridge Loan" ?
A]It is the loan which is granted to the Public Works Department for the construction of bridge over big rivers.
B]It is interim finance by the bank pending disbursement of the term loan by the financial institutions.
C]It is the loan granted for the building of bridges that has been World Bank.
D]It is a product aimed to finance the construction companies for the construction of the bridge.
E]None of these

Q6.Which of the interest rates are not determined by the RBI and left to discretion of the concerned bank ?
A]The ceiling rates on the FCNR/NRE deposit accounts
B]The DRI advances
C]The ceiling rates on the export credit facilities
D]Savings Bank deposit
E]None of these

Q7.Which of the liabilities is not taken as the part of the Time and Demand Liabilities for the purpose of CRR ?
A]Recurring deposits
B]Fixed Deposits
C]Saving bank account
D]Paid-up capital
E]None of these

Q8.Who introduced the concept of fiscal deficit in the Indian Economy ?
A]V. K Rao
B]Amartya Sen
C]Madhu Dandavate
D]S Chakrabarty
E]None of them

Q9.Which statement is true about the Scheduled Bank ?
A]It includes in 2nd schedule of RBI Act 1934.
B]It incorporates under the Banking Companies Act 1956.
C]It functions under the provisions of the Banking Regulation Act 1949.
D]It authorises to do Banking functions.
E]None of these

Q10.Which is not the quantitative credit control measure of Reserve Bank of India ?
A]Statutory liquidity ratio
B]Bank Rate
C]Statutory cash reserve requirement
D]Moral Suasion
E]None of these

Q11.The Government borrows money from which of the following in case of deficit financing ?
E]None of these

Q12.In which year CSO was established ?
E]None of these

Q13.Primary Deficit can be obtained by subtracting which of the following from fiscal deficit ?
C]Revenue Deficit
D]Interest Payment
E]None of these

Q14."A Premier Public Sector Bank" is the tagline of which bank ?
B]Corporation Bank
C]Vijaya Bank
D]Dena Bank
E]None of these

Q15.In which year the Indian Bank was established ?

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