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Shaadi Shagun Scheme- A Wedding Gift

Shaadi Shagun Scheme- A Wedding Gift

Shaadi Shagun Scheme For Muslim Girls

To empower the women of Muslim Community, the Central Government has announced a new scheme named as “Shaadi Shagun Scheme”. Under this scheme, Rs. 51000 is given to the Muslim Women after their graduation. The main motto of this scheme is to encourage the minority girls to complete their education before getting married. The launch of this scheme is declared by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and is supervised by the Ministry of Minority Affairs.
Objective of the Shaadi Shagun Scheme:
  • To encourage the minority girls to complete their education.
  • To prevent the early marriage of Muslim girls.
  • To fulfill the dream of pursuing higher education of the Muslim girls and encourage the parents to let their daughters study till the Graduation.

Features of the Shaadi Shagun Scheme:
  • It would empower the Muslim women to pursue higher education. As well as, the scheme would convince their parents to assist their daughters to become Graduate.
  • Under this scheme, a sum of Rs. 51000 would be given to the selected deserving candidates by the Government at the time of their marriage.
  • A web portal would also be launched by the MAEF (Maulana Azad Educational Foundation). The portal would provide essential information to the willing candidates.
  • The beneficiaries must have minimum educational qualification i.e. Graduation in any discipline. If any student fails to pass the final examination of the Graduation, she would not be given the scholarship money.
  • There are the facilities of providing scholarships in various stages of their school-lives of the Muslim girls. The girl students of class IX and X would get Rs. 10,000 while those of class XI and XII would be provided Rs. 12,000.
  • If the Muslim girls complete their graduation, they would get Rs. 51,000 at the of their marriage as a gift from the Government.
Eligibility Criteria for the Shaadi Shagun Scheme:
  • This monetary assistance from the Government would be provided to the girls who belong to the Muslim Community only.
  • The Muslim girls must be graduate at least to avail the onetime scholarship. They have to show their graduation certificates for this purpose.
  • All the Muslim girls must be the citizen of India to apply for the cash reward. 
  • They must be getting married to avail the money as this scholarship is regarded as the wedding gift from the Government.
  • If they are enjoying any other scholarship under the MAEF, they will be allowed even then to enroll themselves under the Shaadi Shagun Scheme.
The entire community of Muslim girls across India is targeted to accommodate under the scheme. It is expected by this scheme can change the mindset of the orthodox Muslim families and they must understand the importance to educate the girls just like the sons. According to the Government, this kind of ambitious scheme would help India to grow further.
Key Points to Know
  • Central Government has announced “Shaadi Shagun Scheme” for the empowerment of Muslim women.
  • The scheme is declared by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi.
  • Under the scheme, Muslim girls would get a financial assistance of Rs. 51,000 after their graduation at the time of marriage.
  • The financial assistance would be given by the Government.
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