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New Pattern English: Parafiller for IBPS Exams

New Pattern English Parafiller for IBPS Exams
New Pattern Para Filler for IBPS Exams

(Q:1-10)In each of the following questions a short passage is given with one of the lines in the passage missing and represented by a blank. Select the best out of the five answer choices given, to make the passage complete and coherent

In an effort to retain an ageing population with little economic prospects on this strategic island, _____________.The island has more tunnels than a Swiss mountain. It also has a monorail that brings hordes of tourists to a special viewpoint, a scenic bridge and special promenades in the forest that are fully re-constructed with fake wood. Hotels have been hastily built along the shore with no consideration for their architecture or the landscape.
A)which fishes abundantly in South Korean waters.
B)like global warming and overfishing threaten the ecology.
C)the South Korean government has financed large infrastructure projects.
D)he describes how small isolated places sometimes catalyse global economic and political interests.
E)and often destroyed them in the process.

But their life cycles are determined by the choices they make and their ability to do both, use resources and live within the environment at the same time.___________What may be necessary is a new form of geo-bio-politics that allows the interests of local populations and the protection of natural resources (which like the sea knows no political boundaries) to weigh in against the strategic interests of nation states.
A)Colonialism, globalisation and nationalism have all had their say only to leave behind devastated landscapes.
B)The most striking aspects of Ghosh’s portrait of the Moluccas is the incredibly dense history it packs in.
C)Its people are likely to come at a huge environmental and social cost.
D)Since the economic value of the water around it is declining as fast as its fish population.

While commercially available activity trackers can estimate parameters such as number of steps taken and calories burnt, _________, the researchers’ said. The device is capable of instantaneously detecting movements and is quite sensitive — it can detect variations of about 2 mm during stretching and about 5 degrees during bending in all the three joints.
A)this device can accurately measure the amount of motion taking place in all the three joints during any activity or gesturing.
B)distinguish the differing extent of movement occurring simultaneously in all the three joints of the hand.
C)it can be used for tracking the movement of any joint in the body.
D)Studies will be carried out on healthy individuals and those with arthritis .
E)The device can find applications in physiotherapeutic recuperation of stroke patients.

Australia depends on China as its largest trading partner, __________________Suspicion of China has been growing in Australia of late, fed by concerns that Beijing is using its growing influence to shift public opinion on sensitive policy issues and stifle criticism.
A)We call upon the Chinese government to lift any travel restrictions.
B)Suspicion of China has been growing in Australia of late,
C)but Beijing is suspicious of Canberra's close military relationship with Washington.
D)Australia on Sunday called for China to lift curbs on the widow of Nobel Peace .
E)to shift public opinion on sensitive policy issues and stifle criticism.

Women tend to use both the left and right hemispheres for language, but men largely use just the left hemisphere._______________, it too is assumed to be more common in men than in women. Our results in bats may spur research to confirm that assumption in humans
A)The bats also need to use the slow timing of the right hemisphere to use sonar.
B)For mustached bats, the need is even more compelling.
C)Since this asymmetric sound processing is the basis for left hemispheric specialization for language
D)Just like humans, bats also use the left and right sides of their brains
E)Bats need to use the fast timing of the left hemisphere to distinguish communication sounds from each other

Following repeated demands by the public for the relocation of elephants, the department conducted an operation in 2013-14 and captured 22 elephants in the two taluks. There were no reports of elephant attacks for a few months after the operation. ___________.
A)It would be easy to conduct the operation within a short while.
B)Similarly, nearly 40 elephants have died for various reasons.
C)The elephant that attacked humans in both the incidents seemed to have been disturbed.
D)The Forest Department has submitted a proposal to the State government to set up an elephant camp in Alur taluk.
E)However, the number of elephants in the recent years has increased.

Although this wasn’t my first 100K cycling ride, my lack of preparation was certain to make me feel like it was. Twenty five of us set out at 6 AM on August 15th from Ramanathapuram. _____________________.The bicycles (and of course the participants) came in all shapes and sizes. The bikes ranged from top-end carbon-frame ones designed to cruise at 35-40 kmph to simple cycles whose speed is largely dictated by the energy levels of the riders.
A)There were champion cyclists who could easily do the distance under three hours and there were those who were riding long distance for the first time.
B)It is nice to be recognised for actually achieving something in life as opposed to spending seven weeks in a house on TV with a load of other muppets.
C)We hope to see more riders join and experience the joy of cycling.
D)Studies have shown that cycling has been a catalyst in social change.
E)It is nice to be recognised for actually achieving something in life as opposed to spending seven weeks in a house on TV .

Stalking is more prevalent than you think. _____________.Indian cinema may make this obsessive unwanted attention seem like a romantic gesture, but most women do not quite see it that way. Faced with stalking, what they most often feel is paralysing fear, anxiety and panic.
A)Among the many issues this case brought up with reference to women’s access to public space.
B)That is then what most women are forced to do, though this often colours their entire experience of public space.
C)Even though stalking is now covered by criminal law, the attitude towards most reported cases.
D)Women often share horrifying stories of being regularly stalked in person and via electronic communication by men.
E)This is precisely what stalkers count on when they prey on women.

Built by the British in 1868, the cantonment occupies two ridges.____________The wind sighing in the leaves, cicadas singing in the undergrowth, a woodpecker hugging a tree trunk, knocking softly on it. Tok-tok. A kafal-pako bird calls out in the jungle. Occasionally, an Army truck labours uphill. 
A)years later, when his own reminiscences have joined the stream of family lore.
B)The growl of its engine lingers in the air. In contrast, downhill traffic glides noiselessly.
C)On Ranikhet ridge sprawls the Kumaon Regimental Centre, mother ship to one of the most decorated infantry regiments of the Indian Army.
D)After a moment, we hear the tinkle of a cowbell, and he slowly relaxes his grip.
E)A tide of excitement rises in the boy’s voice.

Ramanuja had expressed a desire that Vedanti, an Advaitic scholar who lived in Karnataka should become his disciple. _____________After Ramanuja departed from this world, Parasara Bhattar decided to fulfil Ramanuja’s wish. So he sent Tirumazhisai Dasa to meet Vedanti, said Kidambi Narayanan in a discourse.
A)A scholar called Yajnamurthi and Ramanuja had a debate that went on for 17 days.
B)But Ramanuja was old and could not travel to Karnataka to bring him.
C)Vedanti divided his wealth, gave his two wives their share, left Karnataka and reached Srirangam.
D)but in addition he also knew Thiruneduntandaka Sastra.
E)Vedanti divided his wealth, gave his two wives their share, left Karnataka and reached Srirangam.

ANSWER 1. C is the correct answer as it fits best in the paragraph.
ANSWER 2. A is the best option as the paragraph focuses on politics and environment.
ANSWER 3. A is the perfect option as the paragraph talks about a device.
ANSWER 4. C is the best option as it talks about military relationship.
ANSWER 5. C is the reason to the paragraph and so it is a correct fit.
ANSWER 6. E is the best option as a paragraph generally ends with a statement that starts with the word 'however'
ANSWER 7. A is the perfect answer as it specifies more about the race.
ANSWER 8. B is the right answer as it specifies about women being stalked.
ANSWER 9. C is the correct answer as it specifies on the Kumaon Regimental Centre.
ANSWER 10. B is the perfect option as it specifies about Ramanuja in a contrasting way.
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