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New Pattern: Sentence Completion for IBPS PO Exams

New Pattern: Sentence Completion for IBPS PO Exams
New Pattern: Sentence Completion

The Last Sentence has been deleted from the paragraph. From the given options, choose the one that completes the paragraph in the most appropriate way.
The recent momentum seen in dairy farming through out the country is catching up in Kerala state too. Many village-based dairy units run by Kudumbasree groups have been functioning in many parts of the State for some time now. A workable model for such simple, but organized system of milk production and distribution was launched in the Idukki district way back in 2007, _____________________________
(A)The immediate provocation for the new venture is the failure of cash crops.
(B)who attended training programmes on scientific dairying at Kerala Livestock development Board.
(C)who ensure the milk is made available as single cow-milk.
(D)when G.S. Madhu, as district coordinator for Kudumbasree Project, initiated a cluster dairy project.
(E)with she and her husband fully involved in the venture.

The Central Government has accorded final approval to thirteen proposals for setting up of Mega Food Parks in various parts of the country including rural areas during the current Five Year Plan period till date. These Mega Food Parks are private sector driven projects and responsibility of execution, __________________________
(A)established with the help of District Kudumabsree Mission - the poverty alleviation programme of the State of Kerala.
(B)she is getting added income through the sale of manure and calves, for which there is good demand.
(C)which are the main domains of success in dairying.
(D)ownership and management of these projects vests with a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), which is a company incorporated under the Companies Act. 
(E)These Mega Food Parks are currently in the process of implementation.

According to some researchers, treatment with ω-3 PUFA supplements resulted in secondary prevention of sudden death from coronary heart disease. 1 It is well-known that PUFA has an useful effect on the heart when taken in moderation and when used instead of saturated and trans fats PUFAs are also responsible in lowering bad cholesterol levels in the blood which can contribute to lower risk of heart disease.____________
(A)Dietary supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids reduces the incidence of sudden cardiac death in patients. 
(B)Some studies, however, have questioned the effect of omega-3 fatty acids on inflammation
(C)They also provide nutrients to help develop and maintain body cells and are rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant necessary for the heart. 
(D)The composition of lipids in the cell membrane affects multiple cellular functions.
(E)Oils that contain PUFAs are typically liquid at room temperature but turn solid when cooled. Olive oil is one such type of oil rich in PUFAs.

A recent study conducted in elderly people revealed that enjoying a sedentary lifestyle might gradually lead to problems such as elevated blood pressure, sugar levels, cholesterol levels, increased weight and increased risk of blood clots. All of these burden the heart in long run and might at times be lethal.____________
(A)A recently published study assessed whether regular leisure-time physical activity could reduce deaths.
(B)It would therefore be wise to break the sedentary lifestyle pattern with short spells of leisurely walks if not more.
(C)researchers analysed the data of 2465 elderly people who had participated in a national health study conducted in Finland.
(D)Large population-based studies have shown that consuming boiled or baked fish, is strongly associated with reduced heart rate.
(E)Physical inactivity even in old age is as good as a curse with a bad impact on the health of heart leading to death at times.

Senior citizens who have maintained at least moderate levels of physical activity are surely reaping its benefits. But this study has a loud message for those elderly who indulge into a sedentary lifestyle (sitting for long periods, and less of walking or other simple physical activities). Such elderly must increase their leisure-time physical activity. _________________
(A)It is a general human tendency to put in optimal efforts during work life years.
(B)Physical inactivity even in old age is as good as a curse
(C)Regular short strolls around their residence are good enough to break the unhealthy practice and to improve the health substantially.
(D)The shocking fact reveals that too much of physical inactivity is a curse rather than boon.
(E)A recently published study assessed whether regular leisure-time physical activity could reduce deaths from all causes.

In the domestic market, Tata Motors sold 14,340 units of passenger vehicles, representing a growth of 10% over August 2016. The growth was bolstered by the strong demand for the Tata Tiago and the Tata Tigor. The car segment remained flat at 11,462 units and the utility vehicle segment grew by 84% at 2,878 units driven by the Tata HEXA. ___________________
(A)However, exports declined by 53% to 3,082 from 6,595 vehicles due to continued drop in industry volumes in Sri Lanka and Nepal, Tata Motors said in a statement.
(B)Honda Cars India registered 25% growth in its monthly domestic sales.
(C)We are confident of a good growth over the next couple of months on the back of our diversified product portfolio.
(D)Tata Motors sold 14,340 units of passenger vehicles, representing a growth of 10% over August 2016.
(E)Aided by good monsoon and positive consumer sentiment ahead of the festival season, car makers reported strong sales performance in August.

With lack of demand from micro and small industries due to ambiguity on Goods and Services Tax (GST), prices of natural rubber are likely to decline in the coming months.The price has dipped from ₹143 per kg in April this year to ₹129-130 per kg (as on Wednesday). This price drop may accentuate in the months of October and November, which is the peak production season._______________________-
(A)prices of natural rubber are likely to decline in the coming months.
(B)Further, imports still continue despite the low prices of domestic material, weakening the domestic demand and prices.
(C)being an unregistered producer has disadvantages in terms of claiming refund on taxes.
(D)The non-tyre industry, which comprises micro and very small business, has been adversely affected due to factors such as size,turnover and capacity.
(E)Though GST recognises unregistered buyers, rubber buying and trading mandates licence as per the Rubber Act.

In the consumption sector, there are two major segments of the consuming industry, the auto tyre sector and the non-auto tyre sector. The auto tyre sector consumes around 70% of the rubber produced in the country and is dominated by tyre majors and the auto component manufacturing industry. _______________-
(A)Thus the prices of the commodity they produce has a major impact on their livelihood.
(B)Since most of these raw materials are petroleum based, their prices fluctuate with the international prices of petroleum products. 
(C)There are around 50 tyre companies, but the consumption is dominated by around 8 major tyre companies.
(D)The rubber products industry in India, the size of which is currently estimated at Rs. 75,000 crore, is dominated by the small-scale sector.
(E)The Rubber Board may also review the current system of mandatory licensing .

EIIL has a more than 50% share of the dry cell battery market contributing to a major share in its turnover. The GST impact led to a 2% drop in margins. In the flashlight segment, the impact was less adverse. This market has many organised players who have become apprehensive about the GST impact and in the long term, EIIL hopes to benefit from the GST roll _______________-
(A)The ‘GST-impact’ was most severely felt in the battery segment.
(B)out although its turnover from this business dropped by 10% in the first quarter, the company said in an information update.
(C)Eveready, however, held a positive outlook for the current quarter .
(D)It expected the battery and flashlight segments to benefit the most as these segments bear the maximum impact of non-compliance 
(E)EIIL said that the GST impact has mostly been revenue-neutral for the company.

Bringing significant relief to small businesses selling their wares on e-marketplaces, the Centre has decided to keep in abeyance the applicability of legal provisions pertaining to such businesses in the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime along with requirements for e-commerce portals to deduct tax at source from sellers using their online marketplace. ___________________.
(A)This puts counter-terrorism cooperation between India and the US at the front and centre of the relationship.
(B)This step has been taken to provide more time for persons liable to deduct tax at source.
(C)The move, aimed at reducing financial costs and enhancing operational efficiency.
(D)The growth was bolstered by the strong demand.
(E)This price drop may accentuate in the months of October and November.

SOLUTION 1. D is the correct option as it begins with when.  
SOLUTION 2. D is the correct option as it completes the last statement of the paragraph.
SOLUTION 3. C is the correct answer as it provides further information.
SOLUTION 4. B is the correct option as it talks about leisure walk and is the perfect way to and the paragraph.
SOLUTION 5. C is the only option which can be used as the last statement of the para.
SOLUTION 6. A is the correct option as a para generally ends with however sentence.
SOLUTION 7. B is the correct answer as it is the best option out of the others to end the para.
SOLUTION 8. C talks specifically about Tyre Companies.
SOLUTION 9. B is the correct option as we say roll out.
SOLUTION 10.B is the correct option as it states a reason.
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