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Daily Current Affairs MCQ - 14th September 2017

Daily Current Affairs MCQ - 14th September 2017

Current Affairs Quiz - 14th September 2017

Dear Readers,
You must pay attention towards the Current Affairs section as it is very important for IBPS, IB, RRB exams. Follow the Daily Current Affairs Update and Daily Current Affairs Quizzes from Achiever's Rule. Download the available PDFs.
Q1.Which of the following ministries has launched hackathon "OpenGovDataHack" ?
A]Ministry of Culture
B]Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
C]Ministry of Education
D]Ministry of Home Affairs
E]None of these

Q2.Force Motors has entered into the non-binding joint venture agreement with which company ?
E]None of these

Q3.What is the rank of India on the WEF's Global Human Capital Index ?

Q4.Who is employed as the first Special Envoy for Oceans ?
A]Peter Thomson
B]Frederick Brandon
C]Paul Smith
D]Johny Swift
E]None of them

Q5.Who has launched "Mission - 24" program ?
B]Sachin Tendulkar
C]Hema Malini
D]Shabana Azmi
E]None of them

Q6.Who has inaugurated the first State of Art Virology Laboratory at Kolkata ?
A]Narendra Modi
B]Kesharinath Tripathy
C]Shripad Naik
D]Mamata Banerjee
E]Harsh Vardhan

Q7.Which Indian-American personality is appointed as the Deputy Assistant and Principal Deputy Press Secretary of the US president ?
A]Vivek Kumar
B]Raj Shah
C]Kuldeep Khanna
D]Dipak Shindhe
E]None of them

Q8.Who is the first female President of Singapore ?
A]Shaheen Khatoon
B]Shehnaz Mirza
C]Halimah Yacob
D]Fatima Beig
E]None of them

Q9.Which company has launched Digital Assistance Robot "Electra" ?
A]Tata Power
B]Sigma Ltd.
C]Larsen and Turbo
D]Reliance Energy
E]None of them

Q10.Who is appointed as the CMD of IRCTC ?
A]Siddharth Desai
B]Kabir Khan
C]Mahendra Pratap Mall
D]Sooraj Chopra
E]Sudhir Bedi

Q11.Which of the following IITs has developed the Early Earthquake Warning System ?
A]IIT Roorkee
B]IIT Delhi
C]IIT Madras
D]IIT Guwahati
E]IIT Bombay

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