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Use of Preposition with Example

Use of Preposition with Example

Preposition & Its Uses: IBPS Exams

English Grammar is one of the important factors to crack your upcoming IBPS and other Banking exams. You must study the English notes, Current Affairs Articles, Banking Articles from Achiever's Rule. Solving the English Vocabulary Test/Quiz regularly must be beneficial for you. Some words take particular prepositions after them. Here we discuss Some Examples of Appropriate Prepositions.

List of Preposition With Example

  • Devoid of (Without) - Your work is devoid of perfection.
  • Devolve Upon (Fell) - The charge of the property devolved upon Ram after the death of his father.
  • Die of (disease)/ Die by (weapon or violence)/Die from (Cause)/ Die for (Something) - She died of Cancer. / Ram is died by poison. / His father died from overwork. / A soldier dies for his country.
  • Differ with (Having different opinion) - I differ with him on this point.
  • Diffident of (Doubtful) – Sweta is diffident of her ability.
  • Disappoint at/ with- Raghunath is disappointed at the failure of his son. / My class teacher is disappointed with my performance in examination.
  • Discriminate from (one thing from another)/ Discriminate between (Two things)/ Discriminate Against (Someone) - The teacher must discriminate good boys from the naughty ones. / In Rural India, the parents discriminate between boys and girls. / You must not discriminate against the poor.
  • Disgusted with (Irritated) – He is disgusted with me.
  • Dislike for (Hate) – I have a strong dislike for the Pink colour.
  • Dispose of (Finish) - Let us dispose of our duty.
  • Disqualified for (a post) / from (competing) – His educational qualification makes him disqualified for the post. / He is disqualified from appearing the examination.
  • Dissent from (Differ) – I dissent from your views.
  • Domineer Over (Rule) - The head-boy domineers over the whole class.
  • Dwell in (Reside) - She dwells in this house.
  • Efface from (Erase) – The memory of the accident has effaced from his mind.
  • Egress from (Way to out) – There is sufficient egress from the community hall mentioned in the plan.
  • Elicit from (Drew Out) - The police elicited the information from the criminal.
  • Eligible for (Qualified) – He is eligible for the post.
  • Embargo on (Forbidden) – The Government has decided to lay an embargo on the trade with the enemy countries.

  • Emit from (Release) - The smoke is emitted from the factory.
  • Enamoured of (Very fond of) – He is enamoured of this garden.
  • Engaged with / to – She was engaged in a conversation with him. / My son is engaged to her daughter.
  • Entertained by (a person)/ with (music)/ at (a party/ occasion)- We all are entertained by the singer with music at the wedding ceremony.
  • Enraged with (Angry) - His mother is enraged with him for marrying the girl against her will.
  • End in (Result) – The lie must end in misery.
  • Envy of (Jealous) – I have no envy of her success.
  • Familiar with (Intimate) – I am familiar with his family.
  • Fatal to (Destructive) - The flood is fatal to many families of the village.
  • Fix in/ on/ to / up – The tour plan is fixed in his mind. / Ram has fixed his eyes on Gold medal. / Please fix the stamp to the letter. / The date of the wedding has fixed up.
  • Free (Adjective) from (danger)/ of (tax/money) - The patient is now free from danger. / The goods are free of tax.
  • Free (Verb) of – The medicine has freed me of the pain.
  • Glad of/ at – I am glad of your help. / I am glad at his success.
  • Grateful to, for – Radha is grateful to Rama for her help in examination.
  • Grieve at / for/ over- I am grieved at his loss. / I grieve for her as she has lost her only son. / He grieved over his dead friend.
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