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Lists of Preposition & Its Uses

Lists of Preposition & Its Uses 

Preposition & Its Uses - IBPS Exam

English Grammar can be the most essential tool to perform well in upcoming IBPS and other Banking exams. Follow the English notes, Banking Articles from Achiever's Rule. You must also practice the English Vocabulary Test/Quiz daily. Some words suit with particular prepositions after them. Here Some Examples of Appropriate Prepositions are discussed.

Use of Appropriate Preposition with Example

  • Guard from / against – My father guarded me from every problem. / You must guard against silly mistakes in examination.
  • Guilty of – Sham is guilty of misconduct in the class.
  • Hail from (Come) – She hails from West Bengal.
  • Hanker after (Desire) – You must not hanker after wealth.
  • Harp on (talk repeatedly) – My grandmother always harps on her childhood days.
  • Hatred for (person) / of (thing) - I have no hatred for him or of his behavior.
  • Heed to (listen) – You must pay heed to what I say.
  • Heedless of (Without caring) – She should perform heedless of effect.
  • Heir of (person) / to (property) – Sourav is the heir of his uncle. / Sahil is the heir to his uncle’s property.

  • Hesitate at (reluctant to do something) – He hesitates at everything.
  • Hide (a thing) from (a person) – I have nothing to hide from you.
  • Hinder from (Objection) – The police was hindered from going to the place of accident.
  • Hinge upon (Depend) - The whole case hinges upon the evidence.
  • Hint at (Assume) – I hinted him at the coming problem.
  • Hostile to (Opposed) – He is hostile to my decision. 
  • Hunt after/ for (Follow) – Don’t hunt after / for pleasure.
  • Hunt out (Find) – The shooter hunted out the lion.
  • Identical with (Similar)- Your opinion is identical with mine.
  • Ignorant of (Unaware) - He is ignorant of the fact.
  • Ill with/ of (Disease) – He is ill with / of fever.
  • Ill with (Happening of bad thing) – It will go ill with you, if you refuse this.
  • Immersed in (Plunged) – Ram Babu is immersed in debt.
  • Immune from/ against/ to Secure) – Shalu is immune from/ against/ to the infection.
  • Impart to (Give) – Impart the knowledge of the thing to him.
  • Impatient of/ at (Intolerant) - He is impatient of delay.
  • Impatient for (Eager to get) – She is impatient for the payment as she needs the money urgently.
  • Impediment to (Barrier) – Superstitions are impediment to the progress of the society.
  • Impervious to (impermeable to) – These shoes are impervious to water.
  • Implicated in (Involved) – He is implicated in the conspiracy.
  • Import into (a place) from (another place) – The garments are imported into India from USA.
  • Impose on (Put) - The large task is imposed on him.
  • Impose upon (Deceive) - The seller tried to impose upon me.
  • Impress upon (one’s mind) with (mark) – I impressed the ideology upon him.
  • Impress with – I impressed my Boss with the idea.
  • Impute to (ascribe) – Do not impose motives to him.
  • Incapable of (not able) – He is incapable of handling the responsibility.
  • Incentive to (Serve to bring forth) – The reward will be an incentive to them for working with more dedication.
  • Indignant (Angry) with (person) at (conduct) – My father is indignant with me at my poor marks in exam.
  • Infer from (Deduce) - What do you infer from her reply?
  • Inflict on (impose) – A heavy fine was inflicted on Ram for his low attendance in school.
  • Inform against (person) of (thing) - He informed the police against his servant. / I informed him of the matter.
  • Intent on (Determined) – She is intent on going there.
  • Invest with (Give) – The Principal was invested with full power by the authority.
  • Issue from (Come) – A tiger issued from the forest.
  • Jealous of – He is jealous of my fame.
  • Jeer at (Make fun of ) – You must not jeer at him.
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