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SPEEDY Railway Book (English)

New Pattern English Quiz: IBPS PO Level

New Pattern English Quiz: IBPS PO Level

Sentence Filler (Based on Latest Pattern)

In each of the following questions a short passage is given with one of the lines in the passage missing and represented by a blank. Select the best out of the five answer choices given, to make the passage complete and coherent
Question 1. 
The Survey’s diagnosis of the economy’s ills and its prescriptions are unlikely to blind observers of the economy with any dazzling originality. ------------------Improved tax compliance, on which higher tax collections are predicated, will mean that many habitual evaders would start paying tax. 
  1. That does not mean they are not sound, although some qualifications apply. Is the goods and services tax (GST) guaranteed to keep prices in check?
  2. The Survey is right when it says that remunerative prices for farmers and low inflation are convergent goals
  3. The Centre is doing its best to prop up the flagging investment ratio, but is constrained to meet its fiscal deficit target in a year of low nominal GDP growth and promised spending on higher civil service pay.
  4. And the government must boost farm incomes by removing constraints on farm prices such as export bans, stocking limits and marketing restrictions.
Question 2. 
The assertion of Maratha power culminating in a massive rally that paralysed Mumbai, India’s financial capital, is a warning sign that India’s growth story is in danger of veering off course.---------------, it calls for a comprehensive review of this policy. The original plan was to progressively end reservations but now more groups wish to enjoy its benefits. 
  1. When dominant groups like Marathas and Jats vie for reservation, originally conceived as an instrument of social justice to uplift those who suffered under the caste system
  2. That has been exacerbated by the Mandal effect, following which it has become fashionable for powerful caste groups to carve out their own quota of jobs and education regardless of merit.
  3. Investing in school education, improving quality of education, and facilitating access to quality education gives all young people
  4. The focus must shift away from hiving up existing jobs to creating new ones and expanding the pie
Question 3. 
Leaders have been told to frequently travel to these seats and complete at least 40 such trips in the run up to the polls. --------------“Ministers and leaders have been told to meet influential people in these constituencies, intellectuals, workers, farmer groups, community leaders. 
  1. Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad is likely to represent the party at RJD .
  2. Most of us, to be fully alive human beings, have several needs that have to be met.
  3. Surveys and assessments will be carried out on a quarterly basis on these seats after every three to four months.
  4. In not recognising this, we tend to direct all frustration outward and corrupt many of our relationships.
Question 4. 
It was the early 80s when Pen and the area around it became idol boom town. --------------By 1982, there were reportedly 1,340 public Ganpati pandals in Mumbai. The growing market was aided by a single factor: the introduction of plaster of Paris.
  1. The contemporary twist might have helped the Ganesha idol business prosper.
  2. This was when the Ganesha festival became popular across India and among the Maharashtrian diaspora abroad.
  3. today’s artistic inspiration comes from popular culture.
  4. Mokal believes the future of coming generations is secure as future generations won’t have to go out looking for work.
Question 5. 
India has welcomed Mr. Trump’s strategy, as the U.S.’s objectives in building a stable Afghanistan and ending Pakistan’s sponsorship of terrorism are exactly in line with India’s own goals for the region. ----------------“billions of dollars” made in bilateral trade with the U.S., in order to fulfil its commitment to Afghanistan’s economic development. 
  1. It has, however, correctly reminded Mr. Trump that it does not need his request, never mind his coarse reference to
  2. More than half the country’s territory, mostly in rural, mountainous areas, is now controlled by the Taliban,
  3. Mr. Trump is ready for an open-ended engagement
  4. He also wants India to play a greater role in providing economic and developmental assistance of
Question 6. 
A nine-judge Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court will deliver its judgment on Thursday on the question whether right to privacy of citizens is a fundamental right under the Constitution.
--------- The immediate effect would be felt on the Aadhaar which collects personal details and biometrics to identify beneficiaries for accessing social benefits.
  1. The judgment is significant as privacy enjoys legal framework internationally.
  2. All of us have grown up listening to endless discussions on which deposit gives the best returns and which insurance policy works best for the family.
  3. This would be quite significant for the legal privacy  framework policy.
  4. This would be quite insignificant for the legal privacy  framework policy.
Question 7. 
SBI chairman Arundhati Bhattacharya’s caution on bank mergers has much merit, -------------- A bigger bank will be able to fund large infrastructure deals, bring more efficiency in treasury operations and trim operating costs. But the need is also to ensure that it does not lead to the creation of banks that are too big to fail or are too cumbersome.
  1. even as the Cabinet has given an in-principle nod for consolidation. Yes, the economy does need bigger banks to meet its growing needs.
  2. For public sector banks, the gross bad loan ratio could be as high as 14.2% by March 2018, from 11.4%.
  3. But there could be challenges in terms of employee integration due to the differences in the remuneration structures
  4. Banks will face a threat from fintech companies, and the debt market.
Question 8. 
The government is set to mandate strict security and privacy guidelines and standards for device makers. The cyber-security standards may be announced over the next few weeks and are aimed at protecting the data and information of mobile users. ---------------- sources in the IT Ministry said.
  1. The standards will be based on the recommendations of two high-level committees 
  2. Also, they will look at controlling the clandestine movement of personal information of users to servers abroad, 
  3. The security of the mobile devices must address all layers, including hardware security, 
  4. This is a very serious matter and we will soon be issuing standards 
Question 9. 
Ministries such as environment are being run by ministers with additional charge, and new appointees are likely. This reshuffle, two years before the 2019 general elections, ----------------------------- It’s very unlikely that the composition of the Cabinet Committee on Security will change. The committee comprises, apart from the PM, the ministers of finance, home, external affairs and defence. 
  1. Railway minister Suresh Prabhu’s offer to resign — after two rail accidents in four days 
  2. Political considerations will apply only to the extent of accommodating BJP’s new ally JD
  3.  is crucial because any new appointee will still have time to deliver before polls. 
  4. and any reshuffle is likely before that. 
Question 10. 
There was a very clear thesis for the merger with HDFC Life. It would have been a coming together of the third and fourth largest private life insurers triggering consolidation in the market.There were clear synergies between our two companies because both our persistency rates are pretty high, which means we retain a lot of our policy holders. ------------------------ So, it would have been a good marriage to make. 
  1. The path to success in my view is available to maybe the top-10 companies 
  2. Moreover, we would have created a string of banks as partners.
  3. On the contrary, we have grown our new business ahead of the market. 
  4. The IRDA's focus is on doubling insurance penetration which is good for the industry 
Solution With Explanation
Option 1 will be the correct answer. As the sentence starts in a contradictory way and ends with a question it perfectly fits here. 


Option 1 will be the correct answer. As the sentence explains the first part of the sentence and is most suitable to fill in the gap.


Option 3 will be the correct answer. As the sentence has " these seats" written it signifies that it is talking about the "seats" from the passage.


Option 2 will be the correct answer. This option statement clarifies the first statement of the passage.


Option 1 will be the correct answer. The option statement perfectly fits the gap as it is a contradictory statement and also ends with the infinitive "to".


Option 1 will be the correct answer. As the sentence talks about "privacy" as given in the passage, it correctly fits in the paragraph.


Option 1 will be the correct answer. As the sentence has an abstract beginning using the word "even" it stands out from the rest of the options.


Option 2 will be the correct answer. As the sentence has an abstract ending and begins with the word "also" it is the most probable one to be the last sentence of the paragraph.


Option 3 will be the correct answer. As the sentence explains the first part of the passage it is a perfect fit for the gap.


Option 2 will be the correct answer. As the sentence clarifies and elaborates the first part of the passage it is the correct answer.
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