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Expected One Word Substitution - Vocabulary Builder

Expected One Word Substitution - Vocabulary Builder

One Word to Improve English Vocab

One Words Substitution are very important for the English Section for any Competitive Exams. Basically these types of Words are used in many exams, Go through this One Word Substitution, It will help you to improve vocabulary section as well. You should follow the English notes and quizzes from Achievers Rule. The Banking Articles, Current Affairs Articles are also useful for the exams.
  • Compost- It is the decayed mixture of plants which is used to improve the soil in garden. 
  • Putrid- It refers to be decayed with usually a very bad or disgusting smell. 
  • Coma- It refers to the deep unconscious state which usually lasts a long time and is caused by serious illness.
  • Quicksand- It is the deep, wet sand into which heavy objects sink easily.  
  • Devout- It refers to someone who is deeply religious.
  • Trounce- It refers to defeat someone easily and thoroughly. 
  • Rout- It refers to defeat someone easily and completely in a contest or game. 
  • Subjugate- It refers to defeat and gain control of something by using force. 
  • Outsmart- It refers to defeat or trick someone by being more clever. 
  • Procrastinate- It refers to the delay doing something until a later time as someone is not agree to do it. 
  • Disparage- It refers to describe something or someone as weak, bad etc. 
  • Didactic- It is designed or intended to teach people about something. 
  • Malice- It is a desire to cause harm to another person. 
  • Stubborn- It is determined not to change one's opinion or attitude. 
  • Rapprochement- It refers to develop a friendlier relation between countries or groups of people who were enemies. 

  • Glossary- It is the dictionary of the special terms in a particular field. 
  • Suffocate- It refers to die being unable to breathe. 
  • Dichotomy- It is the difference between two opposite things. 
  • Discrepancy- It is the difference between the things which should be same. 
  • Onerous- It refers to something which is difficult and unpleasant to deal with. 
  • Unwieldy- It refers to something which is difficult to handle, control or deal with because of its heaviness. 
  • Cryptic- It is something which is difficult to understand. 
  • Lineage- It refers to the direct descent from the ancestor. 
  • Anticlimax- It is disappointing end to an exciting series events. 
  • Syndrome- It is a disease or disorder which involves a particular group of signs and symptoms.  
  • Pandemic- It is disease which spreads over a whole country or the whole world. 
  • Camouflage- It is an art of disguising of military personnel by painting or covering them to blend with surrounding. 
  • Sleaze- It refers to dishonest or immoral persons. 
  • Ostentatious- It is an act of displaying wealth to attract attention. 
  • Play-off- It refers to do the activities for fun.
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