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Industries in India for SSC Exams at a Glance

Industries in India for SSC Exams at a Glance

Industries in India for SSC Exams at a Glance

  • There are three types of Iron-Steel Industries. In present India Iron-Steel industries called as a container and bearer.
  • 1. Large Iron-Steel Industries: This type of Industries is very large area and Production also. This type of Industrialisation construction is called integrated steel plant. Example: Bhilai, Raurkela, Jamshedpur, Bokaro, Barnpur, Kulti, Durgapur etc.
  • 2. Alloy Steel Industries: In this type of industries different type of material like Nickel, Manganese, Tungsten etc. are added with steel and produce Stainless Steel. Example: Bhadraboti, Salem.
  • 3.Small Industries: This type of industries is called Mini Steel Plant, Spoung Iron Industries etc. Example: Andhra Pradesh.
Iron-Steel Industries in India:

  1. Odisa -Raurkela.
  2. Jharkhand -Jamshedpur, Bokaro.
  3. West-Bengal-Durgapur,Burnpur.
  4. Chhattisgarh -Bhilai.
  5. Andhra Pradesh-Vishakhapatnam.
  6. Karnataka-Bijoynager.
  7. Tamilnadu-Salem.

Established Iron-Steel Industries according to Five-Years Plan in India:
1.1st Five Years Plan - 1951-1956 – Spreading of two industries Jamshedpur and Burnpur.
2.2nd Five Years Plan – 1956-1961 – Established i) Durgapur ii) Rourkela iii) Bhillai.
3. 3rd Five Years Plan -1961-1966 – Set up Bokaro.
4. 4th Five Years Plan -1969-1974 – Established Salem, Bijoynagar, Vishakhapatnam.
5. 5th Five Years Plan- 1974-1978 – Try to more production in Durgapur, Bhadraboti and Salem Industries. SAIL (Steel Authority of India -1978)
6. 6th Five Years Plan – 1980-1985 - Spreading of two industries Bokaro and Bhilai.
7. 7th Five Years Plan – 1985-1990 - Spreading of three industries Bokaro, Bhilai, and Jamshedpur and set up 1st structure of Vishakhapatnam.
8. 8th Five Years Plan – 1992-1997 – Modernisation of Durgapur, Raurkela, and Jamshedpur.
9. 9th Five Years Plan – 1997-2002 – Main focus on Private sector to set up small scale industries.
10. 10th Five Years Plan – 2002-2007 – Mainly concentrates to increases the production of Iron and Steel.
11. 11th Five Years Plan – 2007-2012 –In this plan main aim to technically modernisation and increase production.
Large Engineering Industries:
1. Rail Engine and Couch – Chittaranjan (West Bengal, Large in India), Varanasi (U.P), Jamshedpur (Tata Engineering) Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh).
2. Ship Builders – Cochin, Vishakhapatnam, and Garden Reach (Kolkata).
3. Aircraft – Bangalore, Kanpur, Nasik, Koraput, Hyderabad.
4. Auto Mobile – Hind Motor, Mumbai, Chennai, Haryana, Gurgaion, Pune, Jamshedpur.
Small Engineering Industries:
1. Hindustan Machine Tools – Bangalore, Srinagar, Hyderabad.
2. Soft Scientific Instruments – Kota (Rajasthan).
3. National Instruments Limited – Jadabpur.
4. Webel Company- Salt Lake.
Vehicle Industries in India:
1. Bajaj Tempo Limited- At Pune in Maharashtra.
2. Mahindra and Mahindra Company – Mumbai (Maharashtra).
3. Premium Automobile Limited – Mumbai (Maharashtra).
4. Tata Engineering and Locomotive Works- Jharkhand.
5. Ashok Leyland- Chennai (Tamilnadu).
6. Standard Motors Products of India - Chennai (Tamilnadu).
7. Maruti Limited – Gurgaion (Haryana).
Some Impotent Notes about Industries:
  1. Petro Chemical industries are called – Sunrise Industries.
  2. Petrochemical Industries – Maharashtra (Trombe UCIL, Thane NOCIL, Nagothen), Gujarat (Gandhar, Vadodara IPC, Koyali, Hajira and Jamnagar), Assam (Bangaigao), West Bengal (Haldia).
  3. 1st Jute Mill set up in India – 1850.
  4. 1st cotton mill in India- Kolkata.
  5. Jute Industries provide maximum Employment.
  6. Big Fertiliser Industry –Gujarat.
  7. Modern Textile Industries in 1976 at Kanpur established as “Lal Imli” and in Punjab in 1981.
  8. Cotton polis of India”-Mumbai due to 63 mills are there.
  9. Manchester of India”- Ahmadabad due to 73 mills are there.
  10. Diamond Mine – Bunder, Panna (Madhya Pradesh), Kollur or Kohinoor (Andhra Pradesh).
  11. Nepanager- Paper industry.
  12. Two Oilfield in Gujarat- Kalol and Ankleshwar.
  13. Half paper among all produced in country in – Maharashtra.
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