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English Grammer : Use of Prepositions - Part 1

English Grammer : Use of Prepositions - Part 1

Use of Prepositions - Part 1

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Concerning- I know everything about the matter.
Around- She wrapped the thread around her finger.
Nearly- His father is about to die.
Engaged in- What are you about?

Higher in Place- He is above me in the class.
More than -  The cost of watch is above one thousand rupees.
Superior To- He is above meanness.

Opposed to- He complained against me.
Coming into touch with- I ran against her in the street.
Provision For- Provide against the rainy day.

Behind in Place or Time- He came after me.
In search- The police ran after the thief.
In accordance with- She is named after her mother.
Notwithstanding- After all, he is the class topper.

Place- He lives at Halisahar.
Time- She reached to school at 11 o’ clock.
Value- The book is priced at Rs. 500.
Degree- The train runs at a high speed.
Occupation- He is at work.
Direction- The dog ran at me.
Consequence- You will do it at your peril.

In Front Of- He stood before me.
Priority of time- He will come before the marriage ceremony.
Priority of Choice- She will prefer death before dishonor.

At the back of- He sat behind me.
Lateness in time or place- You are behind time.

By the Side of- He stood beside me.
Out of- He is beside himself with joy.

Nearness in place or time- You may sit by me.
Agency- The work was done by me.
According to- It is eleven o’ clock by my watch.
Manner- I caught him by the leg.
Measure- He is taller than you by 4 inches.
Appeal- I swear by God.

In the Place of- He acted for my brother.
In exchange of – I bought it for sixty rupees.
In favour of – I shall vote for the better candidate.
On account of- I am sorry for you.
For the purpose of – He gasped for breath.
In point of – He is intelligent for his age.
In the direction of – He left for Delhi.
In spite of- For all his wealth, he is unhappy.
During- I have known him for 3 years.

Starting Point- He came from home.
Cause- He died from the head injury.
Separation- I don’t know him from his brother.

Place- He lives in Kolkata.
Time- He will come in an hour.
State- You must help him as he is in danger.
Point of Reference- He is firm in his opinions.

Origin- He comes of an educated family.
Possession- This is the house is of my grandmother.
Material- He gifted me a chain of gold.
Apposition- He lives in the city of Calcutta.
About- I do not know anything of it.
Separation- He is devoid of intelligence.

Contact-  Sit on the bench.
Time- He was born on Friday.
Dependence- He acted upon my advice.
In consequence of- On hearing this, they all left.
Because of- He wished me on my birthday.
Concerning- He has written a book on politics.
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