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Important Computer Terms for Banking Exams

Important Computer Terms for Banking Exams

Important Computer Terms for Banking Exams

Internet- It is the global network which can connect million of computers worldwide.

Intranet- It is the restricted or local communication network. It can be called as the private network which is created using WWW (World Wide Web) S/W. Many interlinked LANS must be there in an Intranet. It is the private network which is contained in an enterprise. It also uses leased lines in WAN.

Extranet- It is the private network which uses the Public Telecommunication System and Internet Technology to share the part of business operation or information with the suppliers, partners, vendors, customers and other businesses.

LAN- The Local Area Network usually is privately owned and can link the devices of a single office, campus or building. 

MAN- It stands for Metropolitan Area Network.  It is designed to connect an entire city. Example- Cable TV networks.

WAN- It stands for Wide Area Network. It provides long distance transmission of data over large geographic areas. 

Repeater- It is active at Physical layer of the OSI model. It can extend the length of a LAN segment. It has various features. It can remove the noise, regenerate the original signals and output the signal on the other end. A simple repeater can connect similar types of segments.

Bridge- The Bridge can be used to connect two similar type of LANs. It examines the source address in a frame and places the address in a routing table for routing decisions for future. It can also examine the destination address in a frame.

Hubs- It is actually a Multi-port repeater. It normally can used to build connections between stations in the Star topology. It can also be used to create multi-levels of hierarchy.

Switches- It is a combination of Hub and Bridge. It can interconnect two or more work stations. Along with it observes traffic flow.
Routers- It can connect two or more LANs with same network layers. It can determine the best path for the message to take between the networks. 

Brouters- It is the combination of bridges and Routers. It operates in both data link and network layers. It can connect both of the same and different data link type segments. 

Gateway- It is a protocol converter. It is used to connect LAN with same or different link type network LAN segments.

VSAT- It stands for Very Small Aperture Terminal. It is a satellite based communication system which can serve home and business users. The end user of VSAT needs the box that interfaces between  an outside antenna with a transceiver and the user’s computer. It sends or receives the signal to satellite transponder in  sky. The range of majority of the VSAT antennas is from 75 cm to approximately 1.2 m. It provides high speed, broad-band satellite communication for internet or private network communications. 

DNS- It stands for Domain Name System. It is a supporting program which is used by other programs such as email etc. 

DDNS- It stands for Dynamic Domain Name System. It is used for manual updating.

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