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Banking And Financial Awareness Quiz - Set 28

Banking And Financial Awareness Quiz - Set 28

Banking And Financial Awareness Quiz - Set 28

Dear Readers,
You must practice the Banking And Financial Awareness MCQ/ Quiz  daily from Achiever's Rule . You must follow the Banking Articles,  Daily Current Affairs Update, Current Affairs Articles to prepare for the upcoming IBPS, RBI, SBI Exams. Download the available PDFs.

Q1.Which of the following banks has tied up with the Bajaj Alliance General Insurance for the distribution of the insurance products ?
A]Dena Bank
B]Punjab National Bank
C]Punjab And Sind Bank
D]Vijaya Bank
E]None of these

Q2.NPCI stands for which of the following ?
A]New Payments Corporation of India
B]National Payments Corporation of India
C]Nominal Payments Corporation of India
D]National Products Corporation of India
E]None of these

Q3.RBI has not set up Supervisory Colleges for which of the following commercial Banks ?
A]State Bank of India
B]Punjab National Bank
C]Dena Bank
D]Axis Bank
E]Bank of India

Q4.Which of the following Indian organization has signed an Accreditation Master Agreement with Green Climate Fund ?
E]None of these

Q5.Which of the following denotes the ratio between cash in hand and total assets maintained by the bank ?
E]None of these

Q6.Which kind of banking offered by the banks which generally provides incentives for employees at a company ?
A]Narrow Banking
B]Branch Banking
C]Investment Banking
D]Group Banking
E]None of these

Q7.Who is the CEO of Punjab National Bank ?
A]Urjit Patel
B]Sunil Mehta
C]Sikha Sharma
D]Sushil Desai
E]None of them

Q8.Which kind of Banking refers to a single and small bank which provides financial services to the local community ?
A]Investment Banking
B]Branch Banking
C]Group Banking
D]Unit Banking
E]None of them

Q9.Which of the following is the flow of funds from one country to another to earn a short-term profit ?
A]Hard Currency
B]Soft Currency
C]Cheap Money
D]Hot Money
E]None of these

Q10."Taking Banking Technology to Common Man" is the tagline of which bank ?
A]Dena Bank
B]Indian Bank
C]Vijaya Bank
D]Union Bank of India
E]None of these

Q11.Which of the following currencies fluctuates as a result of the political or economic uncertainty of a country?
A]Hard Currency
B]Soft Currency
C]Cheap Money
D]Hot Money
E]None of these

Q12.Which of the following is the oldest Stock Exchange of India ?
A]Bangalore Stock Exchange
B]Bombay Stock Exchange
C]Hyderabad Stock Exchange
D]Ahmedabad Stock Exchange
E]None of these

Q13.In which year Private Sector Mutual Funds were permitted ?
E]None of these

Q14.The National Housing Bank is the wholly owned Subsidiary of which of the following ?
E]None of these

Q15.Which bank gives long term loan to farmers ?
E]Land Development Bank

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