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SPEEDY Railway Book (English)

Vocabulary For Upcoming Competition Exams


Vocabulary For Upcoming Competition Exams 


  • Meaning in Hindi -  देना,  भेजना,  सौंपना,  अर्पण करना,  जला देना,  के हवाले कर देना,  सुपुर्द करना
  • Meaning in English - to send something to someone:
  • Meaningful Sentence - The goods have been consigned to you by air.
  • Synonyms - send, deliver, appoint, assign, give, issue, ship, route
  • Antonyms - import, keep, cease, hold, take, reject


  • Meaning in Hindi -  नियंत्रण करना,  नियंत्रण रखना,  वश में रखना,  नियंत्रण करना,  रोकना,  अधीन करना
  • Meaning in English -  to control or limit something that is not wanted:
  • Meaningful Sentence - The government should act to curb tax evasion.
  • Synonyms - stop, control,rein, lip, rim, barrier, ledge
  • Antonyms - allow, freedom, center, middle, inside


  • Meaning in Hindi - चिह्न,  प्रतीक ,  रूप ,  लक्षण,  राज्य-चिह्न
  • Meaning in English - a picture of an object that is used to represent a particular person, group, or idea:
  • Meaningful Sentence - A rose is the national emblem of England.
  • Synonyms - symbol, shape, flag, logo, image, token, type, badge
  • Antonyms - shapeless


  • Meaning in Hindi -  आर्द्र,  उत्साहहीन,  गीला,  जलसिक्त,  तर,  नम,  भीगा
  • Meaning in English -  slightly wet, especially in a way that is not pleasant or comfortable:
  • Meaningful Sentence - The grass is still damp.
  • Synonyms - cloudy, dank, dewy, drippy, oozy, sticky
  • Antonyms - dry, arid, dried, dessicated, parched


  • Meaning in Hindi -  काटना,  रोकना,  बन्द करना,  अलग करना,  बाधा डालना,  बीच में अटकाना,  रास्ता बन्द करना
  • Meaning in English - to stop and catch something or someone before that thing or person is able to reach a particular place:
  • Meaningful Sentence - Law enforcement agents intercepted a shipment of drugs from Central America.
  • Synonyms - delink, disconnect, curb, block, arrest, seize, hijack
  • Antonyms - connect, forward, abet, reject, give, refuse


  • Meaning in Hindi - अंतिमांश,  शेष-भाग,  अवशेष,  आसार,  उत्तरजीवी,  बचत
  • Meaning in English - a small piece or amount of something that is left from a larger original piece or amount:
  • Meaningful Sentence - The church of St Bartholomew the Great, Smithfield, is the finest remnant of its period in London.
  • Synonyms - vestinge, rest, orts, leavings, shred, portion
  • Antonyms - restless, whole,base, lack, core


  • Meaning in Hindi -  ख़बर,  संदेश,  संवाद,  सन्देश , समाचार 
  • Meaning in English - information about recent and important events
  • Meaningful Sentence - Long before the tidings of the death of Napoleon at St Helena reached her she was living in intimate relations with Neipperg at Parma, and bore a son to him not long after that event.
  • Synonyms - news, message, word, dirt, bulletin
  • Antonyms - ignorance, quiet, silence


  • Meaning in Hindi -  छोड़ना,  तजना,  त्यागना,  त्याग देना,  छोड़ देना,  अलग करना
  • Meaning in English - to give up something such as a responsibility or claim:
  • Meaningful Sentence - He has relinquished his claim to the throne.
  • Synonyms - resign, release, cast, cede, resign, leave
  • Antonyms - appointed, hold, keep, remain, take


  • Meaning in Hindi -  प्रस्तावना , प्राक्कथन,  भूमिका ,  मुखबन्ध,  प्रशस्ति
  • Meaning in English - an introduction at the beginning of a book explaining its purpose, thanking people who helped the author, etc.:
  • Meaningful Sentence - In his preface, the author says that he took eight years to write the book.
  • Synonyms - prelude, introduction, explanation, prologue, preamble
  • Antonyms - completing, ending, finish, epilogue


  • Meaning in Hindi -  अधिपति,  गुणकारी,  ताकतवर,  प्रबल,  प्रभावकारी,  फलप्रद,  बलवान
  • Meaning in English - very powerful, forceful, or effective:
  • Meaningful Sentence - Surprise remains the terrorists' most potent weapon.
  • Synonyms - effective, forceful, sturdy, mighty, forcible, useful, strong
  • Antonyms - powerless, infirm, soft, inactive

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