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Banking Awareness Quiz For Upcoming Competitive Exams


Banking Awareness Quiz For Upcoming Competitive Exams 

Q1. When was the first nationalization of banks done ?
A. 1st July 1959
B. 8th October 1960
C. 19th July 1969
D. 2nd October 1974

Q2. What is the time taken for effecting fund transfer from one account to another under RTGS ?
A. 2 hrs
B. 5 hrs
C. 9 hrs
D. No time boundation

Q3. Commercial papers are normally issued in the multiple of ______ core ?
A. 10
B. 5
C. 15
D. 2

Q4. Headquarters of WTO is located in ?
A. Washington D.C
B. Singapore
C. Paris
D. Geneva

Q5. Which of the following is known as highest or apex body of co-operative banks ?
A. State Co-Operative Banks
B. Primary Credit Societies
C. Central Co-Operative Banks
D. Local Co-operative

Q6. Small Industries Development Bank of India Provides refinance facilities under ARS. What is the full form of ARS ?
A. Automatic Refinance Scheme
B. Allocation and Refinance Solutions
C. Automatic Refinance Solution
D. Allocation and Refinance Scheme

Q7. Decline in the price of goods and services is technically known as ?
A. Deflation
B. Inflation
C. Negative Growth
D. Discount Yield

Q8. Which of the following is /are the components of (GDCF) gross domestic capital formation ?
1. Gross domestic saving
2. Net capital flow
3. Direct foreign investment
A. Only 1
B. Only 2
C. Only 3
D. Both 1 and 2

Q9. Small scale industries like handicraft and cottage industries account for nearly what percent of the country's exports ?
A. 35%
B. 20%
C. 25%
D. 50%

Q10. If the price level in an economy increase, the real wages will ?
A. increase
B. decrease
C. constant
D. become flexible

Q11. SIDBI has been operating under SWS. What is the full form of SWS ?
A. Small Welfare Scheme
B. Single Window Scheme
C. Small Window Service
D. Single Window Service

Q12. The difference between the visible exports and visible imports is defined as ?
A. Balance of trade
B. Balance of payment
C. Coins from trade
D. Balance terms of trade

Q13. The tax o import and export is known as ?
A. Income tax
B. Trade tax
C. Custom Duty
D. Commercial tax

Q14. Which of the following is not an objective of fiscal policy of Indian Government ?
A. Full employment
B. Price stability
C. Liquidity control
D. All of these

Q15. Who regulates monetary policy ?
C. Central Government
D. State Government

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