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Banking And Financial Awareness MCQ-Set 5

Banking And Financial Awareness MCQ-Set 5

Banking And Financial Awareness MCQ-Set 5

Dear Readers,
Now you can prepare well for the upcoming Bank exams by following Banking and Financial Awareness MCQ/Quiz set regularly. Follow the Banking Articles from Achiever's Rule to complete your preparation.

Q1.What is the main feature of MUDRA Bank ?
A. It will provide loan to buy house
B. It will give loans to small entrepreneurs up to 10 Lakh
C. It will provide education loan to the students
D. It will sanction loan to buy land for agriculture
E. None of these

Q2.What is SIDBI ?
A. Software Industries Development Bank of India
B. State Industries Development Bank of India
C. Small Industries Development Bank of India
D. Steel Industries Development Bank of India
E. None of these

Q3.Which of the following statements is/ are of true about Sensex ?
A.It is an indices of stock market
B.It is an index to measure the 'market's sentiment'
C.It is a figure indicating the relative prices of shares on the exchange
D.It is also known as Sensitive Index
E.All of these

Q4.NBFC stands for which of the following ?
A.National Banking Financial Company
B.Non-Banking Financial Company
C.Non-Borrowing Financial Company
D.National Banker's Financial Company
E.None of these

Q5. Which of the following is not a Credit Rating Agency of India?
D.Fitch Ratings
E.None of these

Q6.SEZ stands for which of the following ?
A.Special Economic Zone
B.Standard Economic Zone
C.Sectional Economy Zone
D.Sub-Urban Economic Zone
E.None of these

Q7.Who is the chairman of SEBI ?
A.Harsh Kumar Banwala
B.Ajay Tyagi
C.T.S Vijayan
D.Dr. Sanjeev Misra
E.None of them

Q8.Which of the following statements is/are true about KYC ?
A. It stands for 'Know Your Customer'
B. It is the process of banking business identifying and verifying the identity of it's clients
C. It's main purpose is to stop illegal money laundering
D. It prevents identity theft and fraud
E. All of these

Q9.In which city the head office of NABARD is situated ?
A.New Delhi

Q10.Which of the following statements is not true about Bharatiya Mahila Bank ?
A.It is an Indian Financial Services Banking Company based in Mumbai
B.It has merged with State Bank of India
C.It accepts deposits only from women
D.It lends money mainly to women
E.All are true

Q11.AEZ stands for which of the following ?
A.Agri-products Export Zone
B.Agricultural Export Zone
C.Agricultural Economy Zone
D.Agriculture Expert's Zone
E.None of these

Q12.What do you mean by Amount at Risk ?
A. It is the due amount of loan
B. It is the balance of sum payable not covered by reserves
C. It is the total value of NPA
D. It denotes the below minimum balance in a bank account
E. None of these

Q13.ABM stands for which of the following ?
A.Automatic Balance Machine
B.Automated Balance Machine
C.Auto-generated Banking Machine
D.Automated Banking Machine
E.None of these

Q14.Which of the following statements is not true about bankruptcy ?
A.It is a condition in which a firm is unable to meet its obligations
B.It is a condition in which a person can not meet his/her liabilities
C.In bankruptcy, all the assets of a company are surrendered to the court for administrator
D.It is the state of being completely penny less
E.None of these

Q15.Which of the following banks has the largest number of branches in foreign countries ?
A.Bank of India
B.Bank of Baroda
C.Corporation Bank
D.Dena Bank
E.Vijaya Bank

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