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Word List For SSC And Banking Exams 22 - 23 May 2017


Word List For SSC And Banking Exams 22 - 23 May 

  • Meaning in Hindi -  आसक्त,  लीन,  वशीभूत,  व्यसनी
  • Meaning in English - the need or strong desire to do or to have something, or a very strong liking for something
  • Meaningful Sentence - Video games can be addictive.
  • Synonyms - absorbed, accustomed, attached, devoted, hooked, inclined
  • Antonyms - indifferent, unwilling, disinclined, independent, opposed, unaccustomed

  • Meaning in Hindi - वार्षिक भत्ता या वृत्ति,  वार्षिक वेतन,  वार्षिक वृत्ति
  • Meaning in English - income from capital investment paid in a series of regular payments
  • Meaningful Sentence - She receives a small annuity.
  • Synonyms - net, income, gain, earning, profit, return
  • Antonyms - debt, loss, defeat, failure, forfeit
  • Meaning in Hindi -  लाश,  मरा हुआ जानवर,  सड़ा हुआ मांस,  सड़ा हुआ माँस
  • Meaning in English - the dead and rotting body of an animal; unfit for human food
  • Meaningful Sentence - They showed themselves in battles hovering over the heads of the combatants in the form of a carrion crow.
  • Synonyms - body, corpse, remains
  • Meaning in Hindi -  जानकार,  दक्ष,  निपुण,  परिचित,  प्रवीण,  सुपरिचित,  अभिज्ञ
  • Meaning in English - to be familiar with, and have knowledge or experience of the facts or rules of something:
  • Meaningful Sentence - I'm not conversant with the rules of chess.
  • Synonyms - abreast,acquainted,knowledgeable,practiced,proficient,skilled, versed
  • Antonyms - ignorant, inexperienced, quiet, silent
  • Meaning in Hindi - भ्रम-निवृत्ति,  भ्रमापमोचन,  भ्रांति-मुक्त होना
  • Meaning in English - to disappoint someone by telling them the unpleasant truth about something or someone that they had a good opinion of or respected:
  • Meaningful Sentence -  I'm sorry to disillusion you, but pregnancy is not always wonderful - I was sick every day for six months. 
  • Synonyms - disenchanted,embittered, broken, debunked, disabused, enlightened
  • Antonyms - enchanted, encouraged, enthusiastic
  • Meaning in Hindi -  अशुद्धि,  दोष,  धोखा,  भांति,  भुलावा,  भ्रांति,  झूठा तर्क,  मिथ्या हेतु
  • Meaning in English - an idea that a lot of people think is true but is in fact false:
  • Meaningful Sentence - It is a common fallacy that women are worse drivers than men.
  • Synonyms - quirk, flaw, heresy, cavil, deceit
  • Antonyms - truth, accuracy, certainty, conformity, correction, directness
  • Meaning in Hindi -  कपटी,  घातक,  छली,  धूर्त,  धोखेबाज
  • Meaning in English - (of something unpleasant or dangerous) gradually and secretly causing harm:
  • Meaningful Sentence - High blood pressure is an insidious condition which has few symptoms.
  • Synonyms - dangerous, subtle, artful, astute, corrupt, crafty, crooked
  • Antonyms - fair,honest, open, sincere
  • Meaning in Hindi -  अन्तर्ज्ञान,  सहज-ज्ञान,  अंतर्दृष्टि,  बिना विचार या प्रमाण के ज्ञान,  सहज ज्ञान,  अंतःप्रज्ञा
  • Meaning in English - (knowledge from) an ability to understand or know something immediately based on your feelings rather than facts:
  • Meaningful Sentence - Often there's no clear evidence one way or the other and you just have to base your judgment on intuition.
  • Synonyms - hunch,instinct,clairvoyance, discernment, divination, ESP, feeling, foreknowledge, inspiration, nose
  • Antonyms - knowledge, reason, reasoning
  • Meaning in Hindi - अभिवादन,  आदर,  श्रद्धा,  सम्मान,  इज़्ज़त,  दण्डवत प्रणाम
  • Meaning in English - he fact of obeying or respecting someone, or something you do that expresses this:
  • Meaningful Sentence - One by one the noblemen made their obeisances (= bent at the waist) to the queen.
  • Synonyms - allegiance,bow,curtsy, deference, fealty, genuflection, homage, honor
  • Antonyms - censure, condemnation, disdain, dishonor, disloyalty, isregard,disrespect
  • Meaning in Hindi -  घ्राण संबंधी,  सूंघनेवाला
  • Meaning in English - connected with the ability to smell:
  • Meaningful Sentence - These are known as olfactory filaments or aesthetascs.
  • Synonyms - loud, heady, foul, fetid, moldy, musty
  • Antonyms - odorless
  • Meaning in Hindi -  घालमेल,  झमेला,  तड़प,  लोट,  हड़बड़ी 
  • Meaning in English - a large and especially badly organized number of things:
  • Meaningful Sentence - We are reducing the company's welter of development projects and will streamline sales and marketing.
  • Synonyms - roll, toss, grovel, jumble, tumble 
  • Antonyms - clam, order, pease
  • Meaning in Hindi -  मोटा,  विस्तीर्ण,  स्थूल,  बहुत बड़ा,  बहुत पुस्तकों का,  विशाल-काय
  • Meaning in English - A voluminous piece of clothing is large and consists of a lot of cloth:
  • Meaningful Sentence - Her voluminous silk dress billowed out behind her.
  • Synonyms - full, legion, ample, billowing, copious
  • Antonyms - lacking, meager, little, slight, small
  • Meaning in Hindi -  अकृत्रिम,  असली,  उत्कृष्ट,  खरा,  पक्का,  वास्तविक
  • Meaning in English - highest in quality
  • Meaningful Sentence - Everyone has made a sterling effort.
  • Synonyms - grand. fine, choice, splendid, stunning
  • Antonyms - bad, inferior, insignificant, ordinary, poor, regular
  • Meaning in Hindi - अवशिष्ट,  अवशेष,  छाछ, परिशिष्ट,  बाकी,  शेष 
  • Meaning in English - the part that is left after the main part has gone or been taken away, or a substance that remains after a chemical process such as evaporation:
  • Meaningful Sentence - She cut off the best meat and threw away the residue.
  • Synonyms - rest, slag, silt, heel, extra, junk
  • Antonyms - base, core, lack, necessity, need, want
  • Meaning in Hindi -  गद्य संबंधी,  अग्रमंच,  गद्य रूप,  तत्त्वहीन,  आगा,  गद्यवत
  • Meaning in English - without interest, imagination, and excitement:
  • Meaningful Sentence - If only she'd been called Camilla or Flavia instead of the prosaic Jane.
  • Synonyms - blah, flat, dull, dry, actual
  • Antonyms - exciting, unusual, creative, imaginative, interesting, thinking

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