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Daily Current Affairs Quiz - 23 May 2017

Daily Current Affairs Quiz - 23 May 2017

Daily Current Affairs Quiz - 23 May 2017

Q1. With which country India has signed a major deal worth 630 million US dollar to supply advanced long-range air and missile defense systems for four ships of the Indian Navy ?
A. Israel 
B. Japan 
D. Russia 

Q2. Name the indian cartoonist who recently won WWF International President's Award ?
A. Rohan Chakravarty 
B. Anjani Mishra 
C. Sukumar Ghosh 
D. Rajiv Pariaal 

Q3. Recently who has won the prestigious humanitarian Award in India ?
A. Priyanka Chopra 
B. Deepika Padukone 
C. Alia Bhatt 
D. Jacqueline Fernandez 

Q4. Recently who has won the 10th Title of Ice Hockey World Championship award ?
A. Sweden 
B. Afghanistan 
C. Spain 
D. Canada 

Q5. What is the name of the World's biggest and most expensive earth imaging satellite, Jointly launched by NASA and ISRO ?
B. NASA-ISRO-Imaging Satellite 

Q6. In which Indian state Japan will built a war museum where the British and the Japanese fought during the Second World War ?
A. Meghalaya 
B. Manipur 
C. Assam 
D. Punjab 

Q7. Name the president who recently awarded the top civilian honour in Soudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud ?
A. Pranabh Mukherjee 
B. Donald Trump 
C. Xi Jinping 
D. Shinzo Abe 

Q8. Name the Indian who recently won the women's title in the Asian Continental Blitz Chess Championship ?
A. R Vaishali 
B. Sujata Murmu 
C. Dhanlxmi K 
D. Maria Nirohi 

Q9. What is the theme of the 2017 World Bio-diversity Day which was being ovserved every year on 22nd May ?
A. Biodiversity for All 
B. Ecological Growth 
C. Health & Biology 
D. Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism 

Q10. From which country Elina Svitolina belongs, who has recently won the Italian Open tennis title by defeating Simona Halep ?
A. Italian 
B. Ukraine 
C. Russia 
D. Spain 

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