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Shortcut Method To Solve Percentage - 4


Shortcut Rules to Solve Problems on Percentage - 4

Effective for IBPS PO - SBI PO Exam

Dear Reader,

Here we will start a series of Quantitative Aptitude Shortcut Tricks for your upcoming SBI - IBPS - SSC and Other Government Competitive Exams. We will try to cover up all topics of the quantitative Aptitude Sections from which question was generally asked.

Note: The page may takes sometime to load the Quantitative formula's. If you face any problem just comment below the posts.

Trick - 1
  • If x% and y% of a number (N)are ${{x}_{1}}$  and ${{y}_{1}}$ respectively, then following relationship exists
Trick - 2
  • If A is x% of C, and B is y% of C, then A is $\frac{x}{y}\times 100%$ of B.
Trick - 3
  • If original price of a commodity is Rs.${{O}_{r}}$   and new price of a commodity is Rs.N, then keeping expenditure (E) constant, change in quantity of commodity consumed $\left( \Delta Q \right)$ is obtained by the following formula,
$\Delta Q=\frac{E(N-{{Q}_{r}})}{N\times {{O}_{r}}}$ 
Trick - 4
  • If two values are respectively x% and y% less than a third value, then the second is the $\frac{100-y}{100-x}\times 100%$ of the first .
Trick -5
  • If first value is r% more than the second value, then the second is  $\left[ \frac{r}{100+r}\times 100 \right]percent$ less than the first value.
Trick -6

  • The population of a town is ${{P}_{1}}$. If the males increases by x% and the female by y%, the population will be ${{P}_{2}}$, then the number of males and females are given by

$\left[ \frac{{{P}_{2}}\times 100-{{P}_{1}}\left( 100+y \right)}{(y-x)} \right]$  and  $\left[ \frac{{{P}_{2}}\times 100-{{P}_{1}}\left( 100+x \right)}{(y-x)} \right]$

Questions for Practice

Q1. . 25% of a number is 20, what is 40% OF that number ? Also find the number.

Q2. Two numbers are respectively 20% and 25% of a third number. What percentage is the first of the second ?
Q3. . A reduction of Rs.2 per kg enables a man to purches 4 kg more sugar for Rs.16. Find the original Price of sugar.

Q4. . Two numbers  are respectively  30% and 40% less than a third value. What percent  is the second  of the first .

Q5.  . If A’s salary is 25% more than that of B, then how much percent is B’s salary less than that of A ?

Q6. The population of a town  is 8000 . If the males  increases by 6% and the female by 10%,  the population will be 8600. Find the number of males and females in the town.


Answer 1. 80

Answer 2. 80%

Answer 3. Rs.4 per kg
Answer 4. $85\frac{5}{7}percent$
Answer 5. 20% 

Answer 6. 3000
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