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Daily Vocabulary For SBI AND IBPS PO - 21


Daily Word List For Upcoming  Bank Exam - 21

Effective For All Banking Exam

  • Meaning in Hindi - कोमल, गंभीर, गम्भीर, नम्र, नरम, प्रसन्नचित, मुलायम
  • Meaning in English - having a calm appearance or characteristics:
  • Meaningful Sentence - She was a very placid (= calm and not easily excited) child who slept all night and hardly ever cried.
  • Synonyms - still, cool, even, hushed, quiet, gentle
  • Antonyms - wild, loud, troubled, noisy

  • Meaning in Hindi - अजीब, अद्भुत, अद्भुताकार, अधिक, अनिष्टसूचक, असाधारण, अस्वाभाविक
  • Meaning in English - extremely great in ability, amount, or strength:
  • Meaningful Sentence - She wrote a truly prodigious number of novels.
  • Synonyms - large, big, gross, jumbo, giant
  • Antonyms - common, tiny, teeny, little, small

  • Meaning in Hindi - कौशल, दिलेरी, वीरता, शूरता, साहस, भुजबल, विचरना
  • Meaning in English - great ability or skill:
  • Meaningful Sentence - He's always boasting about his sexual prowess.
  • Synonyms - accomplishment, aptitude, dexterity, excellence, expertise, genius, mastery,
  • Antonyms - failure, inability, incapacity, lack, cowardice

  • Meaning in Hindi - निग्रह, नियम, प्रतिबन्ध, बंधन, मुमानियत, रोक, संयम
  • Meaning in English - an official limit on something:
  • Meaningful Sentence - The president urged other countries to lift the trade restrictions.
  • Synonyms - check, curb, rule, control, lock, limits
  • Antonyms - allowance, liberation, permission, advantage, freedom, help, enlargement, expansion, release

  • Meaning in Hindi - अनुष्ठान, आचार, दस्तूर, पुलाव, रस्म, रिवाज़, रीति, विधि, संस्कार
  • Meaning in English - (a usually religious ceremony with) a set of fixed words and actions:
  • Meaningful Sentence - You have to go through an initiation rite before you become a full member.
  • Synonyms - celebration, custom, formality, liturgy, observance,occasion, procedure, ritual, Sacrament, act.

  • Meaning in Hindi - गर्भगृह, पुण्यस्थान, मंदिर, शरणस्थान, अभयारण्य, शरण स्थान, पवित्र जगह
  • Meaning in English - protection or a safe place, especially for someone or something being chased or hunted:
  • Meaningful Sentence - The chapel became a sanctuary for the refugees.
  • Synonyms - altar, shrine, temple, chancel, sanctum, holy place, anctorium

  • Meaning in Hindi - जीत का, विजयोल्लास से परिपूर्ण, विजय संबंधी
  • Meaning in English - used to refer to something that celebrates a great victory (= winning a war or competition)or success:
  • Meaningful Sentence - Her popularity has declined since her triumphal return from exile two years ago.
  • Synonyms - triumphant, arrived, champion, conquering, on top

  • Meaning in Hindi - मज़बूत, मज़बूत, अचल, अटल, टिकाऊ, ठहराऊ
  • Meaning in English - firmly fixed or not likely to move or change:
  • Meaningful Sentence - If the foundations of the house aren't stable, collapse is possible.
  • Synonyms - set, firm, calm, fast, strong, sound
  • Antonyms - broken, ephemeral, imbalanced, impermanent, insecure, intermittent, loose, soft

  • Meaning in Hindi - प्रधान माल, बुनियादी भोज्य पदार्थ, नत्थी करने की पिन, कुंड़ा, कुलाब, गंज, जीन्स, 
  • Meaning in English - a main product or part of something:
  • Meaningful Sentence - Phosphate has been a staple of this area for many years.
  • Synonyms - predominant, chief, essential, fundamental, key, main, primary, principal, standard
  • Antonyms - auxiliary, extra, inessential, insignificant, minor, nonessential, secondary
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