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Current Affairs Quiz 27th & 28th May 2017

Current Affairs Quiz 27th & 28th May 2017

Current Affairs Quiz 27th & 28th May 2017

Q1. Recently Government of India has announced $____mn to Mauritius for productive managemet of conservational and non conservational threats in the Indian Ocean ?
A. $450 Million 
B. $500 Million 
C. $550 Million 
D. $650 Million 
E. None of These 

Q2. Recently who has been appointed as the CEO of Flipkar by taking additional charge ?
A. Kalyan Krishnamurty 
B. Dinesh Vempati 
C. Sandip Mahapatra 
D. Laxman Kumar Bhil 
E. None of these 

Q3. In which Country the G7 Summit began ?
A. Russia 
B. France 
C. Britan 
D. Italy 
E. None of these 

Q4. In which country the "Indo-Thailand Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Table Top Exercise 2017" held ?
A. Mauritius 
B. Thailand 
D. India 
E. None of these 

Q5. Who wrote the Book "Maan ki Baat, which was recently received by President of India "Pranab Mukherjee" ?
A. Narendra Modi 
B. Rajesh Jain & Uday Mahurkar 
C. Silpa Lahiri & Rohini Aggarwal 
D. Nilesh Sinha 
E. None of these 

Q6. The Only Indian Monument "Taj Mahal" secured ____ position in the lists of Top 10 landmarks in thw world ?
A. 2nd 
B. 4th 
C. 5th 
D. 7th 
E. None of these 

Q7. In which Country "The Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction 2017" is being held ?
A. Mexico 
B. Argentina 
C. Spain 
D. Russia 
E. None of these 

Q8. Who has been appointed as the Next Ambassador of India to the Philippines ?
A. Manohar Lal 
B. Sumit Dhar 
C. Surabhi Singh 
D. Jaideep Mazumdar 
E. None of these 

Q9. In which Indian State, WHO has finally confirmed the three cases of Zika Virus Infection report ?
A. Maharashtra 
B. Goa 
C. Kerala 
D. Gujarat 
E. West Bengal 

Q10. Which Indian Places has bagged the award for the Best Destination for Romance at the Lonely Planet Magazine Indian Travel Awards 2017 ?
A. Goa 
B. Kerala 
C. Delhi 
D. Mumbai 
E. Munnar 

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