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General Knowledge Quiz For SSC CGL - Part 23

Daily General Knowledge Quiz For SSC CGL 2017

Note:  As SSC CGL Pre Exams 2017 is scheduled tentatively in the month of June or July. You will get daily 15 questions in the form of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for your daily practice.

Q1.Who among the following annulled the Partition of Bengal ?
A. Lord Chelmsford
B. Lord Curzon
C. Lord Minto
D. Lord Hardinge

Q2.The only Indian prince, who actively participated within and outside India, was ?
A. Raja Mahendra Pratap
B. Kunwar Singh
C. Chhatrapati Sahu
D. Raja Ripudaman Singh

Q3.Latvia does not share its borders with which one of the following countries ?
A. Russia
B. Estonia
C. Lithunania
D. Poland

Q4. The most important feature of Mediterranean agriculture is ?
A. Rainfed agriculture
B. Mixed cropping
C. Viticulture
D. Dry field farming

Q5. Among the following climatic factors, which one has the least effect upon a terrestrial ecosystem?
A. Temperature variation
B. Wind
C. Conditions of sunlight
D. Availability of water

Q6.Tsunamis are not caused by ?
A. hurricanes
B. earthquakes
C. undersea landslides
D. volcanic eruptions

Q7.Which waterway separates India From Sri Lnaka ?
A. Eight Degree Channel
B. Palak Strait
C. Ten Degree Channel
D. Andaman Sea

Q8.Where is the Dogger Bank which is a major fishing area, located ?
A. North Pacific Ocean
B. South Pacific Ocean
C. North Sea
D. South Atlantic Ocean

Q9. Africa is rich in hydro-electric potentialities but lagging in the production of hydro-electricity. This is due to the lack of ?
A. good sites for power plants
B. healthy climate for work
C. human efforts for development
D. raw materials for industry

Q10. Where is Aghil Pass located ?
A. Nepal Himalayas
B. Sikkim Himalayas
C. Eastern Himalayas
D. Trans Himalayas

Q11.A person overflying India saw the natural vegetation below in the sequential order of tropical evergreen forest, Savana, dry deciducous and deciducous. His flight was from ?
A. Kolkata to Delhi
B. Mumbai to Bhubaneshwar
C. Trivandrum to Delhi
D. Delhi to Mumbai

Q12.The Ravva offshore block, with great potential for oil, is located in ?
A. Krishna-Godavari Basin
B. Cauveri Basin
C. Mahanadi Basin
D. Palar-Pennar Basin

Q13.Which judge of the Supeme Court was unsuccessfully sought to be impeached ?
A. Justiced M Hidyatullah
B. Justice AN Grover
C. Justice Ramaswami
D. Justice HR Khanna

Q14. Which of the following is not included in the State List in the Constitution of India?
A. Law and Order
B. Prison
C. Criminal Procedure Code
D. Police

Q15.The Union Parliament has the power to legislate on the subjects of all three lists in respect of ?
A. Scheduled Areas
B. Hill Aeas
C. Backward Areas
D. Union Territories

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