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Daily Word List For SBI and IBPS PO - 18


Daily Vocabulary for upcoming Banking Exams

Effective For All Banking Exam

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We Achiever's Rule team going to start daily word list for upcoming banking exams. Vocabulary plays a vital role to boost up your score in your upcoming exams. Here we will provide you a lists of daily vocab based on "The Hindu" and "Time of India".

Meaning in Hindi -  तीक्ष्ण,  पक्का,  श्रुतिकठोर,  एकटक,  कर्णभेदी,  तेज़
Meaning in English - A strident sound is loud, unpleasant, and rough:
Meaningful Sentence - People are put off by his strident voice.
Synonyms - loud, sharp, shrill, noisy, harsh
Antonyms - low, mild, soft

Meaning in Hindi -  उग्र,  उन्मत्त,  कट्टर,  दीवाना,  पागल,  प्रचण्ड,  बावला
Meaning in English - suffering from rabies:
Meaningful Sentence -  The singer's rabid fans have been known to dig through his trash.
Synonyms - fanatical, bigoted, fervent, ardent, crazed, delirious, enthusiastic
Antonyms - reasonable, apathetic, calm, disinterested, dispassionate, indifferent, lethargic, sane

Meaning in Hindi -  प्राथमिकता,  वरीयता,  अग्रता,  उत्कृष्टता,  ज्येष्ठता,  पूर्वता,  पूर्वाधिकार
Meaning in English - something that is very important and must be dealt with before other things:
Meaningful Sentence - The management did not seem to consider office safety to be a priority.
Synonyms - precedence, superiority, preference, antecedence, lead, order
Antonyms - unresponsiveness, inferiority, last, subservience, unimportance

Meaning in Hindi -  उकतानेवाला, परेशान करनेवाला,  दस्तंदाज़,  तंग करनेवाला,  थकनेवाला
Meaning in English - too eager to tell people what to do and having too high an opinion of your own importance:
Meaningful Sentence - He's an officious little man and widely disliked in the company.
Synonyms - meddlesome, interfering, intrusive, busy, forward, impertinent, inquisitive
Antonyms - authentic, modest, shy, timid

Meaning in Hindi -  अपमानजनक,  द्वेषजनक,  बुरा,  जो बुरा लगे
Meaning in English - likely to cause unhappiness or be unpleasant, especially because it is unfair:
Meaningful Sentence - Such a difficult choice placed her in an invidious position.
Synonyms - unpleasant, offensive, insulting, abominable, calumnious, defamatory, detestable
Antonyms -  polite, civil, delightful, likeable, lovable

Meaning in Hindi -  कपट,  छल,  छल-कपट,  दुरंगीपन,  दुरंगापन,  द्वैधता
Meaning in English - dishonest talk or behaviour, especially by saying different things to two people:
Meaningful Sentence - They were accused of duplicity in their dealings with both sides.
Synonyms - dishonesty, deceit, fraudulence, artifice, chicanery, falsehood
Antonyms - sincerity, forthrightness, frankness, honesty, openness

Meaning in Hindi -  बाधा डालना,  न मानना,  अतिलंघन करना,  उल्लंघन करना,  अतिक्रमण करना
Meaning in English - to break a rule, law, etc.:
Meaningful Sentence - They infringed building regulations.
Synonyms - trespass, encroach, invade, intrude, breach, contravene, disobey, impose
Antonyms - conform, give, obey, receive, comply, discharge, observe

Meaning in Hindi -  उत्सव-सम्बन्धी,  खुशनुमा,  खुशी का,  उत्सव-संबंधी,
Meaning in English - friendly and making you feel happy and welcome:
Meaningful Sentence - Carl was a convivial party host who made everyone feel at home.
Synonyms - gregarious, sociable, genial, jovial, cheerful, clubby, festive, hearty
Antonyms - miserable, sad, unfriendly, unhappy, blah, dull, serious, solemn, staid

Meaning in Hindi -  सर्वाधिकार,  प्राबल्य,  अधिकार,  प्रधानता,  प्रभाव,  प्रभुता
Meaning in English - a position of power, strength, or success:
Meaningful Sentence -  The beginning of his ascendancy is marked by an unprecedented outward expansion of Athenian power.
Synonyms - power, rule, dominance, control,  predominance, advantage, ascendency, authority
Antonyms - submission, disadvantage, inferiority, powerlessness, subordination, subservience

Meaning in Hindi -  गुप्त,  चुराया,  जाली,  लुका-छिपा,  चोरी का,  छल से किया हुआ
Meaning in English - done secretly, without anyone seeing or knowing:
Meaningful Sentence - She seemed to be listening to what I was saying, but I couldn't help noticing her surreptitious glances at the clock.
Synonyms - sneaky, stealthy, furtive, secret, clandestine, covert,  hush-hush, unauthorized
Antonyms - frank, exposed, aboveboard, forthright, honest, open, public, truthful

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