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Banking and Financial Awareness - Part 32

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Daily Banking and Financial Awareness Quiz - Part 32

Effective For SBI PO - IBPS PO - Bank Exams - Insurance Exams

Dear Reader, 
As SBI PO/CLERK, IBPS PO/CLERK Prelims & Mains Exams is scheduled tentatively in the month of May to December. Start daily practice for your upcoming Banking Exams.  It will help you to boost your score. In this section you will get daily 15 questions in the form of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

Q1.The "Service Area Apprach" was a strategy launched to improve which of the following ?
A. Micro, small and medium enterprising
B. Unorganized sector
C. Rural lending
D. Urban Industrial lending
E. None of these

Q2.Which of the following institution provides credit for agriculture and rural development ?
E. None of these

Q3.Money can be sent through............to anybody, who has an account in any other branch of the same bank ?
A. telegraphic transfers
B. bank draft
C. mail transfers
D. travellers cheques
E. None of these

Q4.Floating Exchange Rate is also known as ?
A. Fixed Exchange Rate
B. Real Exchange rate
C. Controlled Exchange rate
D. Flexible Exchange Rate
E. None of these

Q5.CTS stands for ?
A. Credit Tax System
B. Cheque Truncation System
C. Cash Transfer System
D. Cash Transfer Sofware
E. None of these

Q6.ICWF stands for ?
A. India Community Welfare Fund
B. India Cash Walfare Fund
C. International Community Welfare Fund
D. Indian Community Welfafe Fund
E. None of these

Q7. For the performance of its duties as the regulator of credit, the Reserve Bank possesses which usual instrument of general credit control?
A. Bank rate
B. Open market operations
C. The power to vary the reserve requirements of banks
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

Q8.Foreign Exchange Reserve in India is the sum of foreign currency deposits and bonds, the FER is held by ?
A. Finance Ministry
B. Reserve Bank of India
C. Foreign Ministry
D. Cultural Ministry
E. None of these

Q9.A demand draft is negotiable and its features are similar to ?
A. Cheque
B. Bill of exchange
C. Fixed deposit
D. Both drawee and the payee
E. None of these

Q10.The Centralized Funds Management System (CFMS) is a system set up, operated and maintained by ?
A. Reserve Bank of India
C. Commercial Banks
D. Finance Ministry
E. None of these

Q11.As per the guidelines of RBI, what is the minimum amount of cash that one can deposit in his/her savings bank accounts ?
A. Rs.500
B. Rs.5
C. Rs.505
D. Rs.50
E. Rs.20

Q12.Which of the following term is not used in the game of lawn tennis ?
A. Love
B. Double fault
C. Ace
D. Deuce
E. Spin

Q13.Which is the oldest joint stock bank in India ?
B. Allahabad bank
C. Central Bank of India
E. None of these

Q14.Till 30th June, 1955, State Bank of India (SBI) was known as ?
A. State Bank of British India
B. Imperial Bank of India
C. India Central bank
D. Central Bank of India
E. None of these

Q15. Bank rate means?
A. Interest rate charged by scheduled banks
B. Official rate of interest charged by the Central bank of a country
C. Rater of profit of the banking institutions
D. Interest rate charged by money lenders
E. None of these

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