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Computer Awareness Quiz - Mission SBI, IBPS PO 2017

Computer Awareness Quiz For SBI, IBPS PO 2017

 Daily Computer Awareness Quiz For SBI PO, IBPS PO Exams 2017 

Based On Previous Years Questions - Part 76

Dear Reader, 

In this Section You will get 15 MCQ Questions daily based on Previous Year Questions Papers. It will surely help you to revamp your knowledge & also help you to boost up your score in Upcoming SBI PO Exams, IBPS PO Exams, etc.

Q1.Which of the following shortcut key is used to check spelling ?
A. F1
B. F2
C. F7
D. F9
E. None of these

Q2.The common name for a modulator-demodulator is ?
A. modem
B. joiner
C. networker
D. connector
E. demod

Q3.Which of the following is (are) not a toold for Application Prototyping ?
A. Application generators
B. Third generation language
C. Screen generators
D. Report generators
E. None of the above

Q4.Which of the following is not a characteristic of good test data ?
A. Users do not participate at this preliminary stage
B. Should be comprehensive
C. Every statement should be executed
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

Q5.One of the following statements on internal commands is not true ?
A. At the time of booting, internal commands are automatically loaded into memory
B. Internal commands are executed instantly without referring to the disk
C. Internal commands are those that have been built into MS-DOS
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

Q6.What do you understand by the term 'booting' ?
A. The process of starting the computer from the Power-off position
B. Connecting the computer to the electric switch
C. Increasing the memory of the computer
D. The process of shut down the computer
E. None of the above

Q7. Computers process binary numbers which are composed of______?
A. 1s and 2s
B. 2s and 4s
C. Searching
D. 2s and 3s
E. 0s and 1s

Q8.The environment provided to ASP is based on ?
A. client/server
B. network
C. centralized system
D. operator
E. None of the above

Q9.Which device is used as the standard pointing device in the Graphical User Environment ?
A. Keyboard
B. Mouse
C. Joystick
D. Trackball
E. None of these

Q10.A source program is ?
A. a program written in a machine language
B. a program to be translated into machine language
C. a machine language translation of a program written in assembly language
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

Q11. A computer programmer?
A. does all the thinking for a computer
B. can enter input data quickly
C. can draw only flowchart
D. can draw only flowchart
E. is not a useful person

Q12.Which of the following categories would include a printer and a monitor?
A. Storage Devices
B. Input Devices
C. Pointing Devices
D. Output-Devices
E. Scanning

Q13.Which of the following is a type of systems software used on microcomputers ?
C. Unix
D. All of these
E. None of these

Q14.What can greatly reduce TCP/IP configuration problems ?
A. WINS Server
B. WINS Proxy
C. DHCP Server
E. None of the above

Q15.Which are the tools not used for System Analysis ?
A. System-test data
B. Decision table
C. Data Flow Diagram
D. Flowcharts
E. None of the above

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