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Computer Awareness Quiz For SBI PO Part 55

Daily Computer Awareness Quiz - Part 55

Note: As SBI PO/CLERK, IBPS PO/CLERK Prelims & Mains Exams is scheduled tentatively in the month of May to December. Before that we will start a series of questions based on Previous year papers & some expected MCQ's. It will help in your upcoming Exams. 

Q1.Disk on Which file is stored, on that there is a________named location ?
A. Folder
B. File Folder
C. Version
D. Pad
E. None of these

Q2.________represent the whole document on the word screen in minimized form?
A. Layout Mode
B. Print Preview
C. Review
D. Normalview
E. None of these

Q3.Computer send and receive data in the form of ________signals ?
A. Analog
B. Digital
C. Modulated
D. Demodulated
E. All of these

Q4.What is equipment used to capture information and commands ?
A. Output device
B. Input device
C. Storagedevice
D. Telecommucication device
E. None of these

Q5. In which year was IBM made the first Electronic Computer?
A. 1950
B. 1951
C. 1952
D. 1953
E. None of these

Q6.From which year the geat revolution came in computer sector ?
A. 1960
B. 1966
C. 1965
D. 1967
E. None of these

Q7.Which device converts AC voltage into DC voltage ?
E. None of these

Q8.MP3 technology compresses a sound sequence to....of its original size ?
A. One-Twelfth
B. One-Fourth
C. Half
D. One-Third
E. None of these

Q9. A collection of related information sorted and dealt with as a unit is a?
A. Disk
B. Data
C. File
D. Floppy
E. None of these

Q10. To hyperlink on the web page through HTML language which tag is used?
A. ahref
B. Microphone
C. Mouse
D. Scanner
E. Monitor

Q11.Computer which is made by the combination of analog computer and digital computer is........ ?
A. Complete analog
B. Complete digital
C. Such computer is not possibel
D. Hybrid
E. None of these

Q12.Which of the following is not an input unit?
A. Touch pad
B. Mouse
C. Scanner
D. Monitor
E. Microphone

Q13.Light Pen is mainly used for ?
A. Calculation
B. Writing
C. Designing
D. Programming
E. None of these

Q14. When file is deleted from the Computer it directly goes into?
A. Recycle bin
B. My document
C. My Computer
D. Outlook express
E. None of these

Q15.Which of the following is a Search engine ?
A. Internet
B. Netscape nevigator
C. Moojeek
D. Google
E. None of these

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