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Banking & Financial Awareness - Part 8

Daily Banking & Financial Awareness - Part 8

Note: As SBI PO/CLERK, IBPS PO/CLERK Prelims & Mains Exams is scheduled tentatively in the month of May to December. Before that we will start a series of Questions for daily practice. It will help you in your upcoming Banking Exams as per the latest pattern. In this section you will get daily 15 questions in the form of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

Q1.Credit deadlock refers to a state when ?
A. The bank rates has been raised steeply
B. Credit is available but borrowers are scarce
C. Borrowers are plenfiful but loans are scarce
D. Banks have closed their loan window
E. None of these

Q2.The special importance of banks among the financial institutions arises from ?
A. Their large and heavy transactions
B. Their positions as suppliers of money
C. Their power to create money
D. Their influence on the economy
E. None of these

Q3. What is the term used for the practice of replacing relatively high-cost debt with that of low-cost borrowings to take advantage of falling interest rate?
A. Derivatives
B. Credit risk management
C. Debt swap
D. Credit enhancement
E. None of these

Q4. Name the risk that is associated with failure of internal processes of a bank or business organization?
A. Settlement risk
B. Operational risk
C. Procedural risk
D. Credit risk
E. None of these

Q5. What will be the impact on the cash reserves of commercial banks, it RBI conducts a sale of securities?
A. Increase
B. Decrease
C. Remain constant
D. Increase or decrease
E. None of these

Q6. The interest payable on savings bank account is deregulated by?
B. Bank themselves
C. Both (1) and (2)
D. Government of India
E. None of these

Q7.The maximum investment that can be happen in Senior Citizen Scheme-2004 ?
A. 10 Lakh
B. 20 Lakh
C. 15 Lakh
D. 5 Lakh
E. None of these

Q8.Excise duty is a tax levied on the ?
A. Import of goods
B. Export of goods
C. Production of goods
D. sale of goods
E. None of these

Q9. Revenue of the state governments are raised from the following sources, except?
A. Entertainment Tax
B. Expenditure Tax
C. Agricultural Income Tax
D. Land Revenue
E. None of these

Q10.Which of the following economic concept is categorized on the basis of Current Account or Capital Account or both ?
A. Balance of payment
B. Value of the foodgrain stock of a country
C. Gross National Product (GNP)
D. Gross National Income (GNI)
E. None of these

Q11.In CAMELS, E stands for what ?
A. Equity
B. Earnings
C. Equal
D. Eligibility
E. None of these

Q12. Bank grant short-term financial assistance in modes which include?
A. Cash credit
B. Overdraft
C. Discounting of bills
D. All of these
E. None of these

Q13.What is the full form of FCNR Account ?
A. Foreign Company Non-Resident Account
B. Final Cumulative Non-Resident Account
C. Foreign Currency Non-Resident Account
D. Foreign convertible Non-Resident Account
E. None of these

Q14.The headquarters of World Economic Forum is located at which of the following place ?
A. Geneva
B. Manila
C. Washington DC
D. Paris
E. None of these

Q15.Expend XBRL ?
A. Exhaustive Business Reporting Language
B. Explosive Business Reporting Language
C. Extensible Business Reporting Language
D. Expandable Business Reporting Language
E. None of these

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