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Wishing You All Very Happy Holi

Wishing You All Very Happy Holi
Wishing You All Very Happy Holi

Today is Holi. It is a festival of colours. Achievers Rule Team wishes you a happy and colourful Holi 2018. Today no Article would be published in our site. There will be regular posts from tomorrow onwards as Railway, SSC, IBPS exams are knocking at the door. So enjoy today and don’t forget to visit our site from tomorrow.

Today we also want to share some details about the festival those you can expect as questions in your upcoming Railway, SSC exams.

  • Holi is a Hindu Spring Festival. But it is also celebrated by Non-Hindus i.e. Jain, Newar buddists, Sikhs. 
  • It is celebrated in the Indian subcontinent (especially North and Central India) i.e. Gujrat, Uttar Pradesh etc. It is also celebrated in Europe, Nepal, US, UK, Canada, Fiji, Mauritus, South America , Trinidad and Tobago etc..
History –
  • It was mentioned in ancient books i.e. Bhagavat Purana, Dasakumaracharita etc.
  •  It was mentioned by Kalidasa in 4th Century at the reign of Vikramaditya. 
  • The holi-celebration was also mentioned in the Sanskrit drama Ratnavali of 7th Century.
Rituals –
  • Holi is generally celebrated for two days. On the Holi eve, after sunset a pyre is lit. This is known as Holika Dahan. (Holika was the sister of Demon king Hiranyakashipu). It signifies the victory of good over bad. 
  • On the next morning people play with colours. Singing, dancing, eating various foods are also the parts of the festival.
Regional Names –
  • Holi is also known as Phagwah in Assam, Dol Yatra in Orissa, Basonto Utsav in West Bengal.
Cultural Significance –
  • Holi is marked as the starting of Spring. It is observed as the day to forget past errors and misunderstanding and enjoy together. 
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