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10 Days Emergency in SriLanka and Facts To be Remembered

10 Days Srilanaka Emergency & Facts to be remembered
Sri Lanka Emergency and Facts To be Remembered

A national unrest has begun in Sri Lanka between the Sri Lankan Buddhists and Minority Muslims in Kandy district of the country. To handle the situation, the Sri Lankan Government has imposed a National Emergency in the state. The Government of Sri Lanka has decided to impose a 10 days National Emergency initially. The communal violence is a threat to the country that has been trying to recover from the decade of Civil war.
Reasons behind the National Emergency in Sri Lanka –
  • The incidence of communal violence in Sri Lanka occurred after the murder of a Sinhalese Van Driver by a group of Muslim men.
  • The Buddhist van driver collided with a taxi carrying four Muslim men. For this reason, those men attacked him with an iron bar and the van driver died of his injury after getting admitted to the hospital. Though those men are arrested, communal violence is triggered in the Sri Lankan district.
  • The extremist Buddhist groups also accused that the Muslims used to force the Buddhist people to convert and destroy various sacred Buddhist sites.
Effects of the Riot –
  • The riot was mainly occurred in the hilly area of Central Sri Lanka.
  • The angry Buddhist extremists attacked the Muslim men, burnt their house and properties and barricaded the people inside Mosques.
  • The death of two persons and injury of several people are already reported in the violence.
  • The Muslim residents of Mullegama village of Sri Lanka, barricaded themselves inside a mosque after the attack of Buddhist people accusing those people of stealing a donation box of from a local temple.
Remedies Taken By the Sri Lankan Government –
  • The Government has declared a national wide emergency to curb the situation.
  • Some extraordinary measures are also taken by the Government after the police failed to handle the violence.
  • An inquiry board is also set up to identify the policemen who have helped the Sinhalese rioters to burn the mosques, homes and businesses of Muslims.
  • The usage of Social media is blocked by the Government. Police would be able to take strict action against the people who use social media to spread the hatred against the Muslim people.
  • A unit of 1,000 police is given the responsibility to protect the cricketers of India and Bangladesh who have visited Sri Lanka to play in a tri-nation T-20 tournament. BCCI official Rajeev Shukla has also confirmed about it.
  • The Sri Lankan Parliament has issued an apology to Muslim people for this inhuman behavior against them.
Conclusion –
BCCI Executive President C K Khanna has inquired about the security measures for the cricketers of foreign countries taken by the Government.  The Sri Lankan Government have assured that the situation is completely under control. BCCI has also confirmed the situation Colombo, where the tournament would be held, is completely normal. The opening match of the Nidhasa Trophy would be played at the Premadasa Stadium in which India would face Sri Lanka.

Points to Be Remembered –
  • Colombo is the Capital of Sri Lanka.
  • Maithripala Sirisena is President of Sri Lanka.
  • According to 2012 census, 70.1% of the total populations of Sri Lanka are Buddhists, 12.6% are Hindu, 9.7% are Muslims and 7.6% are Christians.
  • Kandy was the last capital of the ancient King of Sri Lanka.
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