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Important Points to Remember Indian Space and Defense Programs

Indian Space and Defense Programs
Highlights of Indian Space and Defense Programs
Here we are going to cover all important lists of Indian Space Programs & Defense System. This Important Notes is effective for Upcoming RAILWAY ALP & GROUP D, SSC CHSL, CGL Exams. Many of you may started your prepartion with full efforts & energy. But Smart work is also a part of any Competitive Exams. So, Now Onwards as per exams we are going to cover all Topics which you wont get it in any books. As per previous trends of questions patterns 2-3 Questions were their in most of the SSC & Railway Questions Sets. 

We are always ready to provide you the best quality content. You may have checked our current affairs sections. But here we listed the Topics which we are going to cover here from general science & technology. 
  • ISRO – Indian Space Research Organization
  • Major Space Centers of India
  • Facts About Indian Space Program
  • Latest Achievements of ISRO
  • Space Programs and India
  • Latest Achievements of International Space Program
  • Latest Achievements of Indian Defence System
  • Defence Capabilities, Indian Missile Program
  • Major Missiles of India, Indian’s Latest Defense Technology.

ISRO – Indian Space Research Organization
Established in
15th August, 1969
First Chairman
Dr. Vikram Sarabhai
Present Chairman
A.S Kiran Kumar

Major Space Centers of India
Satish Dhawan Space Center
INSAT Master Control Facility
Vikram Sarabhai Space Center
ISRO Inertial System Unit
Space Application Center
Liquid Propulsion Test Facility
ISRO Satellite Center and ISRO Telemetry Tracking and Command Network
Meteorological Rocket Station

Facts About Indian Space Program
Father of Indian Space Program
Dr. Vikram Sarabhai
Indian Space Research Committee
Space Commission and Space Department
First Indian Satellite
Aryabhatta (19th April, 1975)
First Indian Astronaut
Rakesh Sharma
First Woman Astronaut of Indian Origin
Kalpana Chowla
Launch of INSAT System
Spy Satellite of India
Major Programs of ISRO
Indian National Satellite System (INSAT), Indian Remote Sensing Satellite System
Uses of INSAT System
Telecommunication, Television, Transmission,Weather Forecast, Disaster Forecast etc.
First Multipurpose Auto propulsion Space craft
Aerobic Vehicle for Advanced Trans-atmospheric Research (AVATAR)

Latest Achievements of ISRO
PSLV – C36/ RESOURCESAT-2A, Low Earth Orbits (LEO), GTO
7th Dec, 2016
6th Oct, 2016
PSLV-C35 of SHAR, Sriharikota
26th September, 2016
GSLV-FO5, Sriharikota (10thGeosynchronous Satellite Launch)
8th September, 2016
Cartosat-2 Series Satellite, PSLV-C34
22nd June, 2016
104 Satellites were launched from SHAR, Sriharikota
15th February, 2017

Space Programs and India
The beginning of Space Age
The beginning of Space Programs in India
Establishment of “Space Commission Department”
Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle
Father of Indian Missile Programs
Dr. A P. J Abdul Kalam
Establishment of Indian Space Research Organization
Head Quarter of ISRO
First Animal to go in Space
Laila (a Bitch)
First Man to go in Space
Major Yuri Gagrin (USSR, 1963)
First Woman to go in Space
Valentina Teroskova (USSR, 1963)
First person to swim in space
S Alexei Leonow
First Woman to swim in space
Suetlana Swetikova
First Asian to go in Space
Pham Tuan
First Indian to go into space
Squadran Leader Rakesh Sharma (3rd April 1984)
The first Woman to enter space
Kalpana Chowla (Haryana, 1997)
Women who spent longest time in Space
Sunita Williams (195 Days, 2007)
First Unmanned Space Shuttle
Moon Luna 16
The first Driverless Spacecraft in India
First Space Craft landed on Moon (Without Driver)
Luna – 9
First Human to step on Moon
Neil Armstrong (21st July, 1969, America)
First Spacecraft that helped human to reach to Moon
Apolo 11
First country to send human on Moon
United States of America
First Space Tourist
Dennis Tito
First Women Space Tourist
Anousheh Ansari (Female)
First Space Shuttle
Colombia (USA)
First Spaceship to land on Mars
Viking 1
First Satellite launched in Space
Sputnik 1 (USSR, 1957)
First Indian Satellite
Aryabhatta (19th April, 1975). It was launched by USSR
National Remote Sensing Agency
Indian Remote Sensing Agency
Vikram Sarabhai Space Center
Satis Dhawan Space Center (SHAR)
Shri Harikota (Andhra Pradesh)
Space Application Center
The First Weather Satellite of India
The First Artificial Satellite of India
The First Communication Satellite of India
The First “Moon Mission” of India
Chandrayan - I

Latest Achievements of International Space Program
NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope has revealed the first known system of seven-earth shaped planets around a single star.
22nd February, 2017
Transet- a greenhouse gas emission monitoring satellite was launched by China
22nd December, 2016
Advanced Metereorological Satellite Fengyun-4A, that captures full view of earth every 15 minutes, was launched by China.
10th December, 2016
NOAA’s geostationary Operational Environmental satellite-R by NASA
20th November, 2016
Super Earth Planet and GJ536 Star were discovered by NASA
20th November, 2016

Latest Achievements of Indian Defence System
Defence Capabilities
Number of Active Soldiers in Armed Forces
2nd Largest in World
Ballistic Missile (Agni I, II, III)
Ballistic Missile (Prithvi Series)
Navy Warships
Aircraft Carrier
Number of Nuclear Bombs
Major Fighter Aircrafts
Sukhoi, 30MK, Mig-21
Major Helicopters
Druv, Chetak, Cheetah, MI-8, MI-17
Major Cargo Aircrafts
HS-748, Boeing Business Jet, AN-2, H-76

Latest Achievements
Launch of Two Layered Ballistic Missile System (PDV Mission)
11th Feb, 2017
Underwater Defence and Surveillance System in Mumbai in 2017
Indian Navy
Improves Guided Pinaka Rocket with a guidance system and enhanced range test-fired at Chandipur, Orissa
4th Feb, 2017
INS Khanderi of Scorpene Class launched at Mazagaon Dock Limited, Mumbai
Indian Navy
Indigenous Advanced Towed Artillery Gun system Dhanush by DRDO
9th January, 2017
6 MoUs  between India and Portugal including Defence Cooperation
7th January, 2017
Long Range Intercontinental Surface to surface nuclear capable Ballistic Missile
2nd January, 2017
Agni – V with capability of hitting target 5000 Km away
26th December, 2016
Anti Airfield weapons in IAF aircraft were test-fired by DRDO
6th December, 2016
Nuclear Capable Agni I Missile was launched from Abdul Kalam Azad Launch Complex
22nd November, 2016
INS- Chennai- 164 m Long Warship with Brahmos Missiles
21st November, 2016
Prithvi – II with capability of carrying traditional and nuclear warheads
21st November, 2016
Rustom 2 – Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle
16th November, 2016
INS Arihant – Indigeneous Nuclear Submarine
18th October, 2016
Russian Submarine Nerpa added to Indian Navy
INS Chakra
First Indigeneously developed Stealth Warship
INS Shivalik
State of the Art Fighter Aircraft in IAF
Sukhoi 30 MK (Russian)
Kiev Class Aircraft Carrier Warship from Russia
INS Vikramaditya
Indigenously Developed Aircraft Carrier Warship
INS Vikrant
Indigenously Developed Nuclear Submarine
INS Arihant
Pilotless Aircraft developed by DRDO
Tanker Ship of Indian Navy (capable of filling fuel in warships mid sea)
INS Deepak
Fleet Tanker Ship of Indian Navy
INS Shakti
Patrolling Ship on Indian Coastguard Force
Rani Rashmoni
Indigenously made fast attacking warship of Indian Navy
INS Kobra
Stealth Warship of Indian Navy
INS Satpura
Nuclear Submarine from Russia
First Pilotless Aircraft completely made in India
Indigenously made multi barrel rocket system
Indian Missile System under Sea
Sagarika System
First Stealth Ship of India
INS Talwar
Supersonic Light Combat Aircraft developed and made in India
Two seater light training Aircraft made in India
Hans -3
Advanced Torpedo made indigenously
Indian Edition of T-90
Indigenously made Pilotless Aircraft
UAV Nishant
Multipurpose Civilian Plane designed by National Aeronautical Laboratories
Submarine by France in 2012
Largest Ship of India
INS Virat
Second largest ship of India
INS Jalashwa

Indian Missile Program
Father of Indian Missile Technology
Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam
First Integrated Guided Missile Program
Strike Range of Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile
14800 Km
Strike Range of Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile
9100 Km
Strike Range of Intermediate or Medium Range Ballistic Missile
5000 Km
Strike Range of Short Range Ballistic Missile
900 Km
Largest Indigenously made anti aircraft missile
Largest Short Range Supersonic Cruise Missile of India and Russia
Missile with three times more strike capability than Brahmos
Navy version of Prithvi Missile
Platform to fire Missiles
Anti tank Russian Guided Missile included in Indian Fleet
Coronet – E
Missile with capability to neutralize any long range missile at higher altitude and destroy enemy’s missile before it hits target
Interceptor Missiles
Future Indian Missiles
Surya, Swapan

Major Missiles of India
Surface to Surface
150 Km
Prithvi I
Surface to Surface
150 Km
Prithvi II
Surface to Surface
250 Km
Prithvi III
Surface to Surface
350 Km
Surface to Air
25 Km
Surface to Air
500 Km
Anti Tank
4-9 Km
Advanced type of Nag
7-8 Km
Agni I
Surface to Surface
800 Km
Agni AI
Surface to Surface
700 Km
Agni II
Surface to Surface
1500 Km – 2000 Km
Agni III
Surface to Surface
3000 Km
Agni IV
Surface to Surface
3500 Km
Agni V
Surface to Surface
5000 Km
Agni VI
Surface to Surface
7000 Km
Air to Air
25 -40 Km
Surface to Surface
600 Km
PJ - 10
Surface to Surface
280 Km
Surface to Surface
150-300 Nautical Mile

Indian’s Latest Defense Technology
DRDO was established in 1958.
Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam
Main task of DRDO
To conduct research design and development program of Defence.
Integrated Guided Missile Development Program (IgmDP)
Development of “Independent Defense Research and Development”
Head Quarter of “Independent Defence Research and Development”
Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)
1942, Delhi
Director of CSIR
Prime Minister of India
First Missile of India
Prithvi (Range 250 KM)
First Test of Prithvi was done on 25th February, 1988.
Chandipur Interim Testing Centre
First test of Agni
22nd May, 1989
Fire and Forget Anti Tank Missile
First Air to Air Missile of India
War Tank Arjun was developed by DRDO.
Dedicated to the Army in 1966.
First Light Weight Fighter Plane (Made in India)
First Non-piloted Air Craft
Non-Pilot Aircraft manufactured by “Indigenous Technology”
Spuersonic Cruise Missile
Germicidal Missile
Brahmos Missile
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