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New Pattern Sentence Improvement Practice Set

New Pattern Sentence Improvement

New Pattern Sentence Improvement

Today we are Providing Based on New Patterns Sentence Improvement Questions with Solutions for Bank Exams i.e. IBPS Clerk Exams which is going to be held on January. Here 20 Questions is given, Just go through the directions properly and solve these types of Pratice sets regularly to crack any Government Competitive Exams. English is the only key point through which you can easily beat your competitor. 
Directions(1-20)Each of the question has a part highlighted. Choose the correct option against each sentence which can be replaced to form a perfect sentence.
Question 1.
If he have time he will call you to remind you about the classes.
A.If he has time
B.If he have had time
C.If he had had time
D.If he has been time
E.No Error

Question 2.
All, but her, had made an attempt.
A.All, but she
B.All, but her
C.All, but her
D.All, but she
E.No Error

Question 3.
I am used to work hard.
A.hard working
B.work hard
C.work hardly
D.works hard
E.No Error

Question 4.
He is unlikely to come to the party tomorrow.
A.unlike to
B.unliked to
C.unlikes to
D.unlikely to
E.No Error

Question 5.
The passengers have formed queue at the booking counter much before a train arrives.
B.have been forming
D.has been forming
E.No Error

Question 6.
You must complete this work upto sunday.
A.within sunday
B.by sunday
C.until sunday
D.til sunday
E.No Error

Question 7.
If it will rain, the match will be abandoned.
A.If it rains
B.If it would rain
C.If it rained
D.If it shall rain
E.No Error

Question 8.
I have still to meet a person who is perfectly satisfied with his job.
A.am still to meet
B.am yet to meet
C.might still meet
D.am still be meet
E.No Error

Question 9.
One of the factor for her failure is the lack of concern for others.
A.The mainly factor
B.One of the factor
C.One of the factors
D.Among the factors
E.No Error

Question 10.
In reality, this policy will only lead to more corruption in an already corrupt environment.
A.a already corrupt
B.already an corrupt
C.among already corrupt
D.overly corrupt already
E.No Error

Question 11.
At currently estimates, the cost of modernizing the airport would be more than double the earlier estimates.
A.By currently estimates
B.On current estimates
C.With estimates currently
D.At current estimates
E.No Error

Question 12.
No of these moves brought credit to the management.
A.Any of these
B.Some of these
C.None of these
D.These of all
E.No Error

Question 13.
India has always been primarily an agricultural country
A.always be
B.been towards
C.become always
D.always become
E.No Error

Question 14.
I am afraid you two are at cross purpose.
A.are at cross-purposes
B.are in cross-purposes
C.are at a cross-purpose
D.are at cross-purposed
E.No Error

Question 15.
Take care that you are not to be cheated.
A.that you will not be cheated
B.you will not be cheated
C.that you are not cheated
D.that you weren't cheated
E.No Error

Question 16.
Can you tell me where has he gone?
A.where has gone he
B.where gone has he
C.where he has gone
D.where he gone has
E.No Error

Question 17.
No sooner I heard the shot when I rushed to the spot.
A.No sooner I heard the shot than
B.No sooner did I hear the shot when
C.No sooner did I hear the shot than
D.No sooner I hear the shot when
E.No Error

Question 18.
Hardly he had entered the station, when the train whistled.
A.Hardly had he entered
B.Hardly he entered
C.He hardly had entered
D.Hardly have he entered
E.No Error

Question 19.
Let's go for a walk, shouldn't we?
A.shall we
B.can we
C.can't we
D.should we
E.No Error

Question 20.
The teacher asked me what is the matter?
A.what was the matter
B.what the matter is
C.what the matter was
D.what was the matter
E.No Error
Solution and Explanation
Solution 1. Option A because 'has' is the correct term here and not have. 'has' is generally used for singular person.
Solution 2. Option A because 'she' is the correct way of addressing the subject that is in second person rather than using a pronoun.
Solution 3. Option E is correct because 'work hard' is denoting an action.
Solution 4. Option E because 'unlikely to' is the correct term here.
Solution 5. Option C because form is the correct type of verb whereas 'formed' denotes a past word.
Solution 6. Option B because 'by' is always used to denote a particular time frame.
Solution 7. Option A is correct as 'If it rains' is the correct form of verb here.
Solution 8. Option B as 'yet to meet' means haven't met yet.
Solution 9. Option C as 'One of the factors' means one out of many factor.
Solution 10.Option C 'among' means out of many.
Solution 11.Option D 'current' is used to denote the present time. whereas currently means the present running situation or time.
Solution 12.Option B as 'Some of these' means some out of many options.
Solution 13.Option A 'always be' is the correct form here.
Solution 14.Option A as the preposition 'in' is the correct term here.
Solution 15.Option C 'that you are not cheated' is perfect here.
Solution 16.Option C 'where he has gone' is right here.
Solution 17.Option C 'No sooner... than' is the perfect term.
Solution 18.Option A 'Hardly had...' is the correct way of beginning here.
Solution 19.Option A 'shall we' is the correct term here.
Solution 20.Option C 'What was the matter' denotes a sentence in past form.
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