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Top 30 GK Questions on Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

Top 30 GK Questions on Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

Top 30 GK Questions on Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

IBPS PO Mains & IBPS Clerk exams are knocking at the door. Pratice these Top 30 GK Questions on Reserve Bank of India (RBI) FOR IBPS Exams. In this Following RBI Quiz Practice Sets (Questions and Solutions) almost 30 Important Questions were included which was Frequently Asked in Previous Years. Solve these and judge your level of preparation.
Q1. On which of the following date, RBI was established ?
A]22nd April, 1934 
B]1st August, 1935 
C]1st April, 1935 
D]22nd August, 1934 
E]1st July, 1935 

Q2.RBI provides the Ways and Means Advances to whom ?
A]Central Government 
B]State Government 
C]Commercial Banks 
D]All of these 
E]None of these 

Q3.Who was the first Indian Governor of RBI ?
A]Kuldeep Pathak 
B]Dr. Rajyavardhan Sharma 
C]Sir Mukund Khanna 
D]Sir C.D. Deshmukh 
E]None of them 

Q4.Which is not a function of RBI ?
A]Holding cash reserves of all commercial banks and make available financial accommodation to them 
B]Assuming responsibility of all banking operations of the government 
C]Assuming the responsibility of the statistical analysis of data related to macro economy of India 
D]Assuming the responsibility to meet directly or indirectly all reasonable demands for the accommodation. 
E]None of these 

Q5.Which of the following statements is/are not true ?
A]RBI is the Bank of Issue. 
B]RBI acts as the Banker of the Government. 
C]RBI is known as the Banker's Bank. 
D]RBI does not regulate the credit flow. 
E]All are true 

Q6.The Government picked up the entire Share of SBI held by the RBI according to which of the following guidelines ?
A]Securities Commission 
C]National Stock Exchange of India 
D]Financial Regulations 
E]None of these 

Q7.Which of the followong Governors of RBI also served as the Finance Minister of India ?
A]Pranav Mukherjee 
B]Amitabha Ghosh 
C]Sir Benegal Rama Rau 
D]Dr. Manmohan Singh 
E]None of them 

Q8.In which of the following cities, the regional head quarters of RBI is not situated ? 
A]New Delhi 

Q9.Which of the following institutes is/are established by RBI ?
A]Indira Gandhi Institute for Development Research (IGIDR) 
B]Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology, Hyderabad (IDRBT) 
C]National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM) 
D]Only A and C 
E]All of these 

Q10.Which of the following works as the agent of RBI while it has no own offices ? 
D]Ministry of Finance 
E]None of these 

Q11.What would be the impact on cash reserves of the commercial banks if RBI conducts the sale of securities ?
C]Either increase or decrease 
D]Remains contant 
E]No connection 

Q12. Which among the following would not help RBI to control the inflation in the country ?
A]Increase in Reserve Ratio Requirements 
B]Increase in Bank Rate 
C]Purchase of securities in open market 
D]Increase in Repo Rate 
E]None of these 

Q13.How many zonal training centers of RBI are there in India ?

Q14.In which year the nationalization of RBI was occured ?

Q15.Which of the following schemes was formulated by the RBI ?
A]Mahatma gandhi National rural employment guarantee scheme 
B]Rashtriya Swathya Bima Yojona
C]Banking Ombudsman Scheme 
D]Jan Dhan Yojona 
E]None of them 

Q16.The logo of RBI consists of which animal ?
C]Black Buck 
E]None of them 

Q17.Who is the 24th Governor of RBI ?
A]Raghuram Rajan 
B]Dr. Manmohan Singh 
C]Urjit Patel 
D]S. S Mundra 
E]None of them 

Q18.Who had the shortest tenture as the Governor of RBI ?
A]Dr. Manmohan Singh 
B]Amitav Ghosh 
C]Sir Benegal Rama Rau 
D]S. S Mundra 
E]None of them 

Q19.Who had the longest tenture as the Governor of RBI ?
A]Raghuram Rajan 
B]Dr. Manmohan Singh 
C]Sir Benegal Rama Rau 
D]R Gandhi 
E]S. S Mundra 

Q20. In which year the head quarter of RBI is moved from Kolkata to Mumbai (Then Bombay) ? 

Q21.RBI can issue currency notes up to which denomination ?
A]Rs. 2000 
B]Rs. 1000 
C]Rs. 5000 
D]Rs. 10000 
E]None of these 

Q22. Who was the first woman Deputy Director of RBI ?
A]Suhani Sharma 
B]Vidya S 
C]K J Udeshi 
D]Anuradha Basu 
E]None of them 

Q23.Who was the first Governor of RBI ?
A]David Warner 
B]Sir Phillip Smith 
C]James Watson 
D]Sir Osborne Smith 
E]None of them 

Q24.Which statement is not true regarding RBI ?
A]It is the Central Bank of India. 
B]It was established in 1935. 
C]It can issue currency notes. 
D]Personal account can be opened in RBI. 
E]It is also known as the Banker's Bank. 

Q25.Which of the following is/ are the Quantitative Instrument of RBI ?
B]Bank Rate Policy 
D]All of these 
E]None of these 

Q26.RBI is a member of which of the following ?
A]Asian Clearing Union 
C]Commonwealth Bank of Australia 
D]Both A and C 
E]Both A and B 

Q27.RBI has withdrawn the circulation of coins in the denomination of 1 paise, 2 paise, 3 paise, 5 paise, 10 paise, 20 paise and 25 paise in which year ?

Q28.Which of the following coins is not issued by the RBI ?
A]Re. 1 
B]Rs. 2 
C]Rs. 5 
D]Rs. 10 
E]None of these 

Q29.According to the which section of the RBI Act of 1934, RBI is liable to pay the value of banknote to its holder ?
A]Section 22 
B]Section 24 
C]Section 26 
D]Section 28 
E]Section 30 

Q30.Which of the following factors is/ are considered by the RBI to determine the number of notes to be issued by it ?
A]GDP Growth 
C]Replacement of soiled banknotes 
D]Reserve Stock Requirements 
E]All of these 

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