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Radio Garden: Is it connected to ISRO's 104 Satellites

Radio Garden Is it connected to ISRO's 104 Satellites

Radio Garden Is it connected to ISRO's 104 Satellites

Radio Garden is an online portal & Android Application which was started by Jonathan Puckey of Netherlands & has been launched on 13th Dec, 2016. It is a project of Dutch of radio and search digital, non-profit, developed in 2013 to 2016 by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision in Hilversum and by the Transnational Radio Knowledge Platform and 5 other European universities. The Design was developed by Amsterdam based companies Studio Moniker and Studio Puckey. It is funded by HERA. The Full form of HERA is: Humanities in the European Research Area.
Purpose of this Project:
  • The Main Purpose of the Project is “How to Use Radio to cross geographical and language barriers, and connect people with different culture around the planet”. Gradually the smart user friendly interface (A Platform) was then developed. It works on audio streaming technology and also allow Radio Hosting. It can be used by the radio stations all over the world to make their telecasts available for the internet audience. In order to start broadcasting over this platform, radio stations need to register with this service. Once registered the radio station pops up on the globe which is just a template and is used to represent the locations more effectively and also helps the site visitors to easily navigate and choose the radio station of their choice ( which is quite similar to google earth ). 
  • The result of this effort is to give you the wonderful feeling of being a citizen of the world, wandering at will across a planet with no political identities, only geographical features and tiny green dots to indicate its cities. And when you listen to the music that emanates from around this planet – whether from Shanghai or Stockholm or San Francisco – it seems to reiterate the adage that what we have in common with each other is greater than what sets us apart. A comforting reminder in today’s troubled, fractured world.

Is this Connected to ISRO 104 Satellites ?
  • Radio Garden has nothing to do with the ISRO satellites and out of those 104 satellites 3 were from India ( Cartosat-2D, INS-1A, and INS-1B) , one each from Kazakhstan, Israel, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates, along with 96 from the United States of America – 88 Dove satellites of Planet Inc. and 8 LEMUR satellites. In Fact we tried to find out some Authentic Evidence but there is no such details found in official website of ISRO.
  • ISRO doesn't own these 104 satellites. ISRO delivered them into orbit. In that launch, 88 satellites belongs to a company called Planet Labs. Planet Lab is an Earth Imagining company and it doesn't deal with communication. No the Radio Garden is not connected to any of the satellites launched by ISRO.
How it works ?
  • The radio garden depends upon its radio partners. There are more than 8000 radio stations who have enlisted as of now and expected to be increasing. Imagine the Cricket match happening in Mumbai, India. The video will be taken live and they will be send to the broadcasting server. The server is connected to the Internet and it will broadcast the match all over the globe through satellites. The receiver, (TV) can watch the match by tuning the correct frequency (Channel in the TV).
  • The same principle applies here. The radio stations all over the world will send it's data to the radio garden. They will organise everything and broadcast it all over the world. User can select any radio and c listen to them instantly. Any geostationary satellite (communication satellite) can do this job. The specific details of satellites will not be revealed. The site offers a Jingles section with old themes from different stations, as well as a History area offers snippets on how radio has tried to “cross borders” in different nations. And Stories features speakers across the world sharing their own experiences with listening, radio, and sounds.
  • According to the service, the idea is to narrow the boundaries from the radio. It’s an amazing online radio platform that allows users to explore an interactive globe filled with radio’s past and present. Four different layers of the interactive globe allow listeners to dive into radio’s border-crossing.
This is a wonderful platform to know about other cultures and songs as well as interact with them. The best thing is that you can do all of this at just your finger tips. You should definitely try this out and have experience such a new technology at this modern digital age.

Source: Quora & Scroll.in
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