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How to Solve Reading Comprehension in IBPS PO

How to Solve Reading Comprehension in IBPS PO
How to Solve Reading Comprehension in IBPS PO

English has always been a hard nut to crack even with good preparations. This subject is quite challenging for many of us. In our today’s article we are going to talk about RC or Reading Comprehension and the strategy or approach that one should have while attempting this section.

This section is comparatively easy and can be easily scoring. Though, these days the passage of Reading Comprehension is usually quite tricky and no doubt they are mostly based on topics of Banking, Business or other Economy based concepts. But, still if one keeps a target of attempting this section properly then it would be easy to clear the cutoff. A RC consists of 10 questions which are framed in a way to judge the candidates vocabulary and Comprehension ability. As per the recent trends in RC one cannot expect direct questions and most of them are inference based which means that you won’t get the answer directly from the passage but have to come to a conclusion based on the writing.
Now let us look at the perfect approach to attempt the Reading Comprehension section in IBPS PO/Clerk Prelims & Mains Exam.
  • There are two approaches of solving RC- 
    1. Read the passage first and then solve the questions.
    2. Start from the questions and go through the passage later if needed.
Way 1: Start from the Passage
  • Now for the first way of approach, one should go through the passage thoroughly and then check out the questions.
  • While you read the passage try to understand the tone and theme of the passage.
  • Try to solve questions based on vocabulary as that would be fast and easy.
  • Next read the options of a particular question and try to answer. If it becomes difficult to answer then go back to the passage and trace the line or topic of the question. 
  • Try to read a few lines before and after the phrase which has been mentioned in the question of the passage.
  • Also try the elimination approach of answering the questions correctly.

Way 2: Start from the Questions
  • For the second way of approach quickly scan through the paragraph once and then look at the questions. 
  • If the question consists of numerical values like year or amount in dollar or rupee then try to find those parts of the passage where numbers or numerical values are mentioned.
  • Make sure that you know all the concepts of banking so that if you come acros any such topics in the passage it outdated be easy to come to a conclusion.
  • Try reading the newspaper daily so that you are well aware of all the topics related to business and banking. 
  • Practice online mock tests to improve your reading skills. Practising can help you to improve your reading skills.
  • Time management is an important part of the reading comprehension part. Do not spend too much time on reading the comprehension. Make sure that you get a gist of the passage just by going through it once. 
  • Try to complete the vocabulary section in the least time.
  • Do not spend more than 20 seconds after each question.
  • Be sure of the accuracy of your answers. This section can really help you score well if you answer accurately.
We hope this way of approach would be helpful for your Bank PO, IBPS PO & Clerk Prelims & Mains Exams. Try following these tips and practice as much as possible for better results. 

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